Xiang Taiheng used his hands and feet like a mad beast but Taiheng just kicked Kaka Baiyun and was directly swept off his lumbar spine

What disease does this patient Zhong Xiaoya have in a hospital in the city of Waking City? He looks so pitiful, he looks like he is seventeen or eighteen years old, but his hair is all white. You have taken care of him for several days and have not seen a single relative come to visit. Well, a lovely nurse frowned, and preached in a sympathetic manner.
He seemed to be an orphan.
He had an unknown disease, so his hair was white.
The little nurse mentioned the word orphan, and she remembered her own fate.
She met her godmother and adopted him. But no one took care of the little nurse.
His eyes were full of sympathy.
The cute little nurse sighed with complicated eyes. The doctor said that he might become a vegetable for a lifetime, and he had no relatives to take care of him.
The hospital seemed to send him away with two little nurses.
While talking, I didn’t notice the white-haired boy lying on the hospital bed moved his fingers and eyelashes, and blinked slightly. The two nurses walked and said that they would leave the ward soon. At this time, the white-haired boy lying on the hospital bed The young man opened his eyes, his dull eyes gradually became more focused, and more energetic Is the original owner of Yun’s body also called Bai Yun? I must have traveled to another dimension.
Since I’m not dead, Mo Feng and Zhu Haoye are nothing more than you three despicable villains. Conspiracy plotted on me for an ancient jade scroll, and I used all kinds of exercises to the extreme. Then I almost didn’t expect that my body would be destroyed and the Nascent Soul would fall into a crack in space.
I traveled to a small world called Earth and entered the body of a vegetative person without a soul. What a blessing.
I, Bai Yun, recalled some of the content I saw in the golden light of the jade slip.
I don’t know what grade the kung fu in this jade slip is, and I don’t know whether this new body has a spiritual root. The memory of this body should have no cultivators in this world, only the legends left by some immortals suspected of being cultivators. Now the power that dominates this world is technological weapons.
It should be because the aura in this small world is too thin to be suitable for cultivating. A large number of cultivators have left. After leaving this small world and going to a small world with higher aura, there are fewer and fewer practitioners in this world, until now there are no practitioners, but nothing is absolute. Maybe there are still practitioners. Before you have the strength to protect yourself, you must be cautious. Acting in this small world, the aura is so thin, it is an inferior plane.
As long as I practice to the foundation building stage, I should be able to break the laws of heaven and earth in this world and go to a nearby small world, small space. Whether the body has spiritual roots, Bai Yun sits cross-legged, adjusts his breath, keeps his mind, and slowly, Bai Yun enters a state of sedation. A trace of undetectable spiritual energy slowly enters Bai Yun’s dantian.
After a week, Bai Yun opened his eyes full of surprises. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the fire-type Tianling root, Bai Yun was full of surprises, and couldn’t wait to enter the cultivation state next time.
One big Zhou, two big Zhou, ten big Zhou Yun was immersed in his cultivation, and he didn’t realize that the time passed quickly. Nine days passed. Bo Yun opened his eyes, and a faint light flashed in his eyes. Unexpectedly, in this small world that lacks spiritual energy, he has already reached the first level of refining Qi in just nine days, even if he owns it. Tianlinggen’s speed is astonishing in this place that lacks spiritual energy. It seems that this Chaos True Sword Art must be a very high-level skill.
In the future, the confidence of returning to the cultivation world will be much greater.
At this time, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open by a lovely person. The little nurse came in, the two looked at each other, the little nurse stared at each other beautifully, she couldn’t believe it, she looked at Bai Yun, you did a few times in a row before the little nurse came back to her senses, she ran out with a surprised face, soon the little nurse brought a The middle-aged doctor walked in. The doctor walked to Bai Yun’s side with surprise on his face. After some examinations, the doctor confirmed that Bai Yun was fine. He just needed to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days before he could be discharged. The doctor came out with a puzzled face.
The little nurse in the ward walked up to Bai Yun and looked at him with a curious baby face.
These days, the little nurse has been taking care of Bai Yun because Bai Yun used to be pale and looked haggard with his eyes closed.
After nine days of cultivation, Bai Yun reached the first level of Qi refining. Now Bai Yun has a completely new look, fair skin, fair eyes, divine spirit, and a faint aura entangled in his body. The whole person looks like a fairy, with extraordinary demeanor.
In addition, Bai Yun’s originally handsome facial features and strange white hair look like a person in a painting. Reluctant to look away, the little nurse stared blankly, coughing, Bai Yun coughed lightly