With tears in his eyes Hao Wenxuan said that he didn’t want me Hao Wenxuan I can still see my son today the general has

Since then, there has been chaos among Xiaoqiang sects, and the grievances and grievances between Han and Mongolia. What is even more lamentable is this chivalrous and inextricable love and hatred. Whether it is good or evil or right and wrong, the answer will eventually be revealed. When the lights are on in the cold winter, a team of more than 20 horses is crowded on the narrow official road. A sapphire blue-topped brocade-covered carriage is particularly dazzling Spacious and spacious, more than a dozen fine horses are tightly attached to the car body, as if there is a gap, the carriage will break through and go away. The biting westerly wind blows snowflakes, and the snowflakes are small and hard, as if the crystal hexagonal snowflakes were blown off by the cold wind and hit the car curtains. A chestnut-maned horse in front of the carriage suddenly raised its neck and neighed, as if its eyes hurt from being hit by snowflakes, and it seemed to be complaining to its owner about the endless journey. An old man in his fifties with a long beard, his face was deeply carved with fine wrinkles.
The old man shouted loudly to the front, Lin’er must hurry up, if the snow blows again, it will be tonight. Sleeping outside the city, a fat bay red horse led the team.
A young man in his twenties immediately patted the neck of the red horse. Putting your finger to your mouth, a crisp whistle slashed across the sky and resounded across the wilderness, as if responding to the old man, so the whole team eagerly followed the hoofprints of the red horse. The long and narrow official road suddenly became lively Luoyang City? A pair of slender hands protruded from the brocade curtain of the carriage, and opened the curtain, revealing an immature face. It was a young man of fourteen or fifteen years old. His eyes were bright and he looked at the situation outside the carriage while whispering to the old man, hurry up, young master.
Close the curtain and it’s very windy outside. Your typhoid fever hasn’t healed yet. Don’t catch a cold.
The old man said to the boy in the car that there are still more than ten miles to Luoyang City. Coming all the way to Fubo Anxin, when Lin Geer missed the gentle voice of a young girl coming from the car, the young master closed the curtain, the wind and cold got worse, this year will have to pass in Luoyang, it was that gentle voice again, that young man I retracted my hands into the car, the wind and snow outside the car, but the fire inside the car was warm and warm as spring. A maid wrapped in a blue coat sat next to the young man, leaning her hand to the stove from time to time to keep warm. Elder sister Xiaoqing is still the weather in southern Shonan. It’s so windy outside.
If King Chen Si came to Luoyang City in winter, sister Luoshen would have been blown to the East China Sea by the wind.
Then Luoshen Fu might be written by his father Cao Mengde. Cheng Luoshen hid in the snow and froze under the snow The young man complained that the maid named Xiaoqing smiled lightly and said that the young master would be angry if Luoshen heard this How long has it been since I’ve been here? The young man murmured, Xiaoqing saw that the sad incident brought up the young man, she just sighed softly, it’s inconvenient to say that the team is gradually approaching Luoyang’s official road, and the number of carriages and horses on the official road suddenly increased.
Almost everyone was afraid of the wind and snow and rushed into the city before the city gate. Two black-maned horses quietly followed behind the team.
On the left was a tall man in his sixties.
On the right Followed by a middle-aged man in his forties, both of them were wearing black robes. The color of the clothes seemed to be much darker than the fur of the horse under them. What is the old man staring at the brocade-covered carriage closely? His gaze seems to have penetrated into the carriage for a full view. The old man has a long knife with a scabbard across his waist.
The black scabbard is black, and he keeps sharpening the handle of the knife with his hands.
I don’t know if it is to warm his hands or to suppress his heart. The nervous or excited procession arrived at Changxia Gate in the south of Luoyang City. The carriage seemed to be slowly pushed into the city gate by the eyes of the old man in black robe. The procession turned to the west of the city shortly after entering the city.
Yizhuxiang’s Kung Fu team came to a small but quaint century-old Guangchuan Inn in front of which there were already a lot of people. They settled down in the south courtyard of the inn.
The young man was served by a maid and ate a few exquisite pastries.
Drinking a glass of home-brewed pear blossom wine, I hurriedly fell asleep in the middle of the moon. The inn was extremely quiet, only the sound of dogs barking in the deep alley, occasionally accompanied by the west wind. Through the window paper spilled on the side of the bed, and then it was covered by a black shadow. It was a tall and generous figure that blocked the moonlight.
The terrified boy was about to shout loudly. Xiaoqing, who was sleeping outside, blocked it with a cold hand.
A stream of air from his chest quickly entered his body from that hand.
The young man opened his mouth, but he couldn’t make a sound. He felt the air flow scattered into his limbs. Unable to discern his face, the airflow continuously entered the young man’s body like a tide, and the internal organs surged like a tide. The young man gradually felt stuffy and fell asleep in a trance. After a while, a sound of thumping woke him up again. The young man raised his eyes and looked at the tall body. The figure is no longer in the house, and he touched his chest. He can no longer feel the dense air flow.
I don’t know if the scene just now was a dream.
Didn’t Dao Xiaoer tell you that we will call you if we need something? My young master has already fallen asleep. Your knocking method shocked the young master.
Tomorrow, I will definitely be scolded by the housekeeper. Excuse me, the person who lives here is the son of General Han.
Han Xiao heard an old voice from outside the door. Who are you? Why are you looking for my young master? The voice said that Brother Lin was just about to answer