With a face full of vigilance what the hell do you want to do to me Geng Jiangyue thought about it raised his hand and

Chapter One Irresistible A round of blue moon hangs high above the clouds that seem to be frosted.
In the cold sky, Geng Jiangyue hides in a small tree hole deep in the Black Crow Forest.
But in the game of experience, he was still trembling like a sieve, but even so, he still gritted his teeth and persisted, and even became more excited as time went by, and his eyes glowed because there was a century-old mountain about 10 meters in front of him. Ginseng is about to fully mature.
Since he entered the game this morning, he has never looked away since Geng Jiangyue found out about it. Even if the game system judges him to be negative in his work, he doesn’t care. In the player trading market of the game, as long as you have cash worth at least 1 yuan, it shouldn’t be a problem if you want to exchange a primary skill book directly from a lonely young woman.
The countdown to the wild ginseng marked by him has only seconds left before he knows it. Seeing the beating numbers, Geng Jiangyue wakes up suddenly.
He takes a deep breath and moves his Adam’s apple.
The saliva in the game feels as real and as real as reality. The frequency of the heartbeat is exactly the same as the reality. If it goes faster, there is even the risk of being automatically disconnected by the system.
Like those game companies who dig up and eat boogers, they will never bear the law of negligent death The sudden death of the game has nothing to do with the game company.
God knows where the right of final interpretation belongs.
Anyway, it is definitely not the player or the wage earner who has the final say.
It is Geng Jiangyue, who has always had good grades in school. The countdown to the wild ginseng in front of him was less than ten seconds left.
Geng Jiangyue finally couldn’t sit still. He jumped out of the tree hole in a hurry and ran towards the wild ginseng, but at this moment, there was a sudden rustle around the bushes. Dozens of figures jumped out from all directions like him.
When Geng Jiangyue was shocked, he heard someone yelling “Fuck your mother, don’t move anyone!” I still say that your mother is mine? My father and mother belong to you.
Exchange this root of wild ginseng with you, okay? Severely injured and in a dizzy state, my grandma was hit by flying bricks, and Geng Jiangyue immediately became furious A group of bastards, a group of scavengers holding bricks, folded stools, wrenches, hacked each other into a ball, Geng Jiangyue squatted forward while hacking and hacking, and his graceful movement made him deftly avoid one after another stupid fork who only knew how to run in a straight line. Seeing that the wild ginseng was only half a meter away from his hand, suddenly a tender little hand came out from the slanted stab and grabbed the wild ginseng Geng Jiangyue before Geng Jiangyue His arms were empty and stiff in the night. He looked at the kid in astonishment, his eyes collapsed for two seconds, and then he couldn’t help roaring madly.
Are you pretty? Have you graduated from elementary school? Let’s play games. Do you think I was expelled from school for my math test scores? Is it okay to be an idiot? I can’t help it. Geng Jiangyue can’t help but spit out Fragrant. Just before he scolded a few words, he received a letter from the character panel. The game system kindly greets you, dear player During the game, you used inappropriate words for registered underage users.
You will be banned from this notification.
I wish you a happy game. I wish you a happy game.
I wish you a happy family.
The wild ginseng was stolen. When Geng Jiangyue lost his voice, someone in the crowd finally realized it after all Why do I have so much poverty in my day? There are so many people robbing you of a single wild ginseng. I don’t want to force you to rob me. I just like to laugh at myself. It’s all about your meagerness. I’ve ordered it and I still have to cook for my wife. You are so poor and have a hairy wife, you can’t even buy a cup of Kung Fu for more than ten minutes.
The crowd scolds and disperses.
A corner of the originally lively Black Crow Forest has returned to its previous loneliness. Geng Jiangyue is at a loss.
Sitting on the spot, his mind was buzzing.
He looked up at the blue moon restored in reality, and his heart was filled with endless loss and helplessness, and it seemed like this often.
With an irresistible slap, he recalled two months ago that he was still preparing for the college entrance examination for four consecutive semesters, and he was the first place in the Xuanke class of the third senior high school in Sea Lion City.
Even if such a seed player can’t get into Dongdu University, it’s easy to get into Haishi University. In fact, even if he doesn’t take the college entrance examination, the school has already planned to recommend him, but who would have expected that his spiritual power test result is only a little bit? It means that he cannot participate in any subjects other than theory. According to the regulations of the South Central Subcontinental Union, a mentally handicapped man like him is not eligible to go to university, nor can he apply for any public office.
You know, even if his spiritual value is a little bit good or bad, it is still worth it. You can use your academic performance to be a dung digger and eat a mouthful of public food.
Alas, what kind of world is it that a handsome boy like me is recognized as a third-degree disabled and even issued a disability certificate to me? I think it’s a subsidy, Geng Jiangyue murmured in his heart, but this is a bit wronged by the government, Sea Lion City actually gave him a subsidy