Wu Chis brows seemed to want to rub away all the frowns on her brows Zhou Chick I really dont know what to do she

Source 80 e-book uploaded in Xiuzhentang time Word count A wretched young man who just wants to eat and drink together A divine sword inherited from the ancient times An unforgettable love Wu Chi has never understood what the way of the sword is, but his whole life is the legend of the way of the sword He has been born since He is not handsome but destined to be peerless.
He is known as the shameless sword god, but he is unyielding. He was born for the sword and is mad because of the sword.
Chapter Jianying Mountain Villa Xueluo is silent.
There was a faint sound of reprimand, and it was drowned in the sound of the creaking wheels.
Junior brother, I asked you to practice hard on the road. How long did you last? Years are still in the marrow-washing realm.
If this continues, no matter how good the talent is, it will be wasted.
Whoops, senior brother said that a good gentleman uses his mouth but not his hands.
Don’t hit me.
Isn’t that because the carriage shakes so badly that it makes people doze off? Gentleman, what a gentleman I will warn you, little brother, if you don’t break through to the realm of transformation within three months, I will break your leg.
Oh, why did the carriage stop? Brother, we’re here at Jianying Villa, let’s get out of the car I’m about to starve to death.
The carriage stopped slowly and opened the curtain.
Wu Chi jumped off the carriage in a hurry to change the subject. Senior brother, is this the Sword Shadow Villa? The villa looks solemn and solemn, but now the villa is covered with white gauze, and even the lanterns at the door have been replaced with white Little brother, what did the master tell you before coming here? Jianying Villa has always taken good care of us We, Tiejianmen, have difficulties, although our abilities are limited, but we still have to do our best.
Frowning, Liu Yu couldn’t help admonishing, curled his lips indifferently, Wu Chi said it in a bad mood, brother, what kind of person is the owner of Jianying Villa? He’s dead. What can we do to help? It’s nothing more than condolences and some soy sauce. Let me tell you, we’re just here to eat and drink. If something happens, hurry up and put oil on the soles of your feet, you bastard.
Even though he is very talented, but he is always this exhausted, his temperament is so unmotivated, when will he be able to practice his swordsmanship well, seeing Wu Chi’s unrepentant appearance, Liu Yu is really a headache This bastard is a closed disciple, don’t be kidding, senior brother, what kind of sect is our Iron Sword Gate, you know that no one has ever broken through to the realm of heaven and man, is it possible that you still plan to let me challenge the Tianshan Mountains to look down on Kunlun and fail to become a younger brother, I have no ambitions to be honest I’m just messing around to help you pass on the Iron Sword Sect, that’s all.
Don’t talk nonsense. Be careful. If you lose our Tiejianmen people and go back, I’ll punish you for copying the book a hundred times.
Reach out and knock. Wu Chi’s head, Liu Yu reminded with some helplessness, strode forward, Liu Yu respectfully handed over the greeting card, and said in a soft voice, Liu Yu, a disciple of Iron Sword Sect, and his junior brother Wu Chi, came to pay homage to Zhou Zhuang Master, Senior Brother Liu, please The mourning hall is located in the inner courtyard, and I will take you there. The disciples who were guarding the gate of the villa with their heads wrapped in white scarves took a look at the greeting card, bowed and returned the salute, and led the two of them inward.
The owner of Zhuang Zhou unfortunately died.
Now I don’t know who is in charge of the village. The master has an only daughter, and now it is the young lady who is in charge of everything, but the young lady is still young, and she is still helped by several uncles. She nodded slightly, and Liu Yu knew more or less about the affairs of Jianying Villa. Zhou Yuanting only had one daughter named Zhou Boyan. Now it is only 28 years old, this age is not enough in mind or strength to support Nuo Da, a sword shadow villa, more is just a master in name, Zhou Yuanting I is a hero, but other people in sword shadow villa But the strength is too far away. Now that Zhou Yuanting died, Jianying Villa immediately fell into a precarious situation. The most important thing is that Zhou Yuanting had the divine sword Chengying in his hand, and now he is gone.
Others may not be able to keep the Chengying sword from stepping in.
In the mourning hall, Wu Chi’s gaze was instantly attracted by the girl at the front.
He couldn’t help but touch Liu Yu and said softly. No wonder people say that if you want to be pretty, this girl from Zhou’s family is really beautiful! A sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl was dressed in white filial piety and knelt in the middle of the mourning hall. The beautiful temperament of Yudai Lihua seemed to have been integrated into her bones, making people’s eyes fall on her involuntarily, and glared fiercely at Wu Chi.
One glance at Liu Yu, but he ignored this mischievous younger brother Yili, bowed and offered incense, Miss Zhou, please express my condolences, thank you Liu Shaoxia, Wu Shaoxia, Zhou Boyan’s eyes were red from crying, and he bowed to return the salute.
Footsteps sounded, several young people stepped into the mourning hall, tsk tsk, it was very lively! Zhou Yuanting died, I didn’t expect so many people to think about it, but I don’t know if these people were thinking about Shenjian Chengying or himself.
The ear-piercing sarcasm suddenly came There was a sound in the mourning hall, and everyone couldn’t help but change their expressions. Trouble is coming.
Although there has been speculation for a long time, when the other party really appeared, Liu Yu couldn’t help but sink slightly.
Contains a set of extremely powerful swordsmanship. When Zhou Yuanting was alive, no one dared to move his mind, but now that he is dead, the Chengying Sword naturally becomes a thing without an owner, attracting countless jealous people.
In fact, it is even the Iron Sword Gate. Besides helping them, isn’t there a fluke mentality of getting the Chengying Sword? It’s just that no one thought that the trouble would come so quickly. Zhou Yuanting’s body was not cold, so the person who came to express his condolences and the troublemaker had already arrived first, and that’s it.
There is no cover up for the naked troubles. Who is I, Sword Shadow Villa?