Why the hell do you have the face to come back and tell me that everything was fake Said Luo Liu Song Rong they all

Xia Yang was reborn and returned to that intersection that could change his life.
He wanted to use another way to repay Jiang Dongsheng’s kindness to him, but he never thought that the two met four years earlier than in the previous life. A little heart is so clear, but he, Xia Yang, is warmed by him even if he is a stone His eyes are locked in an attic.
He doesn’t know where he is, but the only thing he can be sure of is that the building is very high.
In this dark and narrow attic, he can even clearly hear the whistling wind outside. Winter in the north is always very cold. It’s amazing that Xia Yang has been raised by Jiang Dongsheng for so many years, but he has become tender and tender. After a night of cold, he felt a little dizzy. He was still wearing black veils on his arms.
Jiang Dongsheng’s possession of him is surprisingly strong. Every time he goes out, he can’t wait to surround him on the third floor and the outer three floors, let alone touch him. The person approached and took off the black cloth covering Xia Yang’s eyes. The sudden cold wind and glaring light made Xia Yang, who had been in the dark for two days and one night, squint his eyes, but after seeing the person clearly, he couldn’t help but shout out. The person in front of Chen Shuqing is none other than Xia Yang’s friend from the same village, Chen Shuqing.
His pale face is not much better than Xia Yang’s. Chen Shuqing obviously didn’t expect Xia Yang to be tied up in such a place.
The original gentle scholar’s face is now more panic-stricken.
Xia Xiayang, I didn’t mean it. Jiang Yian said he just wanted to meet you. He’s Jiang Dongsheng’s brother.
I thought they wouldn’t do this.
Someone outside sneered, then walked in and stood beside Chen Shuqing, showing a picture similar to Jiang Dongsheng.
Jiang Yian looked contemptuously at Xia Yangdao who bound his hands and feet and threw him on the ground, why didn’t he think of that? It’s thanks to you, my friend, that I can get you so easily. Coming here, Xia Yang pursed his lips for two days without a drop of water, and his lips were cracked. Jiang Yi’an sneered, I never thought that my bastard brother would give everything out for you now, how long has it been since you went back? Close my eyes, I really didn’t expect that a man like you could let him give up all the land in Nanyuan.
Ha Xiayang looked up at Jiang Yi’an. He also heard a little bit about the Jiang family’s fight for property. Jiang Dongsheng wanted to hide it from him. But Xia Yang can’t hide it from his ears, but Xia Yang never thought that one day he would be involved in this contention, or he never thought that he still has such weight in Jiang Dongsheng’s heart. Jiang Yi’an seemed to be watching a dead Looking at Xia Yang like a dog, he is obviously in a good mood.
The shame of being defeated by Jiang Dongsheng many times seems to have been washed away.
He looked at Chen Shuqing and then at Xia Yang. Seeing their quiet faces, the smile on the corner of his mouth became stronger.
I heard that you were with Chen at the beginning.
The professor still passed the exam in a small town They are all from my hometown, Professor Chen, why don’t you stay and chat with Xia Yang? He leaned forward and tied the black cloth tightly in front of Xia Yang’s eyes.
The heat almost sprayed on Xia Yang’s face.
Xia Yang turned his head and struggled, but was pinched by Jiang Yi’an. Chin snorted, Professor Chen don’t have to worry about being drugged by me, now he has no strength and can’t resist, you can do whatever you want, these words are ambiguous and disgusting, Xia Yang’s stomach tightened for a while and he almost spit it out, but he has no strength at all Nothing but listening to Jiang Yi’an leaving in the dark, closing the iron door firmly, what does it feel like to be betrayed by someone who has been with him for many years? His face was burning with a fire in his heart.
He thought he treated Chen Shuqing well, but he didn’t expect to end up in today’s end.
Chen Shuqing adjusted his glasses and tried his best to maintain the indifference on his face, but those eyes did not dare to look around Xia Yang except for breathing.
There was no other sound, Chen Shuqing seemed to be struggling for a long time, and finally opened his mouth, Xia Yang, you and Jiang Dongsheng have been together for a long time, right? The answer to him was still silent.
The tone said how long have you been taken care of by him? Jiang Dongsheng gave you the money you lent me back then. The words were mixed with a little sadness and unwillingness. At the end, he gritted his teeth and said, I will return all the money to you, and you should get rid of Jiang Dongsheng as soon as possible. A scum who is easy to sell himself with money, dirty Xia Yang wants to laugh, just this one sentence of selling his body for money will ruin his friendship for many years.
He once imagined how his friends would react if they knew his relationship with Jiang Dongsheng, but now they are close Hearing it hurts even more.
He knows that Chen Shuqing is a natural softie, cowardly, timid, and afraid of right and wrong, but he has always regarded him as a friend.
They grew up together, but they never thought that one day they would be questioned by their friends in such trembling voices. He followed Jiang Dongsheng.
If there was no money, how could he and Chen Shuqing complete their studies in this huge capital? After all, the man is protected in the ivory tower. It’s so good. Xia Yang’s face turned cold and he tried his best to straighten his back. His tone became cold and alienated. You don’t need to worry about the matter between me and Jiang Dongsheng. You’re really with him, you’re serious Xia Yang didn’t bother to talk to him, but only sneered at the corner of his lips. Chen Shuqing walked a few steps closer and saw Xia Yang shrinking back to avoid him. His cheeks were caressed, his throat suddenly felt a little tight, but he only dared to touch the black cloth, and dared not do anything more Xia Yang