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After entering the group, I realized that the person who played the attack turned out to be the former rival Shao Xun.
After a few days, Cheng Huan suddenly felt that something was wrong.
According to legend, the big brother Shao went to the sea to film for his true love. Could the true love be him? Encounter Cheng Huan, Shao Xun, the main character in the entertainment industry, Urban Love, Chapter 1 There was a small fan meeting that day, it was already ten o’clock in the middle of the night, Cheng Huan went backstage, the assistant rolled up his coat in his arms, and hurriedly followed behind, peeping at Cheng Huan’s His expression was cautious and he dared not speak Cheng Huan walked halfway and suddenly said Zhao Mianren, assistant Zhang Xiaocheng honestly said Mr. Zhao was already in the dressing room, Cheng Huan didn’t say a word, and there was an aura of who was bothering and who was dying all over his body, and he walked up to the door of the dressing room Pushing the door by hand, Zhao Mian, who was sitting in front of the vanity mirror and looking at her phone, was startled, jumped up and stood up, turned her head and saw Cheng Huan’s facial features twisted awkwardly, his eyes flustered with a little confidence, and Zhang Xiaocheng was about to follow in and was caught by Cheng Huan. Huan stopped and closed the door, the little assistant took two steps to enter the door.
Hearing the words, he immediately touched the doorknob and closed the door for the two people in the dressing room. There was no one else except Cheng Huan and Zhao Mian, but the atmosphere in the room was so cold that icicles fell from Zhao Mian. Suspecting that if he stays for another two hours, he will turn into frozen pork in the freezer. With nothing to hold, his left hand is at a loss as to where to put it.
Finally, he lifts it up, rubs his nose awkwardly, looks at Cheng Huan, and says, you know the specifics. Situation Cheng Huan was busy with makeup all night, and just walked away in a hurry, his forehead was full of sweat, he took two pieces of paper from the table at hand and wiped his forehead, walked to the sofa in the dressing room, sat down, raised his hand and pointed at himself The two idling in front of me raised my eyelids and looked at the frozen pork with trembling legs at the moment. I took a quick look and said, “No hurry, you can say it on your knees.” Cheng Huan just blurted out a word, he wished he could kneel down on the spot, he would be upright and upright, Zhao Mian, of course it is impossible to kneel down to review the mistakes of his brothers, but this time it is indeed his responsibility, Zhao Miandun Feeling ashamed and sighing, he walked up to Cheng Huan with his head down, emphasizing that he was full of helplessness, Cheng Huan, did you help your buddies once, did you succeed this time? He rubbed the tissue in his palm and kneaded it into a ball. He snorted softly, did it work? Mr.
Zhao, do you not know how to write the word bankruptcy or do you think that a little artist like me is so good that I can save the world casually? Huan broke up these yin and yang sarcasm word by word and threw them on Zhao Mian’s face.
After finishing speaking, he glanced at the expression and looked aside indifferently. He also did not expect that Zhao Mian, who usually does things well, would fall into such a mentally retarded mess this time. In the past two years, Li Chenghuan has developed well. Although he is not a traffic niche, but without background and resources, he has changed from an unknown 18th-line artist to an artist who has been notified for a year. In the future, it is not impossible to have a small explosion because of a certain character.
Huan’s current career is considered to be steadily rising, but for the sake of freedom, he is not restricted by the terms of the company’s contract. Cheng Huan has not signed a brokerage contract for so many years, and he does not have his own broker.
Now that he is busy with work, he hired a small assistant. Most of his work Apart from checking in on myself, it is Zhao Mian, a buddy who is helping to take care of it, no matter whether it is popular or not, the brother is the brother. Cheng Huan played a trick every day, and Zhao Mian was also a bit of a joke.
Standing out from the crowd, his career is on the right track, and the person beside him who helps to take care of it is still Zhao Mian. Zhao Mian is smooth enough and smart enough to get a place in the entertainment industry.
Half of the credit for Cheng Huan’s steady rise in the past two years is due to Zhao Mian and his two are not only good personal brothers, but also business partners. Not long ago, Zhao Mian and Cheng Huan co-founded a film and television entertainment company. They want to start with investing in low-cost online dramas. If things go well, they will gradually transform into artist managers. Cheng Huan Because the announcement is full of work and multi-company matters, basically leave it to Zhao Mian to take care of them. They have a clear division of labor.
One is responsible for behind-the-scenes management and the other is responsible for showing up in front of the stage.
There is a tacit cooperation, but when the company is gradually getting on the right track, Zhao Mian doesn’t know who to listen to. Without discussing with Cheng Huan, I made a final decision on a project.
Zhao Mian thought it was a beautiful idea. He felt that if this project became successful, he would not only be able to make money, but also open up a film and television career.
After he has more experience in filming TV dramas, he will enter the big screen market.
It’s a pity that within two months of making the dream, it was smashed by the ruthless reality. The project that Zhao Mian decided on himself was actually a small-budget online drama. Without his own script, he followed the trend and bought the whole novel. During the pre-preparation of the copyright, I discovered that online dramas with niche themes are not as good as the legends say.
First of all, where does the first fund come from? Other directors or companies want to make dramas. At least they have good scripts or good theme gimmicks that can be compared with The investors discussed taking money, but Zhao Mian’s changed scripts are all male-female rivalry dramas. The entire main plot is very weak.
Manager Zhao talked about the script with a hot emotional line for two months, but he still didn’t get half of the investors.
You can’t make a movie with money.
This is an iron law, which is unbreakable. Zhao Mian can only pay for it himself. By the way, he asked Cheng Huan to borrow money, but Cheng Huan didn’t save money at all, and he didn’t spend much of his money. It was necessary for him.
Zhao Mian couldn’t make much money, and the contract stipulated that the copyright could not be resold within the validity period.
He had no choice but to recruit partners to find a way to shoot.
After doing this, he found another film and television company, Feihong Entertainment, which was also established recently. Zhao Mian didn’t have much. Qian Feihong is a bit small, but the funds Feihong can raise and the investment it can make are not much in total, throwing away all kinds of messy filming costs