With a husband like you if I were a woman I would marry you too Yang Yang get out of here you have too much

What is more terrifying than his wife’s sloppy behavior is that seven years of being indifferent and polite.
Yang Yang didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with his wife, but he always felt that something was wrong.
One day he was reborn, and he wanted to find the answer, only to find that his wife was reborn.
The chapter is earlier than him. Reality is more exciting than fiction. At the end of summer, grasshoppers and crickets in the grass outside the window are constantly chirping. After a day of military training, Yang Yang opened his eyes and was about to close them when he felt something was wrong.
This is not his bedroom, Yang Yang took it.
He opened the cover and put the quilt on his belly. When he touched around him, he couldn’t find his Apple phone. Instead, he found a blue Nokia phone. Yang Yang has forgotten which model it is, but he remembers it clearly.
Father Yang gave it to him the day before he went to high school to communicate with his family. Touching the familiar contacts on the phone, Yang Yang turned on the phone, and it showed the time, year, month, and day. Yang Yang grabbed the phone and felt like he was going crazy.
Go to the balcony to take a breath Yang Yang doesn’t need to be reborn at all, please give the opportunity of rebirth to those who need it. Before rebirth, he had six houses under his name, he could eat and drink without worrying about rent, and he also had a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter to be reborn.
For him, there must be no attraction. If he has any regrets in this life, he and his wife are in the same village, but they got together after a blind date. She is an innocent and lovely girl, but both of them are from different schools in middle school, high school, and university.
No matter what era they are in, a long-distance relationship is not a reliable thing, let alone they just know each other. It is very reluctant to say that they are friends, but they are still married. The two of them got married when they just graduated from university.
At that time, Xu Yan was no longer that innocent and lovely girl, but she had grown into a beautiful and charming girl. Yang Yang didn’t know what Xu Yan went through. His eyes are always staring at a corner in a daze.
This is a girl who has been hurt.
Yang Yang has an irresistible urge from the first time he saw her.
I want to protect her. This urge makes Yang Yang blurt out a sentence, can you marry her? Am I? Xu Yan’s eyes flashed with surprise, she lowered her head and pondered for a long time, then she nodded lightly and agreed to the engagement gold pieces, wedding banquet, bridal chamber wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony, bridal chamber wedding ceremony, Yang Yang and Xu Yan got all the blessings from all relatives and friends after a busy process, Yang Yang is true. I am so happy that he has married such a beautiful wife, but Xu Yan always shows a kind of indifference after being disappointed in life under her gentle smile. Xu Yan also treats Yang Yang in the same way.
She always has an attitude of coping with work, neither hate nor unhappy watching Yang Yang’s eyes always reveal the expression of life that she can only accept, so Yang Yang’s marriage is worthy of the name, the grave of love does not exist, suddenly someone comes to disco, from the beginning of distress to the later helplessness, seven years have passed, they have their own The child’s wife finally had a sincere smile on her face, but it’s a pity that it was for the child, not him Yang Yang stood on the balcony Looking at the waning moon in the sky, while missing her daughter, she also figured out that since she was reborn, she must do something. When she is on vacation, she will find Xu Yan to find out her recent situation.
Yang Yang saw a girl who was also looking at the moon in the corridor.
He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and found that this girl was his future wife Xu Yan. Yang Yang’s school is the branch school of the best key high school in the city.
Among the key high schools, Yunzhong is a key high school without a little moisture, and there is a saying in the city that entering Yunzhong means stepping into a university. Therefore, Yunzhong invested a lot of budget when building a new campus. The new campus is nearly one square kilometer. Running around the perimeter of the campus is a 4,000-meter long-distance race, but because of this, the school has overdrawn a lot of funds and sold the old campus without filling it in. So the principal consulted with a few school managers and decided to use the vacant teaching buildings and dormitory buildings to open again. Yang Yang’s senior high school entrance examination results are usually lucky enough to enter the Yunzhong branch school. Students who are two grades behind him have not passed the score line of other key high schools in the city.
Those who have not passed the score line of other key high schools in the city will not be able to enter the Yunzhong branch school. Several generations of students who want to enter the Yunzhong branch school have to pay 30,000 yuan in stipends. Thirty thousand yuan is equivalent to the annual salary of an ordinary blue-collar. Although it is not a large amount, it is not small.
But the families in the countryside are fairly well-to-do, including Yang Yang. This building where Yang Yang lives is a dormitory in the branch campus, yes, but the female dormitory building opposite is the dormitory of Yunzhong Headquarters. No. 3 Middle School, which is next to the key high school, can’t be in the Yunzhong Campus, but Yang Yang has repeatedly confirmed that the person opposite is looking up at the moon is his future wife, Xu Yan. Are you? The girl suddenly turned her head and saw that it was Yang Yang who quickly turned around and opened the door to go back to her dormitory. What kind of husband and wife sex is she playing? She knows that Yang Yang really treats her well, but she doesn’t feel it, but she doesn’t feel it, and she’s not a teenage girl. The children are all five years old and go to kindergarten.
They have already passed the age of longing for love.
The numbness of those two years is more of guilt towards Yang Yang in the next few years.
If someone else was treated like a stranger by his wife for a few years, he would have divorced long ago, but Yang Yang did not, he has been silently guarding her in his own way. After two years of marriage, Xu Yan took the initiative to invite Yang Yang to conceive their child for the first time. After a month of hard work, when she found out that Xu Yan was pregnant