Wu and Wu suddenly stopped at the bridge Bu Fans expression tensed he felt that he must have seen Yaoshens behavior too aggressively he almost

How much nostalgia for the world can make you have no worries about the world How many more winters and springs can make you close your eyes and forever seal the dust in this land When the white plums fall and return to your hometown, a new martial arts new plot Falling Flower Sword, A Rain of Falling Flowers Chapter 1 The world of the legendary sword master and martial arts is nothing but happy, vengeful rivers and lakes.
There is no gorgeous magic and cool abilities. There are only turbulent rivers and lakes struggle.
Hold a sword and guard a thought. The territory of the Northern Man is the northernmost part of the Chinese mainland.
The desert is full of yellow sand and solitary smoke all the year round. The wind blows the camels to make the vicissitudes of life. It is even known as an invincible place by the world, but just 50 years ago in the Central Plains of China, Emperor Dou led a million-strong army to fight the northern barbarian king for two years and finally defeated the northern barbarian.
Now the northern barbarian is also under the jurisdiction of the imperial city. Emperor Dou achieved the unification of the Chinese family The densely packed branches will cover the sun and the moon. The ground here is full of yellow sand, unlike the Central Plains where you can step on the ground.
The sunset at dusk is reflected on this walking black shadow.
He is wearing a black robe and head robe.
Covering his head, only the parts below his eyes are exposed, he has a few beards on his face, he doesn’t look like a young man, he is very vicissitudes, behind him is a large dark iron epee, the blade shows a black iron sword pattern. The special one seemed extremely fierce. Suddenly, a serious cry sounded in front of the black-robed man.
The man stopped immediately, and his facial expression didn’t change at all. He didn’t want to be misunderstood as an intruder just because he was alone.
Armored northern barbarian soldiers came from the front of the man and surrounded him. The man’s head was slightly turned to one side. He wanted to make sure if they were about to make a move. He didn’t want to make a move so as not to hurt the innocent. Suddenly, a thin man in yellow cedar The tall man walked towards the man and stood in front of the man with a serious face.
He looked like a military officer with scars on his face. The man’s cape slightly lifted up, and his eyes were revealed.
His eyes were sharp and extremely The strong and murderous aura around the majestic soldiers all began to step back gradually, showing a look of panic.
They saw that the man in black robe was not an idler, he was probably a peerless master.
I’m afraid that this group of people was scared. Huang Shannan, who was standing in front of the man, was not calm anymore. His eyes were different. The eyes of this person in front of him were enough to kill him. May I ask why your Excellency is blocking my way here? Black Robe The man suddenly opened his mouth, and the Huangshan officer suddenly came back to his senses, his body trembled a bit. It was the first time he had been an officer for so many years, he was so frightened that he couldn’t breathe.
Cough, I am the suburban guard of the Northern Barbarian Army. Chief Li Ying, because you have a special status and a strange dress, so I would like to confirm your identity. Please cooperate with Officer Huang Shan and say, “My name is Mo Rantian.” Almost all of them are already dead. Momo hero Li Ying suddenly panicked.
His face began to become fearful. Although Mo Rantian’s name has never been seen in person, everyone in the entire Chinese mainland knows that he is the legendary sword master with a mysterious cold epee. The world is invincible and there is no opponent in the Kyushu. Now standing in front of him, he is worried that he will offend him at any time, and then his life will be lost. Let’s retreat, right? Li Ying ordered the soldiers around to put away their weapons, and then they stood behind Li Ying.
In a row, why did you come to Beiman? Li Ying asked with a choked voice, Mo Rantian’s expression changed suddenly, his eyes turned worried, he knew that something had been permanently planted in his heart, I came here with shame, I just wanted to go back to the world, no Asking about the world, Mo Rantian said this with great sadness on his face, how could it be possible that you are the number one sword master in the world, how could you feel ashamed and go back to the world? He covered his eyes with a black hooded gown, so there is no way to tell them, and it’s okay, after all, he is inferior. From now on, there is only the sword master, Su Ruohan, and the selfless sword master, Mo Rantian. Walking past Li Ying and others, they were all stunned and stared straight at the spot.
Li Ying sweated coldly and looked surprised.
The defeated opponents, all masters from the Kyushu and Ten Regions challenged one after another.
The dead, the injured, the disabled, and the disabled did not expect to be defeated by the so-called Su Ruohan. A soldier suddenly lowered his head and choked up.
Ying looked back at the soldier, said the soldier swallowed, then lowered his head and clasped his hands together to report to the minister, I have heard of the sword master Su Ruohan, come on, Li Ying said impatiently, the soldier swallowed again, and then said word by word that the news had already passed It has gone crazy in Kyushu.
Ten days ago, Su Ruohan, the peak swordsman of the legendary top swordsmen in the ten domains, fought with the sword master Mo Rantian for ten days and ten nights. In the end, Su Ruohan’s move to kill God with a flash left a shameful sword mark on Mo Rantian’s chest, and this sword mark was only half a foot away from his heart.
If Su Ruohan hadn’t pulled back his strength in time, there would be no such person as Mo Rantian in this world. Li Yingyan He took a sip of water and left cold sweat on his forehead. He didn’t expect that Su Ruohan’s strength was above Mo Rantian. I’m afraid that in the future