Wu Lan why are you here Fang Yuchen is a little surprised as if today is not the weekend right Waiting for you Do you

With the old-fashioned way of traveling through parallel spaces, it brings countless wonderful boosts, confidante performances, gorgeous entertainment, and life becomes the brightest star. Chapter 1 New World? Beiping, the capital of Beijing, is a metropolis with a population of nearly 20 million. There are high-rise buildings here, but the Chinese cultural atmosphere accumulated over thousands of years makes the city both modern and prosperous, as well as mottled relics scattered in the streets and alleys. The long and mellow Chinese style makes the city He is obsessed with it and makes him linger because he has never seen and experienced all this.
To him, this is a whole new world.
Li Cheng was still in the position of executive director yesterday, but he encountered a car accident on the way home after the wrap-up banquet, and finally experienced it himself. The heart-piercing feeling of flying through the clouds and driving the fog is definitely not the feeling of Diao Weiya. After waking up, he came to this plane of the Chinese Empire, Fang Yuchen, a sophomore in the Chinese Empire. One day in August 2001, this sophomore was drunk last night. I fell in the bathroom while taking a shower, and Li Cheng took advantage of it. It was as simple as that.
After a short fusion, the new Fang Yuchen was born, but at this moment, he just had time to simply think about the current situation and had no time to think carefully. Started a new day of journey. When it was time to go to work, he lay down in the bathroom sadly all night.
It rained heavily all night. It was a gloomy morning. Fang Yuchen was rushing to work with a backpack on his back, and his head was still groggy. After all, there were too many things to sort out. Shun, especially in the crowded subway in Beiping, he has a splitting headache. It seems that no matter what plane the capital subway is posting photos, he works from the tenth to the twelfth floor of the East Block of the famous Bauhinia Building in Dongcheng District, Beiping. A company called Changhong Records, which is the leading record company in the Chinese Empire. The industry calls it “one long, two rains, three lights and four fires”. Although Changhong Records, headed by the four major record companies, seems to work in a very tall place, in fact, Fang Yuze is just a long man. Hong, a low-level agent, Yao Jun’s personal assistant, got off the crowded subway in Changhong’s company without a name at all. Fang Yuchen strolled on both sides of the street. The buildings on both sides of the road are antique and many have a deep imprint of Chinese culture. Seeing the spire of the Bauhinia Building, Fang Yuchen saw a disabled person in a wheelchair blocking the sidewalk in front of him, so he went down and waited until he passed the disabled person’s position before returning to the sidewalk. Just bumped into Fang Yuchen and splashed some ground water on him, there was a sound of car brakes, and a galloping off-roader stopped by the side of the road more than ten meters ahead. The half-sleeve shirt and black trousers are full of water spots and mud spots. It’s really bad.
This is the rhythm of the meeting ceremony for him to come to the new world. Fang Yuchen looked annoyed at the Pentium car and opened the door.
He was wearing a pair of gray slim-fit jeans.
The long legs stepped down first, and then a tall, black beauty with a veiled face stood in front of Fang Yuchen. She was 1.75 meters tall, but a little shorter than Fang Yuchen, who was 1.83 meters tall. Diandian is wearing a rice-style cowboy hat, wearing a California cowboy hat on her head, and a big sunglasses covering half of her face, but the exposed wheat-colored skin exudes a charming luster, which makes people think about it.
She has a black shawl, straight hair, and slightly thick and long eyebrows. The tall and delicate nose bridge and cheeks are slightly sunken, and the sharp red lips are a three-dimensional face that is rarely seen in Chinese people. It is extremely sexy and glamorous.
The denim it wears is undoubtedly large, but the front is towering and full, and it is rice-style. The trouser length unique to denim reveals the straight long legs of the beauty. At this time, another beauty stepped down from the co-pilot seat. This beauty is more than 1.60 meters tall, wearing black hair on the sideburns, bright eyebrows, slender and beautiful, and the same sunglasses covering the eyes. It is a slightly upturned white nose, a round oval face, and soft lips. The upper body is a white shirt with bright white borders, and the lower body is a knee-length light blue denim skirt. If the previous beauty has a mysterious and charming exotic style, then this beauty She is just a standard oriental beauty.
Sorry, I ignored the road just now, but you also appeared out of nowhere, so you are also responsible, aren’t you? The beauty dressed in rice-style denim in the lead took off her sunglasses, and a pair of red phoenix eyes were exposed, and the black eyes shot out There is no smile in her eyes, there is a trace of rebellion and stubbornness on her whole face, which is rare among girls, her words have a little Cantonese accent, but they are not as soft and waxy as southern girls. Fang Yuchen is speechless.
Ask heaven to meet such a wonderful girl, and he was also drunk.
He didn’t speak, but pointed at the wheelchair that was still moving slowly and the disabled person on it. Needless to say, you can see why he suddenly ran out with tall, beautiful lips. She pursed her lips, wanted to say something, and then stopped. Another oriental beauty with a hint of apologetic expression stretched out her hand and tugged on the sleeve of the rice-style denim. This gentleman is sorry that we were just watching the road and didn’t notice. You are sorry for her.
The voice is light and pleasant, she then turned to the rice-style beauty, shook her head and signaled to Fang Yuchen, Ming Chuhan stained your clothes, I’m sorry, Ming Chuhan’s words were not too willing, but the oriental beauty’s words were very pleasant Fang Yuchen reluctantly Accepted, it’s not a big deal, you guys are busy, I have to clean up and go to work Fang Yuchen smiled and nodded at the oriental beauty, but didn’t look at the tall beauty walking up the walkway Hey, wait a minute for Ming Chuhan to see that Fang Yuchen is full of mud spots The trousers yelled, Fang Yuchen looked back at him in confusion, promised, this is five hundred yuan enough for you to buy a pair of trousers, right? She’s a rich young lady who can’t apologize. Do you think she can spend money on anyone she meets? A little rain is not a problem.