With his last hand he swipe twice on the icepimplefloating water surface Ming Xiuyi’s whole body trembled and immediately froze the ice surface again with

In the storyteller’s attic, Gong Indus leaned on the soft beauty couch, kicking his legs on the table, tilting his legs and listening with gusto The surface is painted with cumbersome little magic circles with cinnabar mixed with gold powder. The storyteller is on the way to find a line of cause and effect. Shen Daojun passed the magic way and crossed the Yunjiang River to save a child who was almost swallowed by the magic cultivator. As soon as he heard this, he knew what the trick was, but he still enjoyed it, and he happily grabbed a handful of Lingshi and threw it into the glass dish in front of him. A pile of spirit stones appeared in the Three Realms. A monk in the Three Realms can use his spiritual consciousness to create a small world, and give the jade token of his spiritual consciousness to others.
As long as he submerges his spiritual consciousness into the jade token, he can meet in the small world even if he is thousands of miles away. The small world of the next guest. He has nothing to do. He uses his spiritual sense to listen to books, which is easy and convenient.
He can also use the teleportation array to reward Lingshi. The storyteller got the reward and spoke more vigorously.
On this son, I took him back to the sect and accepted him as an apprentice, but the half-devil was born with a vicious and unruly nature, and over time, he even developed rebellious thoughts towards Shen Daojun The part where the apprentice was rebellious against the master suddenly spent a lot of money and poured half of the spirit stones in the storage ring into the glass dish. Speaking of him, he felt that someone from the outside world was calling him “Little Sage” “Little Sage” This book by Shuang Xia’s guest is most suitable for Gong Wutong’s appetite, and today it happened to talk about the scene he was most looking forward to. Gong Wutong had no choice but to frown and take back his spiritual consciousness. A wisp of divine consciousness came out from the jade plaque engraved with the visitor under the frost. Gong Wutong yawned and opened his eyes lazily and said goodbye.
My identity was exposed, was it caught by the demon cultivator to eat it as a pig’s trotter? The succubus dances barefoot on the central jade platform.
Gong Wutong is an out-and-out Taoist cultivator who hides his identity and mixes with the demons. He doesn’t even dare to use the bead curtain veil made of broken jade to cover half of his face and only reveals it. A pair of dark purple eyes disguised as a demon cultivator. If they are too ostentatious and their identities are discovered, it may cause big trouble. I am afraid that you will sleep over and wake up Gong Wutong.
It is a young man in Tsing Yi.
His expression is indifferent. Whispering, he gently raised his wrist and stroked a branch of epiphyllum that had not yet bloomed in his hair. A string of sapphire Buddhist beads hung down his wrist and made a crisp sound as he bumped lightly with his movements.
After pouring a glass of wine, the palace sycamore is in a state of elation, looking at the dancing lightly, with a perfect face The glamorous succubus scanned all the demon cultivators in the hall from the corner of his eye. The person he was looking for was still missing. He filled the glass with his hand and drank it in one gulp.
The strong scent of medicine and the faint scent of wine rushed up to the altar, like He swallowed a drop of water as if he was used to it, slid down the corners of his lips, and brushed across the messy red rope around his neck. Pointing at the sapphire beads on his wrist, he said casually, didn’t he say that Liupingyu will send a high-quality cauldron today? Come put the wine away and promise that you will arrive later Gong Wutong lazily snorted Gong Wutong’s identity is special, he is the only person in the Three Realms who has reached the summit, the son of Gong Que Shengzun, even if his cultivation is only in the stage of becoming a god, he is honored by everyone For the sake of the little sage, the little sage seldom comes to the demons to cross the Yunjiang lanterns and pack up the retreat a few days ago. What secret did you see? It was about the phoenix tree of the Yunjiang Palace.
There will be three bastards who gnawed on me one by one, so I came to Yunjiang to avenge Mingdeng. If you don’t come to Yunjiang to look for them, where will you suffer? A few days ago, you took away the two furnaces, which is enough to attract attention, the little saint, you still have to be careful, Gong Wutong casually perfunctory him, oh, half a month ago, Gong Wutong retreated, broke through and explored the secrets of heaven, and predicted that ten years later, he would definitely go mad The only antidote that can save him in the whole Three Realms is the magic cultivator of the Demon Breathing Palace of the Lords of the Three Realms. Indus is afraid of pain and death.
After leaving the customs, he came to the Demon Race without stopping. He is an immature little boy who was tormented by the big demon of the demon clan so much that he couldn’t bear to live.
Gong Wutong spent a little energy to save the two future lords and put them in place.
Now there is only one light left to be patient.
Today’s furnace is the head of the righteous way. His son, Ming Xiuyi, has a special identity, and even the Demon Venerable is very interested in him. I am afraid that the little Holy Venerable cannot easily take him away. As long as I want to hook my fingers, someone will give me a bright light. I choked for a while, so I obediently stood aside and kept silent. Gong Wutong carelessly put his fingertips on the jade table while admiring the dance of the succubus.
Knocked three times Ming Xiu Yi Ming Xiu Yi is the son of the head of the Righteous Dao, Mizuki Shuang Linggen is famous in the Three Realms with extraordinary talent Zun Mingji’s ascension failed, and under the sky full of thunder, his soul was scattered, and the proud son of the sky, Ming Xiuyi, didn’t know what happened