Wrinkles go to school go to school why Zhai Miao is not convinced then I will tell my mother Song Yan strides forward grabs Zhai

At four o’clock in the morning, the emergency room returned to tranquility. Xu Qin, wearing a white coat in his pocket, walked through the hall. The cleaning staff carried a mop dipped in disinfectant and vigorously wiped the blood on the floor. Xu Qin walked up to the cleaning staff absent-mindedly.
It’s not enough to push the mop to cover the sewage and blood on Xu Qin’s shoes. The cleaner hastily apologized. I’m sorry, Doctor Xu. I’m sorry, and subconsciously wiped it with a rag.
Be careful to cause trouble for you. The cleaning staff is getting more and more embarrassed when they hear the words. How about I wipe it for you? Xu Qin stops it again and smiles very lightly.
I can handle it by myself.
The cleaning staff feels guilty and grateful, Dr. Xu, you are so kind Going forward, the cleaning staff held the mop tightly and looked behind Xu Qin’s slender and tall figure There was an echo in the empty hall, Xu Qin stopped and turned around, um, was that person sent just now rescued? The little cleaner subconsciously glanced at the blood stains under his feet.
The shouts were chaotic, Xu Qin said that he was rescued, the cleaning staff had a big smile on his face, that’s great, Doctor Xu, she bowed to Xu Qin, thank you for your hard work, Xu Qin nodded slightly as a response, turned around and left at four o’clock, which is the deepest time of night In the hospital corridor, the lights were pale, and the air was filled with the unique smell of the field of life and death, which was dull and bitter.
Xu Qin habitually put her hands back in her pockets, walked through the empty corridor, walked into the office, and stood still. She lowered her head and stared at the dirt on her feet.
There was a trace of disgust in the eyes of her shoes, her eyebrows frowned, and she felt extremely disgusted.
The muddy water and blood seemed to be able to penetrate the uppers of the shoes and seep into her body from the back of her feet. Xu Qin quickly sat on the chair, took off the shoes and threw them into the trash can.
Tear it off and throw it into the trash can, then open the drawer, pull out the wet towel, wipe back and forth vigorously on the instep until the skin turns red, and then stop Xu Qin calms down, adjusts his breathing slowly, throws away the tissue, opens the cabinet, and puts on a spare one Xie turned around, walked to the sink, turned on the tap, rubbed his hands with soap, rinsed off the foam, rubbed his hands with soap, rinsed off the foam, and repeated this three times.
Xu Qin finished this series of actions in an orderly manner. He took out his phone from his white coat pocket and looked at it four times.
It was pitch black outside the window at ten o’clock, and the emergency room was quiet, as if the night was finally going to pass safely. There was a missed call and a text message on the phone.
She has been working continuously for hours, and her whole body is numb. Xu Qin puts her hands back in her pockets and taps on the cigarette case and lighter with her index finger. She glances at the no-smoking sign on the wall.
She stares at the sign for a while, curls her lips and stands up. Walking to the balcony, Xu Qin leaned on the railing, lit a cigarette in the night wind, and smoked.
Halfway along, a voice called Doctor Xu Qin got up, put out the cigarette, closed the balcony door, went back to the room and washed his hands three times, just turned off the faucet, a sloppy man covered in soot rushed in, the doctor helped Xu Qin glanced at him up and down, no obvious trauma, where are you uncomfortable? Out of breath, waving his hands, it’s not my brother, he’s talking, three or four men in a mess step in the door, and there’s a pungent smell of smoke and sweat all over their bodies. These men are uniformed in army green vests and trousers, of all shapes and sizes.
Tall and strong, but one is more unkempt than the other. His shoulders are all exposed outside, covered with black ash.
I don’t know which construction site the man with the Chinese character face moved bricks from.
He took a breath and pointed behind him.
Xu Qin looked at the man’s body wrapped in a sweaty vest. He didn’t know for a while.
Who is he pointing at? He has a terrible toothache.
Xu Qin immediately stopped. The man with a toothache and a square face is still pointing at the doctor. Come and see him. Xu Qin interrupts the emergency department. After the door opened, Xu Qin went to his desk, sat down and looked up, only to see a group of men staring at her. At this moment, Xu Qin saw the sick man in the crowd. He was wearing a mask and put on a pair of masks under his thick eyebrows.
Staring straight at her, his eyes are sharp and bright, just one look is enough to see that he is completely different from the people around him Xu Qin looks back at him without fear Can you hear it? There is no dentist in the emergency department.
The outpatient clinic is not open now, what should I do? Xu Qin endured your Chinese face.
The man squeezed his fist and gritted his teeth, as if he had made a huge concession. Then you can prescribe some painkillers.
I can’t prescribe any kind of medicine here, you’re a doctor, you know how terrible a toothache is, right? Xu Qin replied flatly. The man with the Chinese character face thinks she’s provocative and raised his volume. Why are you talking? Patiently deal with your nonsense, snarling Chinese characters face angry, I see one of you, a little older, came up to hold your partner to smooth things over, explaining that the doctor made a misunderstanding, blame him for not making it clear just now that we didn’t have a toothache, it wasn’t some kind of tooth decay, it was work I got injured and broke my tooth, can you take a look and turn around to take off the man’s mask? I can’t close the medical record, I can’t open it, I have to say it a few times, the voice has not yet fallen, the Chinese character face can’t help it, strode forward and pointed at Xu Qin, believe it or not, Yang Chi stopped coldly, it came from the man wearing a mask, the voice was deep and forbearing. Xu Qin subconsciously raised his eyes and glanced at him, and the eyes were dark and bright, staring at her