Without the ability to resist dont take advantage of the situation now to get back when will he intentionally humiliate Xu Yang still striding over

The uninhabited Python Mountains have a radius of thousands of miles.
There are no traces of fierce beasts and poisonous insects.
According to rumors, there are ferocious beasts eating people in the Python Mountains. Therefore, even the strongest young men will not easily walk into the depths of the mountains.
Only Xiuxuan Only the most profound practitioners dared to come to this mountain range where danger and opportunity coexist. A group of twelve people walked slowly in the middle of the Python Mountain Range. These people were basically wearing strong clothes and at most a bamboo hat to keep out the wind and rain. The autumn wind blowing on them didn’t seem to be able to make them feel a little bit of coolness.
It’s getting late.
Among the two people at the front of the line, a tall and strong man took off his bamboo hat and looked up, saying that this man’s face has an indelible Although the childish skin is slightly dark, but the skin is tight, he looks like a boy, well, it’s time to take a break. According to the map, there is a small valley in front of you.
Let’s go there for the night. The first person also took off his bamboo hat, revealing a face of a middle-aged man who has passed through the wind and waves. The ten people who followed silently followed the middle-aged man to the valley ahead. Everyone took off their bamboo hats, put down the leather bags on their backs, and sat down on the ground. It is clear that except for the first man who is middle-aged, the other eleven people all have immature faces. They are about 14 or 15 years old, just like the dark, tall and strong boy at the beginning. The trash came over and beat the young master’s leg. The dark-skinned boy just sat down. When I got off the ground, I said in a deep voice, “Hey, Lu Song, hello, you will enjoy being the first to catch this kid. I’m a step behind you. The other boy laughed at me. I said waste, you beat Lu Song’s leg, and then roll over. The young man’s leg is also gone.
” Sour, the face of the last boy was a little pale compared to other boys, he was malnourished, he was burdened with a heavy leather bag all the way, it was not easy for him to make it this far If you need someone to do all the work, don’t order him around.
No matter how bad he is, he is a young master.
The reputation of the Linyuan Xu family is not a joke.
Young master, young master can go on the road of hard work like us retail investors.
Lu Song snorted disdainfully.
Even if this Xu Yang is a child of the Xu family, he is still a shabby and shabby boy who has been squeezed out. The pale young man is Xu Yang. He has kept his head down and no one else can see his expression.
Going to find Shuilusong, jumping footsteps, Xu Yang turned and left in silence, I don’t know why Xu Yang has become stupid and stupid since he fainted yesterday for no reason It is a miracle that his body can survive, the other boy has a slightly fairer complexion, he has a delicate face, he laughed, and said, Liu Zishan, it’s not too much for you to beat him, Lu Song snorted, and walked out of the valley The young man gradually straightened up and worked hard on the road.
The young man named Xu Yang in Linyuan Xu’s Donglai country rubbed his eyebrows and muttered to himself, “So it’s like this.
The young man’s name is Xu Yang, but it’s not the Xu Yang from the Xu family in Linyuan City.” formerly That Xu Yang was beaten up by someone yesterday, and his soul was scattered. Now the soul possessed by Xu Yang is a soul from ten thousand years later. His name is also Xu Yang. After successfully possessing yesterday, Xu Yang has been digesting the soul of the former Xu Yang. The memory has always seemed bewildered and unresponsive all day long. It was only at that moment just now that he merged all the memories and regained his original sanity. How did I get here? Strength will soon be out of this question. Compared to the previous question, profound energy is the key point. The intoxicatingly rich profound energy is so terrifying. Is this the Profound Sky Continent ten thousand years ago? Sure enough, according to ancient records, ten thousand years ago In the past, the mysterious energy of heaven and earth was incomparably full, and certain gods and lands even had jade-clear profound energy, such as Taiqing profound energy.
Let me take a look at the status quo of this identity. This country is called Donglai Kingdom.
It should be a small country, but according to According to ancient books, even the ruler of a small country is a master of the Xuanwang realm.
It is indeed the peak of the Xuanshi civilization in the golden age. Ten thousand years later, the mysterious energy of the world has been exhausted, and it has been impossible to produce a master of the Xuanwang realm. In that era, no one cares about the various magical secrets. Because cultivating these magical skills and secret arts requires a huge amount of profound energy, and ten thousand years later, there is almost no profound energy in the world There is no way for Gao to squeeze the last bit of profound energy from the exhausted world.
It is extremely difficult.
The Linyuan Xu family is one of the three major families in Linyuan City. The head of the family, Mr. Xu, is already a master-level figure in the realm of Xuanzong, and I occupy this Xu.
Yang is the grandson of Mr.
Xu, but it seems that he is very unpopular in the family. After all, he was reborn after a seizure, and his memory is not complete. It is normal why his grandson does not have the preferential treatment of other children. Xu Yang does not know, but it must have something to do with his parents.
The most important thing is that the condition of this body is really bad.
Xu Yang frowned. This body is only the cultivation base of Xuantu in the early stage. He has just opened up the Xinghai, and there is no step of body training.
Thank God if he can have the strength of two or three jun. It is not easy to cultivate mystical energy in later generations. Mystics have higher and higher requirements for physical strength. Various methods of tempering the body emerge in endlessly.
They are only limited by the lack of profound energy. Heavenly materials and earthly treasures are also lacking. Most of the methods are difficult to put into practice.
Mysterious disciples At the beginning of the physical strength, the strength of seven jun is required.
At the peak of Xuantu, the strength of a full 30 jun is considered excellent.
Jun is the standard for measuring the physical strength of Xuan Zhe in the Tianxuan Continent.
No more than one hundred catties of strength