Xia Rous No one cares what Xia Rou thinks even Xia Rou may be dispensable after all without her there are so many beauties in

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Married to my brother-in-law, the author Dahe Zhinan, Yin Jiu, the moment she passed through the book, she died tragically in the original text.
At that moment, Yin Jiu thought that the original book had nothing to do with her. The time-traveling little emperor not only knew her well, but also tried every possible means to ask her to marry him. In order to know himself and the enemy, Yin Jiu decided to go and see how the other party came from. Hearing that the other party was really sick, she could wait for the other party to die before going to her happy life.
Unexpectedly, Ji Zuochen not only grows up, but she also loves Yin Jiu very much.
She can’t help but fall in love without paying attention. Since she fell in love with Yin Jiu, she decided to help Ji Zuochen change her life against the sky, but it was useless.
His little imperial uncle Ji Zuochen said that he is a reborn abuser, let him go.
His little Jiu just needs to love him and be pampered by him.
Yin Jiu defeated the original heroine in this way and defeated the former empress dowager.
Yin Jiu, the most honorable woman in the harem, has always been the only concubine, queen, and queen dowager Ji Zuochen doted on her alone. She justifiably owns all the good things in this world.
Ending the two lifetimes of love, she changed her fiancé before marriage. Wen Guyan, the princess married a son-in-law, is not an old lover The story of the male protagonist who has been plotting for a long time and the female protagonist who fell in love at first sight at first sight. Trembling because of her prestige, she took off her clothes and said that he read sage books in vain.
When he fulfilled his ideal, he would apologize with death. Now he can only bear the pain and bow down for the powerful.
He is no longer clean. Princess, you can do whatever you want.
The charming princess who can only talk flirtatiously was suddenly stunned by the kiss of the handsome man. Seeing the beautiful man tearing off, she had to serve her with a face of humiliation. Ji Yao, who saw this scene for the first time, persuaded her to bluff and shout presumptuously, almost biting her tongue. Ji Yao was even more displeased with the beautiful man, fearing that he would make a mistake and do something she couldn’t handle, she blushed and took a step back, clutching the lapel of her clothes with unsteady heart rate, not daring to look at Ji Yao, who fled in a hurry, couldn’t think of the misunderstanding of the beautiful man The solution is that she is Yan Kong who likes the face of a beauty.
She didn’t say that she wants to get him. After going back and calming down, the little princess thought of the handsome face so close at hand. She beat her chest with regret and decided to make up for her blind knowledge. You can’t bear evil things in vain, you always have to do one or two things, the little princess is planning when to secretly pack the beautiful boy and bring him home, but she doesn’t know that the stubborn and unyielding little pitiful girl in her eyes is also I was doing things secretly and waiting for her to snatch him. In his previous life, Kang Chi was happy and reckless as the prince of the Kingdom of Min for eighteen years, but died on the way to study in the Kingdom of Yang.
After his death, Kang Chi discovered through his eyes that he was alive It’s so confusing that his father doesn’t want to see him, his mother didn’t die of illness, he himself is a stepping stone shield for his successor son, his entire mother family is a victim of the royal family’s struggle for power, watching his enemies live more and more beautifully, Kang Chi dies with no regrets until the neighbor’s charming The princess collected his corpse and set up a monument to help him clean up his vicious stepmother. He rested in peace. After being reborn, Kang Chi was not in a hurry to take revenge, but went to the neighboring country to try his best to trap that charming princess first.
In this life, there is Kang Chi. In Princess Ji Yao, don’t even think about looking at other men, of course, women can’t do either The boy is a consort reserve just like them, who knows that the newcomer is such a deceitful princess who is going to marry the country of Mo, now not only the other neighboring princes, but also the princess, those bamboo horse brothers can’t sit still, everyone, the princess belongs to everyone, no one can So good to monopolize Princess Kangchi Of course it can only be me Ji Yao was young and ignorant and owed a lot of love debts Thank you son-in-law for helping me repay it Today is also a day to love son-in-law even more, everyone Princess, wake up that kid is pretending It’s not pitiful at all. He has never lost a fight. We were bullied by him. Simple, beautiful and beloved, the ultimate face-controlling princess Huaxinjiao is reborn only to the heroine, weak and ruthless to everyone else, a neighboring country drama, a mentally ill and spoiled prince, quickly wear me I am not a scum copywriter Luoyan is the youngest genius in the cultivation world In the ruthless Dao Crossing Tribulation Period, the ancestor was almost chopped off when he was ascending to the fairy world. At the critical moment, the sword cultivator in the cultivation world, who was even more talented than Luo Yan and could fight, Chu Ling, sacrificed his life to save Luoyan.
Everyone in the cultivation world, including Luo Yan himself Shocked, I don’t understand why Chen Ling did this. It wasn’t until Luo Yan passed through the catastrophe of ascension that he got a glimpse of the truth from Tiandao. Yan Xiu was ruthless but forbade Luo Yan to call him master, so he could sacrifice his life for Luo Yan while guarding Luo Yan silently. After learning the truth, Luo Yan vomited a mouthful of blood from his heart and went into a rage to save Chu Ling. Back in time, this is a story of a hero who personally taught the heroine to seal her heart and lock her love, and spent several worlds slowly knocking on the door of the heroine’s heart