Will the people in the team Linghu gang meet tomorrow night Li Renzais fingers paused on the keyboard Ye Rensheng knocked out although he didnt

Ye Rensheng must be the saddest master in history who accepts an apprentice who pulls him even more than him Well, now that you’ve confirmed your intentions, let’s work hard, Sheng Niu, but when she finally succeeded, where did those women spring up like mushrooms after a spring rain? Hey, she was standing in the middle of the ring at that time, majestic and majestic! Men just step over my sister’s corpse. A word without panting.
The copywriting tells the story of a tough girl who pretends not to be tough in the game for happiness and becomes even tougher, and finally abducts a beautiful boy as an apprentice. Because it is a game, this story Destined to be a life-threatening love, the publication stopped and the update was over, jumping into the pit must be cautious. The classmates finally resurrected.
I first consciously put a lid on the pot because I have dragged the pit for too long. I have no face to face everyone. Last year, I signed a contract with one company. After various problems, I terminated the contract. After a long time, I signed another company.
Changed the plot, deleted the number of words, re-polished, etc.
Many things were just finalized on August 29th, and the publication is finally coming soon.
Forgive me for dragging on for so long.
I’m really sorry. As for the Xinwen group, they know that they have sinned deeply, and wait until half of it is written before posting it with a full-fledged old saying.
In order to tell everyone that brother Sheng officially changed his name to Naihe, believe me, I feel the same as Nai when I see this name. It hurts to edit the editor to tears to my brother Sheng, just such a content label. The Proud Son of Heaven, City Love, the protagonist, Sheng Sheng, and Li, the supporting role, Kao Linghu, Yun Sheng Hailou, other online game cups, the only daughter of the Ye family, Ye Rensheng, is 1.75 meters long, about 1 foot wide, and has a strong and heroic figure. Children’s invincible hand, from the age of seven, met a male classmate walking around on the road Because she broke the poor girl’s only stationery box on the front table, the two of them fought hand to hand and pulled out a piece of her hair, causing the female hooligan to be hospitalized. Ye’s father paid a thousand yuan. At the age of fifteen, he became interested in taekwondo and then found that karate is also good, so he played Sanda.
Judo and muay thai were out of control. Sixteen years old was ridiculed by an annoying male classmate for his dark skin, so he picked up ink and poured ink on his head and face.
From then on, there will always be a poop-like mark on the school uniform of the male student. Eighteen-year-old nicknamed Ye Si Ji began to think of spring at the age of nineteen, but unfortunately his sturdy attributes have long been famous in the world. Suddenly, looking back at the green years, there is nothing but rows of small martial arts awards on the wall. Only tears run to the wrist.
Twenty-year-old is very empty. Let’s just play a game for entertainment, but Ye Rensheng looks very badass right now. She leans on her chin and lazily stares at the screen. She scrolls through the friends column over and over again. A certain name is still gray.
What should she do? can’t get excited To Master Kong Zang, I’ll be in the city at noon tomorrow. The restaurant of Master Kong Zang is already booked.
Don’t save me money. The stinky fart emoji gang duo duo. Hemorrhage, gangster Fairy, woo, Zilan Gate is a little far away from my house, gang tiger body, I’m not afraid of my brother to send you home I still want to skip class and gang Fairy Piao. My mother will scold me to death when I go back late. My gang Doduo just said it’s time to come to my house. It’s okay.
Let my brother drive you back. Shengsheng is not here About this gang gathering Ye Rensheng already expressed his opinion yesterday, but Gu Feiyang is not online at this time Seeing her asking about it, he typed out a line of small characters Gang Shengsheng people I unfortunately have something to do and I won’t be going tomorrow night You guys have fun Hey hey fangs facial expression gang Gu Feiyang tears running facial expression gang Kong Zang mage Sheng Sheng you are too much gang lower abdomen I don’t dare to come gang Chrysanthemum I’m afraid we find out she’s actually brother Sheng Ye Rensheng twitches her eyebrow She has been keeping a low profile in adding blood, but it is difficult to cover up the fact that her precise movements are coquettish and suspected of being a shemale. She just wanted to say something to tease and go back to the lower left corner of the system.
Suddenly, a ding sound reminded your apprentice Linghu to go online. Ye Rensheng immediately felt like a chicken blood.
Sitting straight and whispering, you whisper to Linghu, apprentice, Linghu says to you, yes, there is only one word, Ye Rensheng’s expression looks extremely hungry, because apprentice Mao is more than a master like her, another window pops up on the screen Linghu Inviting you to join the team Ye Rensheng gladly chose to accept I was still thinking about where to go to hunt monsters tonight, but it was rare for Linghu to take the initiative to ask a word. Will the people in the team Linghu gang meet tomorrow night? Li Renzai’s fingers paused on the keyboard Ye Rensheng knocked out although he didn’t have any hope Ye Rensheng took control of the screen The Yuqing woman on the Internet sat down, stood up, stood up and sat down again, as if she didn’t know what she wanted to do Team Linghu might do it Team Linghu just happened to be going to the city tomorrow There was a bang and thunder flashed on Ye Rensheng’s head Thought her apprentice was cold He said very little, he was definitely not interested in meeting players, but he said he was coming to the city tomorrow, Ye Rensheng trembled, the team Sheng Sheng Liren, Master, had to take a step ahead of time, and then he left the team and returned to the city in an instant without waiting for Linghu’s answer, click on the system opt out offline