Wu Tongtian stepped forward and said maam dont you have a kind of elixir that anyone who eats can make him fascinated Lets give it

Who am I? When I heard this sound, the three tomb robbers stopped moving forward.
The bearded man standing in the middle is their boss. I looked back at the candle in the southeast corner of the tomb, and I felt relieved. Damn this place. Be careful, the fat man standing on the left is the second child, the second child bawled angrily and said, “Brother, you are too careful, right? We are the famous tomb-robbing Golden Triangle combination in Wuzhou City.” Nine out of ten tombs can block our way, so don’t worry, don’t scare yourself. The third child on the right feels prouder than ever when he heard what the second child said.
He smiled and said that the second brother is right. Brother, don’t worry, after finishing this order, we brothers and I can take a good rest for half a year. I’m not scaring myself, but it’s good to be careful everywhere. The three of them then walked forward again.
When the boss pulled out the black The donkey’s hoof said vigilantly, the sound was weird, there might be a zongzi in the ice crystal coffin, the second child looked at the crystal clear ice crystal coffin in front of him, and also pulled out a black donkey’s hoof from the backpack behind his back, and said fiercely, I’m not dead I have seen zongzi, as long as it dares to come out, I will keep it and tell it to eat enough.
At this time, there is another clanging sound from the ice crystal coffin. The three of them are walking forward with black donkey hooves in their hands.
The sound of the ice crystal coffin is getting louder and louder.
Finally, there was a loud bang, and the ice crystal coffin burst open, and ice shards flew everywhere. The three brothers covered their heads with their arms.
At this moment, at the position of the ice crystal coffin, there was a handsome boy of sixteen or seventeen wearing luxurious clothes.
He got up slowly, rubbed his eyes, and looked like he just woke up, the second child raised the black donkey hoof in his hand, rushed forward and inserted it into the boy’s mouth without any mistakes, haha. Zongzi solved the big brother and the third brother, look at my skills, the second child is eagerly waiting for their compliments, but the scene in front of him almost made his jaw drop in shock, only to see this handsome young man spit it out of his mouth The black donkey’s hooves were lying there and kept vomiting.
After a while, the boy felt that the vomiting was much lighter.
Slowly panting, I said, brother, what did you give me? It almost made me sick to death. The boy waited for a long time No one answered.
I looked up and saw the three brothers standing there like three wooden stakes, all staring at him with straight eyes. Answering the boy felt a little embarrassed, coughed twice and said, “Yunfei, what do you call the three of you?” The three brothers suddenly ran out like killing pigs, howling loudly, without looking back. How fast is this? Fei frowned, am I that scary? Forget about them. Hey, where is this? Can’t remember why I can’t remember anything Here, where is this and who am I? A series of questions flooded Yunfei’s heart.
Yunfei screamed loudly to vent his confusion. The screaming voice kept reverberating in the tomb.
Calm down, the world is so big, I don’t even know who I am, how can I know where I’m going, I’d better find a way to go out, let’s wait until I get out, and then slowly investigate my own life experience, or I will starve to death sooner or later here Yunfei Seeing that the front door was open to both sides, he walked over without hesitation, because the three tomb robbers had cracked all the traps here, so Yunfei walked smoothly all the way. After half an hour, Yunfei stood on the top of the mountain and looked beside him. Floating Cloud couldn’t help but took a breath of fresh air. There was a feeling of being reborn as a human being in the dark.
There must be a way to such a high mountain. Otherwise, why did those three guys come up? Yun Fei looked around and saw a thorn on the edge of the cliff. On the small road, he hurriedly walked down this road, and when he got down the mountain, it was already evening. Yunfei’s stomach also just happened to growl at this time. Let’s talk about filling his stomach first.
Yunfei came to a road not far away. Beside the small river, I saw the water gurgling and clear to the bottom. There were fishes of all sizes swimming in it. Yunfei was very happy. He found a branch and looked at one of the fish.
A fat carp was caught by Yunfei, and there was a fish cloud. Fei found some dead branches and stones, built a fire on the bank, put the fish on the fire and grilled it. After a while, the smell of the grilled fish was already quite strong, blowing around with the evening wind. Well, it’s almost ready to be eaten after a while. Yunfei moved closer to him and sniffed it, drooling, suddenly a voice like a silver bell sounded like wow, it smells so good, Zhang Bo doesn’t know who is here to barbecue, let’s go over and have some, I’ve worked hard for a long time, how can I let you take it Yunfei rolled his eyes and looked at the grilled fish in his hand like looking at a treasure.
You are just greedy. The voice is old but full of energy.
It is obviously that Uncle Zhang.
Oh, go, okay, okay.
Can’t you just go and go? Alas, you girl can’t stand the girl’s coquettish obsession.
Zhang Bo had no choice but to agree to this request. At this time, Yunfei’s grilled fish has been officially completed.
Just about to start eating, suddenly a fragrance of flowers came. Yunfei looked up. I saw a pretty girl looking at the grilled fish in her hands expectantly with her two black round eyes wide open.
This cute little appearance Yunfei couldn’t bear to make her sad for a moment, so he stretched his arms forward and smiled.
The girl happily took the grilled fish and ate it with big mouthfuls, without any scruples about her own image. This kind of straightforward character also made Yunfei have a little affection for her. Disturbing son, the little girl has always been greedy for this fish.