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Identity Viper School Demon Hunter Demon Hunter School Demon Hunter Wolf School Honorary Member of Lake Vizima Knight Demon Hunter Brotherhood Member of Life Green Grass Trial Magic Power Green Grass Trial Attribute Strength Agility Physical Perception Will Charm Spirit Skills Slaughter Bloody Breath Enter Enemy creatures attacking within a meter range around you have a 100% chance of being locked in by the aura of killing. If the will attribute is not higher than yours, you will temporarily lose control of your body for a maximum of seconds. Your damage to hunted creatures will be permanently increased by 100%. Deterrence Actively releases the breath of killing, deters a single or all targets within 10 meters and makes a mandatory will check. If their will is not higher than yours, they will lose control at most seconds. Cooling time is minutes. Upgrade observation, your perception far exceeds that of ordinary people, evolve a new sense, and you can obtain the basic information of the target through a special observation method Perception bonus Meditation is the practice of the body and mind.
Adjust the body and mind through meditation to speed up the recovery of injuries, mana and physical energy, while slowly improving the physique and improving the affinity for chaotic energy.
Note that every time this skill is improved, the physical and mental attributes will be permanently enhanced.
Added that you are already quite familiar with meditation and start to get in touch with its essence.
During meditation, your body will automatically absorb and store the essence of water elements in the surrounding environment. Get a chance to activate once for a full round of meditation hours.
After using it, you will quickly recover 100% Thirty-forty mana and life This effect heals minor injuries Mitigates moderate injuries Note Activation does not stack and disappears automatically within a day How to use hand crossbows and crossbows When you use similar weapons, your shooting accuracy, effective range, power and penetration will both gain a 10% bonus. You can actively activate this ability to double the shooting bonus effect, but the physical energy consumption will also double. Double and your own movement speed is halved. This state lasts for at least a second. Longsword specialization, under the careful guidance of the witcher master, after a month of hard training, you have mastered the basics of longsword swordsmanship. When using longswords, half-swords and other weapons Strength, agility, and physique attributes will get a 50% bonus, allowing you to parry, block, dodge, and attack more quickly and accurately in melee combat.
You can actively activate this ability.
The bonus effect is doubled, but the physical energy consumption is also doubled. This state Lasts at least 2 seconds Alchemy is a manufacturing technology that includes sword oil, potion, decoction, special poison, magic bomb, etc. You are still a beginner at the moment, and currently master the potion of marigold, paralyzing poison, swallow Pai Cui’s potion, thunder meditation Potions of energy Potions of various potions for cough, flu, fever, acid flooding, indigestion, rash The perception of mutations is uniquely strengthened.
The five senses and intuition have a linkage effect.
You can see smells and sounds and track traces that are difficult for ordinary people to detect. The skill effect is determined by the perception attribute and level. You can improve your skills through training. Teach you to master the six basic seals Aldeyak Xiqun Yaden Heliotrop Igni Originally, a cone-shaped flame burns the target from the palm of the palm Igni Rage Added You can now add two The target within ten meters fires a rage. The rage will automatically track the target you hate.
The rage will explode as soon as it touches the target, and will have a chain effect with the fire element in the nearby space to further enhance the explosion impact and flame temperature. Enjoy the spirit and seal level bonus.
The power of the seal is related to the spirit and skill level.
The elegance of the wind is passively solidified. The blood of the Ayre tribe is gifted.
The oldest bloodline of the Aiir family, those who inherit this bloodline have all kinds of incredible powers, but your bloodline is extremely thin, only has a small part of immature abilities, and is uncontrollable. The green grass trial is passively solidified. You have endured inhuman torture and passed through hormones. Catalytic virus infection, green grass decoction induced mutation, immune system has been modified to be extremely powerful, immune to most plague diseases, enough to resist the poison that kills ordinary people, has eyes that are more adaptable to darkness, your attributes get explosive growth, life limit is permanently increased, magic power is unlocked and the magic power limit is unlocked Upgrade to the professional demon hunter stage, intermediate demon hunter, and meet the conditions. Drink the second green herbal decoction of the non-snake faction. Flying lion monsters hunt and kill magic creatures with higher or stronger individual attributes.
The projection of the fallen murloc priest. Ghoul Yoggon Azajavid Ghoul Batwing Gain Common Grade Mutation Trigger Ghoul Common Grade Crab Spider Mutation Trigger Drowning Water Ghost Batwing Devil Mutation Trigger Werewolf Mutation Trigger Phorgas Demon’s Mutation The inducer Wodnik the Cyclops is a high-level achievement condition. Drink the remaining four kinds of herbal decoctions. Hunt and kill the magic creature Katakan petrified cockatrice with a single attribute exceeding the level. Obtain a large mutation inducer Katakan petrified cockatrice. Inject the demon hunter The six schools were originally a family of recipes that you need to constantly fill in the gaps. The main attribute of Viper’s occupational characteristics is locked to Will.
Every time you upgrade the level, you don’t need to consume attribute points. Will will be upgraded to a high-level bound weapon.
Sang Mu Jin Ma magic features heavy bow length meters pull force pounds effective range meters enchanting simplification