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Chapter 1 The Year of the Fist of the Heroes, Li Jun, Li Jun, Classroom of the Department of Mechanics, Kyoto University, Japan, You wake up and you will start class soon I can understand Li Yizhi raised his head, shook his somewhat drowsy head, opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment, and couldn’t help being stunned. This is a classroom with very simple furnishings. Both the desks and the windows seem to have a breath of time. The classroom is small and only has two children. A dozen or so desks are already filled with people talking softly with each other in Japanese, while a pretty female student in front of his desk is looking at him and asking concernedly Li Jun, are you feeling well, or will you meet with Duo later? Professor, please take a leave.
Li Yizhi shook his head and almost subconsciously replied in Japanese.
It’s okay.
Maybe it’s because I slept too late yesterday, so I was a little tired.
Thank you for your concern.
After Guangzi finished speaking, Li Yizhi realized that he could speak fluent Japanese.
Li Yizhi felt like his head exploded in an instant, and countless information flooded into his mind. It was a young man’s experience from childhood to adulthood. At the age of fifteen, he crossed the sea from Shanghai to Japan to study in spite of his family’s opposition. I’m not dead, I’m alive again. Li Yizhi is excited His mood is difficult to calm down, he clearly remembers that he should be in the hospital at this moment, desperately waiting for the god of death to come, because he suffers from a severe congenital heart disease, but he has no money for surgery, so he can only wait for death. Turning around, because the class bell rang, ding ding, listening to the bell, Li Yizhi took a deep breath, a large amount of air poured into his lungs, making his lungs a little swollen, he felt his heart beating powerfully, and couldn’t help but smile happily.
It’s good to be alive. Although he will never see his parents and younger sister again, it is already the greatest gift from heaven to be able to be reborn as a human being.
Li Yizhi dare not have any extravagant wishes.
Footsteps came from outside the classroom, and then a middle-aged man with glasses walked in with his textbooks in his arms.
Behind him was a tall and straight young man in a black suit with a stern face. The middle-aged man was Professor Dobian.
He walked up to the podium and said, students, we will have a new classmate joining this semester. I hope you can get along well.
Then he looked at the stern young man. Let me introduce you.
The grim young man nodded.
He stammered in broken Japanese and said, Hello, my classmates.
My name is Chen Zhen. I come from Qing Dynasty, Shanghai Shh, and I’m from Qing Dynasty. Haha, a group of Japanese students burst out laughing, their faces full of sarcasm, Professor Du Bian slapped the book on the table and yelled, “Shut up, this is a classroom, a place to study, don’t bring in those dirty thoughts from outside, Chen Zhen, you Sit next to Li Yizhi. He is also from the Qing Dynasty. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask him.
Professor Watanabe pointed at Li Yizhi. Chen Zhen clenched his fist and finally let go.
He nodded and strode over to sit down next to Li Yizhi. Li Yizhi Yizhi is in a trance He looked at Chen Zhen because the name was too familiar to him. Chen Zhen, Professor Bian, and Guangzi, aren’t they all characters in Fist of Fist? Could it be that my time travel did not simply travel to the end of the Qing Dynasty, but the movie world of Fist of Fist, and so did Li Yizhi.
Therefore, the Shanghainese quickly found the memory of Fist of Fury in their minds. The owner of the hall is Huo Yuanjia, but this Huo Yuanjia does not have two sons and three daughters in the real world. Only one son, Huo Tingen, is also a hero of Fist of Fury. Hello Shanghai Fist of Fury Chen Zhen Chen Zhen put away his schoolbag and smiled friendlyly at Li Yizhi, said Li Yizhi came back to his senses and also smiled and said hello Shanghai Li Yizhi, if you need help in the future, even if it will be more troublesome to find me in the future Brother Li, Chen Zhen’s eyes are grateful to come to a foreign land alone. He is holding on to learn knowledge so that he can go back to repay the motherland. It’s just that the ideal is good, but the reality is very cruel. Not to mention, along the way, Japan’s contempt for the Qing Dynasty from top to bottom, even this title The students here at Kyoto University, the highest institution, also made no secret of their contempt for him. Fortunately, I met a Shanghai fellow here, which made Chen Zhen feel at ease. After the lecture, the content of his lecture is the manufacture of engines. Since he is still a freshman, he started to learn from the simplest steam engine.
After all, the warships of various countries still use steam engines. As for the internal combustion engine course, he was assigned to the junior year.
Li Yizhi listened very carefully. But it was not because he was interested in the content of the class. After all, compared to the engine of the 21st century, the steam engine of this era is simply weak. He just suddenly found that his memory had made a qualitative leap. As long as Professor Dubian taught him, he could understand it.
The deep memory has never been forgotten in my mind, and the spatial structure models of various drawings have also appeared in my mind at the same time. Is it because of the rebirth? Photographic memory or concrete ability are talents that very few people have Saying this and throwing away the chalk in their hands, many Japanese students stood up, glanced at Li Yizhi and Chen Zhen with disdain, and then walked out of the classroom one after another.
The mechanical department courses are too boring, they have to go out to relax.
Chen Zhen touched Li Yizhi with his elbow and said. Brother Li, don’t the Japanese in this school also discriminate against us so much?