With little effort the young master Liu He went first Liu He turned into a little spot of light in the womans hand and finally

The little girl has something unclear and would like to ask Sovereign Yun to advise you why he recommended you to be the director of the Supernatural Bureau of the City The first director is my son and the second is my grandson. If I oppose things, there will inevitably be twists and turns. Sect Master Yun is threatening me. We got the clue, Wei Ming could see the answer from Bai Die’s expression, he knew her very well, even the slightest expression change, yes, Bai Die took off her police cap, revealing her ear-level hair and soft black silk, which radiated brilliance against the light and said Seeing that Bai Die didn’t speak, Wei Ming felt a little anxious. You don’t want to ask anything other than the case. Bai Die gently tucked her loose hair behind her ear and waited quietly for Wei Ming to ask questions.
After all, they haven’t seen each other for some time. How is sister-in-law? Mother is fine.
Wei Ming dodges in Baidie’s expectation. Even so, Baidie is still a little disappointed.
Then we can wait for Xiaoya to be found.
Come with me to visit sister-in-law.
Give Baidie the kraft paper portfolio next to her.
Wei Ming took the file bag for Wei Ming, weighed it, and weighed it a bit heavy, it seemed to be a bit troublesome, as the cigarette smoke rose, time passed bit by bit, Bai Die looked at Wei Ming, who was reviewing the transcript, with mixed feelings Chen Jinxiu Hotel tonight Haishi Don’t miss the big deal. Zhao Feiyi shook the goblet in his hand.
The bright red liquid flowed slowly with the fluctuations. Master, don’t worry. Sniffing the contents of the cup, the most beautiful thing in the world is the girl’s blood. After saying that, he drank it and took it. Zhao Feiyi wiped the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief, showing a satisfied and lazy smile. A tray knelt beside Zhao Feiyi and Zhao Feiyi pointed to the man with a scar on his face, Heisha, this is a token.
Heisha’s curves are being burned by Heisha’s eyes, pain, shame and anger The meaningful token of coldness is hard to come by, just like the beauty in my arms Zhao Feiyi embraces the bird that has fled back to his arms, teasing a strand of long hair Master, he is too presumptuous, I want to eat him The female subordinate did not dare Heisha lowered her head hahaha Zhao Feiyi held up the pretty face of the beauty with her fingers Heisha I know what you are thinking Remember as long as you obey my orders and do your own errands, you can get the master and the beauty is a little panicked Zhao Feiyi The indifference in her eyes made her feel scared. She turned her head and wanted to dodge, but met Heisha’s greedy and fierce eyes.
A tear of shame and unwillingness fell down. Tonight, I can only succeed, otherwise my subordinates understand that Heisha smiled at the beauty like a winner. With a smile, I retreated to the Pear Blossom Belt outside the room.
The rain is delicate and charming, Zhao Feiyi catches the tears on the beauty’s cheeks with his lips, but the beauty wants to dodge, Zhao Feiyi stretches out his palm and pinches the beauty’s cheeks tightly, Chen Yan, you have to understand, I still think that beautiful clothes are not for other animals. You make me tired, I will tear you apart, I hope the master will tear me apart Chen Yan’s tears are in a string Why Zhao Feiyi smiled and asked, except for the master Chen Yan doesn’t want to serve any man Chen Yan said, biting his lips tightly Bright red blood flowed down the corner of his mouth, right? Zhao Feiyi carefully looked at Chen Yan, every woman said the same thing to me, but I never really took it seriously.
In the clearing they wait silently like ghosts and ghosts like statues their hearts are tense and excited when the time comes to the old people their voices are low and powerful and spread far away on the silent mountainside the shadows still don’t say a word but the surroundings are full of haste There was a gasping sound, and suddenly smoke rose from the mountainside, and a shadowy object appeared in the smoke.
After identification, it was an ancient wooden door.
With the creaking sound of the door opening, a man in ancient costume walked out of it, which is surprising. What’s more, although the man is in the smog, his appearance is very clear, his face is like a crown jade, his figure is tall, his robe is floating in the sky, the man is carrying a fairy spirit, all distinguished guests came from afar The young man in leather shoes asked this question, and when the pictures came out, all living beings hummed like a baby, some laughed and scolded being childish, some shook their heads and sighed, and the man in ancient costume who was in charge of welcoming him was also stunned and smiled in embarrassment.
The two-character man clasped his fists to everyone again and bowed his head, saying that the small Qizhen Pavilion is in charge of Gufeng, who is so elegant and elegant. With his elder brother’s demeanor, the owner of Qizhen Pavilion must be extraordinary. A few young people who didn’t know much about Qizhen Pavilion admired Gufeng. Hearing this, he just smiled Fanlao, all the distinguished guests took out their tokens and entered the Qizhen Pavilion one by one.
After that, Gufeng made a gesture of please. The distinguished guests took out their tokens and stepped towards the dreamed place. Through the crack of the opened door When the last guest enters the Qizhen Pavilion, the wooden door creaks and closes again. The ancient style leads the guests forward, and the guests are deeply shocked by the scene in front of them.
The carved beams and painted columns in the courtyard are brightly lit. The pavilions, terraces and pavilions are extremely luxurious.
On both sides of the corridor, there are four seasons flowers in full bloom. Ancient trees and vines grow.
Even the rockery and pool water are unique.
In addition, the faint sounds of zither, flute and drum are like entering a fairyland.
The maids in colorful clothes shuttle back and forth. Carrying a brocade box full of food or holding a tray with wine utensils or smiling or expressing affection