Wu Yun reversed his knife a icy coldness fell from the sky the surrounding air seemed to be frozen and there was a strange crackling

Invitation card Li Yiming leaned against the tree with his right hand trembling on the tree pole.
His eyes were shocked, angry and helpless, but more confused. A Maserati car was parked not far away. The girl put one hand on the man’s shoulder and drew circles on the man’s chest with the other hand, with a shy look on her face, Xiaoqin and Li Yiming clenched her fists tightly but put them down weakly, silently murmuring her girlfriend’s name The man hugged the woman horizontally and walked towards the corridor. The woman wrapped her hands around the man’s neck shyly and leaned against the man’s arms, gently putting the rose in her hand under the tree.
Taking a deep look at the window with the blue curtains slowly disappearing into the darkness, Li Yiming, a recent graduate of the Dance Academy of Hangzhou Normal University, his girlfriend Ji Xiaoqin is his classmate, the two fell in love for two years and graduated two months ago, Li Yiming considered Housing prices and living costs in Hangzhou are ready to go back to my hometown, Belvedere. A diploma from Hangzhou Normal University is still available in a small city like Belvedere. Although his family background is average, Li Yiming believes that he can find a stable teaching job with his own ability and then get a dance training. Class or something should be able to give Ji Xiaoqin a future.
Today is his interview day and it is also Ji Xiaoqin’s birthday. In the phone call, he told Ji Xiaoqin that he will not be able to come to Hangzhou today. It will take a few days before he can make up for her birthday.
Go straight to the station and rush to Hangzhou overnight. The man and woman in love call this man Romantic, but the reality is that the man Li Yiming knows is Guo Xiang. Li Yiming’s alumni once pursued Li Yiming’s classmate from the Dance Academy and Li Yiming’s brother. Guo Xiang’s grandfather was in the capital before he retired.
The boss’s father is the president of Yunlong Construction Group.
At the time, Ji Xiaoqin showed contempt and ridicule for this rich second generation more than once, but now he has been away for less than two months and walks in the street in a daze in Hangzhou in August. I can’t take away the night.
Hot flashes in the morning, the legal closing time of various entertainment venues, the young people who returned from night tours made the quiet night a little more noisy, looking at the men and women hugging beside him, the feeling in Li Yiming’s mind became stronger again, the love that was once lingering was once again The eternal vows, the happiness that was longed for, the future that was drawn, this moment seems to be to highlight his own incompetence and the cruelty of reality. Li Yiming subconsciously climbed to the roof of the unknown building in front of him.
That was the first time Li Yiming and Ji Xiaoqin kissed.
Leaning on the railing overlooking the night view of Hangzhou, the colorful neon lights highlight the prosperity of this city.
Being in a similar place in my memory, the confusion and frustration in my heart hit again. Ji Xiaoqin’s gentle or coquettish whispers are mixed with that familiar and unfamiliar figure.
The reverberation in front of my eyes is getting clearer, I close my eyes, Ji Xiaoqin dances lightly, and opens my eyes, as if there is Ji Xiaoqin behind every pile of lighted curtains in front of me Swaying weakly in the air, his eyes gradually became hollow, he thought His parents divorced when he was nine years old, then remarried one after another, and then had their own children one after another.
They all have their own homes. Thinking of this, Li Yiming raised his eyebrows. I don’t know if this is comfort or something else.
It’s almost enough to jump. Hurry up, a voice suddenly came from behind Li Yiming, a sudden voice frightened Li Yiming almost fell, Li Yiming was holding on to the railing and turned his head in astonishment, standing behind him was a man about forty years old, shirtless, a pair of bright beach pants, and a pair of men Holding a nylon bag in his hand, he was staring at him with teasing eyes. For a moment, Li Yiming was speechless.
Li Yiming didn’t speak. After shouting, the man sat down beside the nylon without opening his mouth. He took out a can of beer from his bag and looked straight at Li Yiming.
Li Yiming was a little at a loss. The emotions that had been brewing for a long time disappeared under the eyes of the man. This is jumping off a building.
Can you be more serious? Li Yiming twisted uncomfortably.
The hands gripping the railing were a little numb, and I slightly adjusted my sitting posture. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say it. The man drank a drink and quickly drank a can. He threw the empty can away, and then took out a can from the nylon bag and jumped off the building. The man finally opened his mouth and made Li Yiming feel relieved.
The atmosphere just now was too weird. No, Li Yiming subconsciously replied, “Don’t jump off the building and run. What are you doing sitting here? What kind of hobby is this?” The man laughed, but the playfulness in his eyes was more serious.
It seems that this man’s eyes make people unable to tell a lie, since he didn’t think about it, let’s talk about it, I heard a happy man casually took out a pack of cigarettes from the nylon bag, took out a cigarette, lit it, Li Yiming couldn’t say it, although he was overwhelmed by the opponent Forced, but why did you say that your girlfriend cheated on you, let me bump into you, and then you will commit suicide? I’m sorry for that, let me guess. The man saw Li Yiming’s awkward look, took a sip of wine, and said to himself, it doesn’t look like you are dressed like that It’s a business failure, you don’t have the ability to look at your age, can’t it be a failure in the college entrance examination? If you are too old, you won’t be able to go to college and you won’t commit suicide. Look at your complexion, it doesn’t look like you have a terminal illness.
Your hands are about to bend the railing.
It’s a woman, right? It’s a woman, right? The man snapped his fingers and suddenly raised his voice. Li Yiming nodded in embarrassment. It’s true. Come on, come on, it’s about this woman. My brother said to you, the man suddenly seemed a little excited, and the tall man at the beginning Temperament is a bit out of touch, this is noisy, Li Yiming climbed down the railing unconsciously, the key is that his hands are really sore, just sitting on it, I don’t feel anything, now the atmosphere and emotions are gone. Sitting on it, I feel my legs are weak. Come sit next to me, bro. Tell me well when the man sees Li Yiming coming over and pulling his trousers, let him sit next to him