” Wu Ming said with a smile this monks martial arts has reached the realm of perfection he hides deeply and he is very lowkey

One book, one world, one cycle. After Wu Ming died, he accidentally entered the Book Immortal System. With the ability to travel through the world in the book at will, he embarked on many adventures in the world of martial arts, and it all began with the sculpture of the god that he remembers most. It is said that character determines fate and details determine success or failure.
What kind of changes the protagonist will bring to the world in these books? Where will the protagonist end up? The number of books has reached 10,000, and the number of words has exceeded the one billion mark. The book fairy system is specially opened for you.
In the clear and pleasant sound, Wu Ming woke up slowly and slowly opened his eyes, wondering what is going on, am I not dead yet? Wu Ming was both excited and astonished, and took a general look at the environment he was in.
Wu Ming found that it was a square hall with a marble floor, a bright ceiling, and star-like hanging lamps, making the whole hall shine dazzling and mysterious. Rows of bookshelves not far from the glory are in order.
Books exuding the fragrance of ink are neatly placed on them, making people feel like they are in an ocean of books.
Reading is Wu Ming’s greatest hobby. He has not read it for more than 20 years.
How many books, and he has read a wide range of books, from fantasy to history, from martial arts to sports, as long as the writing is good, he has read almost all of them.
He is a veritable fan of novels, but he has not specifically counted the number of books he read.
The 10,000 reminders in his sleep before This book and the reading volume of one billion made him laugh inwardly. It turned out that he had read so many books inadvertently over the years. As for the Shuxian system he heard before, it was a game installed on Wu Ming’s tablet.
The game is very special about reading games. The more books you read, the more levels you will open.
As long as you answer all the questions about this level in the Shuxian system, you will pass the level smoothly and reach the next level.
Wu Ming thought about it before He was playing this Shuxian system game on the hospital bed, and then he had a heart attack and then lost consciousness.
Now that he has penetrated into the Shuxian system, is he dead or alive now? Wu Ming is not sure whether he is really He was confused by this sudden scene, but fortunately he had read various novels, so he could quickly adapt to this situation. Wu Ming is an orphan who was abandoned by his parents after he was born due to congenital heart disease. Knowing who his parents are, maybe it was because of this that the dean of the orphanage gave him such a name. Wu Mingyou still remembers that this tablet computer was given to him by a girl half a year ago. The girl was a volunteer.
Very beautiful voice, very gentle, in Wu Ming’s eyes, he is like an angel sent from heaven, but unfortunately Wu Ming knew that he was not good enough for the other party, and he also knew that he would accept the baptism of death at any time, so he tried his best to behave plainly and naturally, just with that girl We talked a lot about books and knew that Wu Ming likes to read books.
Then the girl gave him a tablet computer for reading books, which made Wu Ming very excited. Tablet computer In addition to a large number of novels, there is this book fairy system game in his mind.
Wu Ming quickly fell in love with this game, but he was surprised to find that there seemed to be no such game on the market. He even searched for it and found nothing. About the traces of the book fairy system game, now that I think about it, it has to be said to be a big doubt. Could it be that she was sent by heaven to save herself? Then why did she leave again? Why didn’t she tell herself the truth? Thinking back to that beautiful girl, Wu Ming had doubts and a touch of warmth in his heart.
At the same time, he also had an indescribable regret.
Inadvertently, he walked to the rows of bookshelves and picked up a book at random. Wu Ming found that it was actually The Legend of Xiandu is an oriental fantasy novel he has read before.
Dingdong Shuxian System Prompts, May I ask if you want to enter the book world of Legend of Xiandu? He was taken aback. What the hell is going on? Is it all true? What is the world in the book? The book fairy system really exists.
The world in the book is a simulated world created by the book fairy system based on every book you have read. Everything in it is the same as the real one. So what will happen if I enter the book world? Wu Ming is a little curious I can’t help but ask that every book is a world. You can choose a character in the book to enter, or you can enter randomly to become a member of the world in the book. If it is random, is it possible for me to become any one of that book? What about the character? That’s right, it’s like this.
Will I become a woman? Maybe if you don’t choose a character, it’s possible to become any character. That’s right.
Do I have to enter the book world? Can I choose to return to reality? I’m sorry, your body is dead and you can’t return to reality, and your soul is in the hall of the book world, which is equivalent to the directory of the book world. You must choose a book world to enter within one hour, otherwise your soul will perish completely. It turns out that I’m really dead. Wu Ming is a bit depressed. If he didn’t die, he might still have a chance to meet the volunteer girl who made his heart flutter. Now, the answer from the Shuxian system undoubtedly shattered the little bit of fantasy left in his heart.
Forget it, me and her are two parallel lines that can never intersect, let me silently wish her eternal happiness in my heart, Wu Ming muttered to himself, his open-minded personality made him think about it quickly, so he gritted his teeth and nodded Well, I am willing to enter the world of books, so you can choose a book that you want to enter the most, okay? Wu Ming answered very simply, but when it came time to choose, he encountered difficulties.