With head lowered and body trembling a trace of tears poured out like a flood that broke through the gate especially the ridiculous teasing before

My name is Jinxiu Chapter 1 My name is Jinxiu The breeze blows slowly, bringing the green rice swaying slightly In the water, the insects keep chirping, the sound stops abruptly, a toad hidden in the dark stretches out He licked his disgusting fat lips with his long tongue, and then his small eyes rolled around.
It was obvious that the bug hadn’t been able to fill its fat stomach just now, but the surroundings were quiet, and no bug dared to offend its beard.
It had no choice but to turn around and jump Let’s go, a violent sound rang out, the toad trembled in fright, kicked his hind legs and ran away quickly, and slid on the way, quickly turned his head and looked behind to confirm that no one was there, then twisted his big buttocks and fled in embarrassment Xiu’s face was blank with grief and indignation in his eyes.
For a week, he denied it countless times, but when he woke up the next day, the damn reality made him want to cry.
Well, now he has to face the reality. First of all, he found himself reborn. Jinxiu’s delicate face twitched violently. The low and neatly arranged rural buildings and clean streets around him and the humid climate made him immediately deny that this is a Chinese village, okay? He judged from the white Taiji flag on the flagpole not far away, which made him even more distressed, but you thought it was over for a week, he frantically checked the Internet, and finally our classmate Jin Xiu came up with a fact that almost broke him This is South Korea, that’s right, the country where idols are everywhere and set off a wave of Hallyu, but this world is not what it used to be South Korea is also not normal. The timing is not correct at all.
Some things that happened in the previous life did not happen here, or it happened a little late.
What kind of trouble is this? Xiu rubbed her aching temples and thought she didn’t want to think about it. Now that it’s here, it’s safe for a week.
These acceptable and unacceptable things are poured in in a rough way. It’s useless for me to worry about what has happened and throw it out.
It’s just like water, it’s irreversible.
Only by calming down can we solve the problem. After a sudden calm, Jinxiu suddenly felt that the fact that he was reborn was a bit funny. He himself was a movie buff, and later he applied for Nortel, but he was left behind everywhere in that era of father-fighting. He had no choice but to do it after graduation. When he started acting as a group, his life was a little bit bitter, but he always felt that he was chasing his dream, so he had no regrets, but he forgot that he was not alone.
His beautiful girlfriend was fed up with the ups and downs of life and proposed to break up Jin Xiu He was so sad that he agreed. He knew that his girlfriend had suffered a lot with him and couldn’t bear to keep him. He agreed very happily, and then his heart ached even more. The girlfriend’s request to break up completely woke him up.
He realized that life is not just a dream. Xiu locked himself in the room for three days without eating or drinking. This blow made him grow up completely.
The dream was smashed to pieces. On the last day, he cried and he knew. With these tears, his movie dream came to an end. The next day he got up early, he had to find a job to support himself first, but when he was eating the steamed stuffed bun, a hard object got stuck in his throat, which made him lose his ass.
The sun slowly set and the clouds on the west side of the mountain turned into a fiery red alas Jinxiu bathed in the sunset glow and sighed, secretly thought that everything that should be accepted has been accepted and the introspection is over, it’s time to start a new life, then she got up and patted her buttocks with calm eyes With an inexplicable firmness in his voice, he said from now on, I’m called Jin Xiu. Within two seconds, Jin Xiu’s eyes widened, and a drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.
At some point, a virtual screen appeared in front of the empty space. On the screen was a cathedral.
It should be called a blood-stained church corpse with broken arms and blood flowing into a river. The whole body is in a purgatory on earth.
Jin Xiu’s pupils shrank violently and trembled all over, trying to escape, but her body seemed to be not her own, unable to move, even her voice was stuck in her throat and she couldn’t make a sound. Jinxiu’s face was pale, and his mouth was wide open, desperately wanting to shout, but he could only whimper, hello master of acting, the system was turned on, Jinxiu gasped, and almost had a myocardial infarction. An emotionless voice reminded me of my name again, Jinxiu’s occupation, no age, Zilazila, after a interfering sound, I continued to say that the binding is complete, host Jinxiu, I will let go of your voice, don’t panic, wait until you see Jinxiu nodding desperately Restraining, liberating, Zila, help! Killing, monsters want to eat me, there is silence around me, how can Jinxiu let it go, and continue crying, is there someone? I didn’t see any movement, our classmate Jin Xiu was also embarrassed, ahem, what are you doing? After a while, Jin Xiu has been able to move freely. He also has a little understanding of this system. For our embarrassing performance before, our classmate Jin Xiu Choose decisive amnesia Now Jinxiu’s eyes are glowing green like a hungry wolf, looking expectantly at the screen in front of him and saying, “You really can make me an actor, please correct me, it’s like a master of acting, commonly known as the movie king” My brother is almost drooling. Obviously, this guy has imagined his brilliant acting career in the future. The host will be taught by many film stars, but at the same time, if he fails to meet the standards, he will be punished.
Jin Xiu waved his hands and dragged his chin with golden eyes. Who should I choose to teach me? In this world, there are no such famous actors in Hollywood.
Their special skills will be mine in the future. The system judges as unqualified