Wouldnt it be nice to see a secret letter on Lus body that forged Fan Yaos notes and made Dai Qisi the former protector of

Concentrating on the body of the elder of the Taishan sect, gaining experience in swordsmanship, increasing sword skills proficiency, converging on the corpse of Jiangyang Bandit, gaining experience in lightness kung fu, increasing proficiency in inner strength, converging on the corpse of the head of Qingcheng, gaining experience in inner strength, gaining experience in hidden weapons, from then on Ye Weiming opened his killing burial A Different Game Journey of Overcoming One-Dragon Tokgo Begging for Defeat, I Dokgo Begging for Defeat, I Will Call You a Swordman The sound of roaring soared into the sky.
This is a bloody and tearful accusation from a player who has completed a series of difficult hidden missions. Is the accusation useful? The answer is to resign, of course there is no problem, but since you have joined the Shenhun Division, you have already been labeled as an imperial eagle dog in the eyes of the people in the Jianghu. Almost no school in the Jianghu would be willing to accept you.
Everyone’s suspicion is that everyone’s initial favorability is bad.
After that, no matter what task you do, the speed of increasing favorability will be halved. Of course, the premise is that you can receive tasks from them with a bad favorability. Ye Weiming blinked his eyes and Zhan Zhao smiled.
Like a beckoning cat wagging its right hand, are you sure you want to quit the God Detective Division? If you can’t mess with me, can’t you hide? In the development and construction of the space age, ten of the most advanced manned space carriers will set sail at the same time. The number of immigrants is expected to be 10,000.
In order to save the energy consumption caused by several years of space travel and reduce waste emissions, all immigrants must enter the health warehouse. Spend a long journey in the game in a semi-dormant state.
As for why you must play the game, it is to ensure the brain activity of the passengers so that they will not be brain-dead or turn into a vegetable after years of dormancy. Lost the meaning of interstellar immigration, so this game can’t be offline or deleted. Not only can’t you provoke it, but also can’t hide it. Before boarding the ship, the official will keep all the information of the game tightly covered until you log in to the game. Ye Weiming came up with a rough introduction to the background of the game.
It was only at this time that Ye Weiming realized that this was an online game with a martial arts background, and martial arts as a unique system was once all the rage. Ye Weiming had heard of it, but only when he heard about Novice Village. I did a series of difficult tasks at a place called Soymilk Xiaobai.
I was looking for clues, guessing the murderer, and solving puzzles.
I thought there would be very rich rewards, but I didn’t know that apart from the fixed experience and money.
just get a piece of hidden sect Entry tokens are not familiar with martial arts, so we can only judge whether it is good or bad according to the experience of playing games in the past.
If we judge according to the experience of the game, it must be that hidden professions are better than ordinary professions! You don’t have any martial arts. You need to know that those non-hidden famous schools have everything from elementary martial arts all the way to advanced martial arts. You only need to spend money and martial contributions to learn one Ye Weiming met in Xinshou Village and later joined the Shaolin sect.
My buddies even broke the news that the Shaolin faction has unique skills, and Zhan Zhao, who was in charge of arranging newcomers to Ye Weiming’s question, just smiled and asked back, “The sect of the Jianghu is a martial arts school, and you have to pay to learn martial arts, while our God Detective Department is from the imperial court.” The law enforcement department can get salary on a monthly basis. Have you ever seen any employer responsible for the compulsory education of employees? If there is no comparison, there will be no harm.
Now Ye Weiming only feels that life is gloomy and the future can’t see any light. Seeing that Ye Weiming has resigned himself to life With a loveless appearance, Zhan Zhao began to talk earnestly and sincerely, Xu Shan, you don’t need to be so depressed. In fact, there are many ways to acquire martial arts.
Martial arts is just one of the most convenient paths, and this path does not allow people to directly go to the top. Take the Shaolin Temple you mentioned earlier as an example.
They have unique skills and the unrivaled martial arts. Didn’t the Yijin Jing be included in the school’s martial arts? But you can learn some things that other sects can’t learn. Ye Weiming asked casually with his eyelids downcast without raising his head. There is a big golden character, Heaven, Earth, Human and Ghost.
Although the employer will not be responsible for the compulsory education of employees, there is still necessary pre-employment business training. Zhan Zhao said with a smile. Congratulations to you for the stunt.
As the first player, you will have the right to choose first.
You also have the unique skill.
What? Zhan Zhao euphemistically said that he couldn’t cut it and stared at this loyal-looking guy with disdain. Ye Weiming decisively picked up the Tianzi Token. As for why he chose this one because Tianzi looks the best.
Congratulations on your learning. If you have the opportunity to learn the unique skills of the God Detective Division, please go to the workshop to find Mr. Song to learn skills. Isn’t the workshop a place to deal with corpses? It stands to reason that the skills related to this place should be in the category of ghost words, right? Seeing that Zhan Zhao has already Putting away the other three tokens obviously did not intend to give him a chance to choose again