Xiang Chong Boss they are sure they are all right the monkey said firmly you see the big bug is straightening up and driving fast

The author, Xiaodao Sharp, is a boy with a humble background but a mysterious identity. After merging the most special existence in the electronic elf universe, he has gradually gained great strength. As an interstellar hunter, he is constantly exploring the unknown.
Is he going to hunt powerful beasts, ferocious rare birds or Want to win the hearts of countless beauties On the way forward, do he want to take revenge or find the answers to his doubts in the pursuit? Stunning and mysterious adventure journey Pleasure Constantly upgrade the road The meaning of life lies in constant exploration Prove Yourself in the Unknown Content Brief Introduction The young man with a humble background but a mysterious identity has gradually gained great strength as an interstellar hunter after merging with the most special existence in the electronic elf universe.
The ferocious rare bird still wants to hunt the hearts of countless beauties.
On the road of continuous advancement, does he want to take revenge happily or find the answer to his doubts in the constant pursuit? Amazing and mysterious adventure journey, the pleasure of constantly upgrading the meaning of life on the road In the prologue of the Super Hunter, in the constant exploration of the unknown, in the depths of the vast and vast universe, a huge star shines with a dim yellow light, and shines on a planet that surrounds it. A desolate figure stands with a long shadow.
A gigantic rock looks extraordinarily lonely, perhaps it would be better this way.
The man muttered to himself, and casually cut his left middle finger with a sharp knife.
A drop of bright red blood flowed out little by little, and slowly condensed into a small bead. Stretch out the other hand and lightly flick the small blood bead, piercing the sky under the light of the late stars, disappearing with a whoosh like a shooting star, hoping to break through the bottleneck, damn it has been tens of millions of years without the slightest progress, the voice gradually became angry Seeing a sharp light shoot out from the eyes of the no longer bright star, you have no meaning to continue to exist. Stretch out your right hand and five jet-black beams of light shoot straight along the five fingers towards the opposite star, and disappear in an instant. Turning around and leaving Huo Di, the huge star trembled for a while, as if a violent explosion had taken place, it erupted with extremely dazzling brilliance, and the sky and the earth suddenly brightened, illuminating the entire nearby star field to lose its color, and then suddenly retracted all the light.
The brightness of the light fades like an ebb tide, and soon there is no more light. The world is plunged into a frightening darkness and silence, only the unknown stars are left in the sky.
Super Hunter Chapter 1 On the original planet Wild Mickey and the planet A planet without human habitation is located in the Orion constellation in the Milky Way galaxy.
It is one of the few planets that can inhabit intelligent life but no humans have settled here.
The reason is the harsh climate and the beasts that can kill humans at any time.
All kinds of beasts here are not only ferocious and bloody, but also super reproductive. On this planet, which is six times the size of the earth where humans originated, the beasts are the real masters here. Of course, things will always have some variables, just like the vast sky. The universe also has countless unknowns waiting for people’s development. Ling Tian raised his head and glanced at the scorching Orion sun in the sky.
The sun emitting intense heat seems to indicate that the current weather is very good, but Ling Tian knows that there will be one in less than two hours. A new storm is coming. In the rainy season, the weather is almost a foregone conclusion. I glance at the pointer on the aviation watch my father left me on my wrist. At eleven o’clock, it’s only half an hour since the last rainstorm. I envy the life of human society described by my father. At least the weather there is not so unpredictable.
When the heavy rain comes, sometimes it takes two or three days, sometimes even ten and a half months.
I have to find enough food for several days within two hours. There will be no danger of starvation.
Ling Tian smiled wryly and shook his head.
The surrounding area of ​​tens of miles has miraculously become a forbidden area for all kinds of beasts. All kinds of beasts know that a more terrifying and powerful beast lives here. Beast, so now if you want to find food, you need to go far, far away.
After repeating the curse for countless times, Ling Tian rushed out of the cave and plunged into the strong sunlight like a nimble monkey.
Facing the scorching sun in the woods not far away, a layer of sweat beaded on Ling Tian’s body.
The bronze-colored skin looked healthy under the sun, and the tight muscles looked beautiful. He was naked only around his waist.
Holding a huge leaf, he looks like a wild man, but Ling Tian has no intention of admiring his body, he is not an exhibitionist, he only has a space suit left by his father, it is Ling Tian’s treasure, and he will never wear it during hunting. After coming out, hunting is becoming more and more difficult now. Ling Tian has traveled in a straight line for more than 20 miles, but he didn’t even see a single bird.
Yes, Mickey.
Although there are not many birds on the planet, he still occasionally sees a few. The iron-winged dragon bird, but this kind of fierce bird covered in iron armor flew far away when seeing Ling Tian, ​​and quite a few annoying mosquitoes, flies and ants seemed to feel the mania and anxiety contained in the weather, and rushed towards Ling Tian. I want to drink a mouthful of hot blood before the storm comes and find a place to hide, but the strange thing is that when the insects approached Ling Tian’s body a few centimeters away, they silently turned into ashes as if encountering a burning flame. Disappearing in the air, Ling Tian continued to rush forward as if he didn’t feel anything.
About 30 miles away from his cave, there was a large pool of water with a sweet smell.
There is no shortage of water, but the water here is naturally delicious with a faint sweet taste, and it is not affected by heavy rains. Many wild animals come here to drink water from far away.