Will be by your side and guard you Fang Hero Li Yas face twitches and twitches Eyelids are also shaking nonstop She feels that she

Fang Yan was originally a descendant of a Tai Chi family. Because he could not bear the violent bullying of a savage woman, he ran away from his family and abandoned his martial arts. Congwen became a high school Chinese teacher in a private school, and thus a legendary teacher was born.
The wind is bleak and the atmosphere is chilling. In the classical and solemn Fang Family Yanwu Hall, the two factions stand facing each other.
A young girl in a black dress stands in the middle of the hall, with her proud head raised, she glances coldly at the group of men, women, old and young, and speaks arrogantly. Yan asked Fang Yan to come out to challenge the child, who was washing and dressing, and soon came out a middle-aged man with an elegant face and replied, his brows were slightly wrinkled, he was very displeased with the aggressive attitude of the girl in front of him, he was Fang Tai Chi Fang Yixing, the heir of Fang Yixing, because he likes poetry and painting, he doesn’t seem to have the heroic spirit of a martial arts practitioner. Instead, he looks a bit refined and elegant.
Xing’s expression was embarrassing, but he failed to inherit the martial arts-loving nature of the Fang family’s ancestors, and the pedantic heaven and man couldn’t scold this girl to death. A sulking breath stuck in his chest made him feel extremely uncomfortable. Brother Fang Yan will come out soon, and he will definitely give it to her. You look at a little boy with a thick head and a tiger head.
He waved his fist vigorously and said in a bad voice. The little guy just finished speaking.
A group of people burst into laughter. When will Fang Yan beat Ye Wenrou? When did Fang Yan win against our family Wenrou was beaten for the first time, his head was broken and blood flowed for more than ten days, right? Wenrou is the once-in-a-century martial arts genius of the Ye family. His left leg was discounted for the second time and he was beaten for the third time.
Lost two front teeth, let’s say it’s the last time. Was beaten gently by our family and lay down on the ground pretending to be dead. Oh, what a ridiculous look! The long-tongued kid Fang Yixing looked embarrassed and pointed at the Ye family’s men who mocked his son and scolded the long-tongued kid! One time, he wanted to argue for his son, but what he said was the truth, Ye Wenrou waved his hand straightforwardly and said that it would be useless to talk too much, let Fang Yan come out to compete, he is not a long-tongued kid, so he will see the truth under his hands, Fang Yixing turns around He looked at his wife and said, go and call Fang Yan out to me. The men of our Fang family would rather die in battle than bear such humiliation If you have something to say, Fang Yixing dislikes his family members and servants in a panic. He has no calm manner. The young master ran away.
The young disciple said with a mournful face. I don’t know the little disciple said that the young master left a letter, quickly open it, it’s not for the master, it’s for Miss Ye Fang Yixing feels that his whole body is not good, is this son his own? After a while, he sneered and gave the letter to my little disciple, who dared not disobey this violent woman, quickly handed over the letter in his hand, Ye Wenrou opened the letter paper and found that there was only a doggerel-like message in it.
Good dog, don’t get in the way, I’m leaving, I won’t see you again Fang Yanye’s eyes are full of murderous intent Put your palms together and rub the plain and elegant letter paper, it will turn into a puff of green smoke Let you escape to the ends of the world, I will also smash your bones to ashes Suzaku Middle School, the best private senior high school in Huacheng, Fang Yan, stood at the gate of the school, looking at the young girls in white shirts, plaid short skirts, bouncing around, full of youthful spirit, walking past him, taking a deep breath of fragrant breath. The air said to himself intoxicated, I firmly believe that the student girl who wears a white translucent shirt with black looming is the sexiest goddess.
A touch of ferocity and tenderness, you bloody dominatrix, I’m afraid you’ll never think that I’ll be a teacher at school, right? If you want to beat me, there’s no way. I’m the kind of poor, cowardly, no-dignity man who just gets beaten up casually.
Ask me.
Fang Yan felt inexplicably sad for this question that no one needed to answer.
At least once a year, he would beat up that savage woman Ye Wenrou, just like a cat eating fish, dogs and meat. Ultraman wants to beat a little monster. He took out a pair of black-rimmed glasses from his left pocket, put them on, took out a small mirror from his right pocket, looked at his facial features and hairstyle, made sure there were no unknown objects in the corners of his eyes, and couldn’t help but praise that he was a fat middle-aged man. The young man trotted over, passed by Fang Yan’s side, and quickly retreated like a ball. He looked at Fang Yan suspiciously and asked, are you Teacher Fang Yan? Tell him to come pick up a new teacher? Why is such a young and a little too much guy? If he stands on the podium and lectures, it will embarrass the students who are sitting under the podium with slightly mature faces.
You are older than the teacher. Oh, will this sentence become the most vicious verbal attack in Suzaku Middle School? If it is fake, it will be replaced. Fang Yan smiled and said, I am the director of the principal’s office, Zheng Jing. After the possibility of a prank, raised his heavy head and said, the principal has asked the vice principal, Fang Yan looked at this bright, spacious but elegantly decorated office, and confirmed two things in his heart. First, Suzaku Middle School is very rich. Chang Hao’s second vice-principal in charge of personnel establishment is a woman. The vice-principal is not there.
The fat man who brought him in poured him a cup of tea and left in a hurry, leaving him alone in the vacant room. Before the vice-principal who wanted to see him was nowhere to be seen, he stood up, stretched himself, and walked around the office to look around quickly.