Why should there be such a domineering younger brother and two such domineering thugs This kid is still caught in a net Somehow he woke

Source 80 e-book uploaded in Xiuzhentang time word count, Mr. You are dressed so coquettishly, is it possible that you are going to have sex with a woman again? Cough, lady, some scholars say that is called fishing, but my yard is too small to accommodate so many beauties, okay? Student Zhao Gou lent me your palace to live in. Xu Zizhen said that the world is in hand and I have beautiful women.
This is a light-hearted and funny non-harem novel with gold and iron horses to fight the world.
Oh, that non-word can be ignored Chapter 1 is kidnapped Nanke, a dream, wakes up from cold and summer, and doesn’t know where he is. In front of him is a vast, clear lake.
The sky is as blue as a wash.
In the distance, there are occasional sailing boats.
Behind him, there are rice fields like golden waves. At the end of several field paths, there is a small village. The low thatched house is separated by a sparse fence. This place is as beautiful as a picture scroll, but Xu Zizhen has no interest in admiring it. Why don’t you just play bungee jumping? Why do you fall off and go straight across? Many young people dream about going through a place all day long. But he doesn’t care about the ancient times, there is no Internet, no car, and he has to untie his belt to pee.
The more he thinks about it, the more depressed he is. So he sat down by a tree by the side of the road, hungry and tired, and his eyelids began to open slowly. Not long after he got up, he fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly, in a daze, a big hand held a half-wet handkerchief and covered his mouth and nose.
The handkerchief still carried a strange fragrance. Xu Zizhen woke up suddenly.
Holding his breath, he knows that the news has reported many times that robbers spray drug on handkerchiefs and cover people’s faces when people are not prepared. Even a cow will faint. Men Qing didn’t know what to say, Xu Zizhen clenched his fists secretly, intending to give the thief a surprise, but he didn’t expect that the person suddenly carried him on his shoulders and strode away. Xu Zizhen, who was a trafficker, was stunned for a moment and immediately relaxed all over his body. He pretended to be in a coma without moving. He has always been courageous. Now he has made up his mind to go to the den of thieves to see whether he guessed right or not. He can find something to eat.
After walking for a long time, the thief turned into a courtyard.
The courtyard wall is made of red mud bricks.
The brick-built house is also several connected tile-roofed houses.
Xu Zizhen opened his eyes slightly and saw two men in the yard, one of them was short and full of flesh, and the other was carrying a woman on his shoulders, who seemed motionless.
Dazed, the thief who was carrying him bent over and greeted Xiao Hei, um, the short figure nodded, came over and held up Xu Zizhen’s chin, looked at his face, but his chest is a little small, let’s take it in first, now it’s dark, and then tomorrow Live it Xu Zizhen gritted his teeth secretly. His appearance is really good. Big eyes, double eyelids, straight nose bridge, red lips and white teeth.
When he was in school, he was nicknamed Xu Meiren, but later on, no one dared to call him that because of him.
In addition to being beautiful, he can also beat anyone who dared to call him a beauty.
From the conversation between the two, he confirmed that this should be a gang that kidnaps women, but he can’t blame the boy who carried him for being blind because he is now. Dress like a standard female upper body Wearing an emerald green gown with wide sleeves and a slanted skirt, and a long water green dress that hangs down to the instep, it is now autumn, and the mosquitoes are ready to eat the poison of the winter, so he specially wrapped a scarf around his head to prevent the red top He also embroidered a few bright red flowers. When he woke up, he found that he was naked. He didn’t know if he was washed away by the current or what. He couldn’t walk with his bare buttocks, so he ran to the yard of a nearby family and passed by. At the time, I was in a hurry and didn’t look at it carefully.
I brought along a whole set of women’s clothes, but before I had time to steal another set and put it on, I ran into this robber who robbed me.
The other thief also threw the woman on his shoulder.
I gave it to him and brought this in too. Well, the thief responded and walked in.
The little black brother and the man went into the main room and drank. It was covered with thick straw and didn’t feel any pain at all. The thief turned around and threw the other woman on the ground, but suddenly turned away from the woman’s face with a huh, looked at her with a smile, and said, “Good stuff, take advantage of the time.
” Brother Zao gave you a body check and said, leaning over to untie the woman’s lapel Xu Zizhen, seeing no one around, couldn’t wait to think about it The thief didn’t expect the horizontal bar to fly from behind, and he fell to the ground without humming.
Xu Zizhen kicked him away, helped the woman aside, pinched him down, and the woman woke up slowly with a cry. This woman has a snow-white face with melon seeds, eyes are clear and pure, and her cherry mouth is so red that it makes people feel an urge to take a bite.
Xu Zizhen’s heart skips a beat.
This kind of natural beauty was almost invisible to him at that time.
I just heard the little black brother outside the door laughing and scolding, this kid is not interested, you go and see the dick who let him control him, these bitches are not easy to find, just rub a few times and get over the addiction, that girl just woke up Xu Zizhen hurriedly raised his index finger to her and hid behind the door with a booing sound. At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps outside the door.
Another thief came in. Just showing his head, Xu Zizhen took advantage of his unpreparedness.
Press the back of his head and forcefully pull down his right foot and knee, and at the same time, he slammed into his face hard, with a crisp sound of bones breaking, the man fell to the ground with a scream, his nose was broken, his face was bloody, his eyes were dizzy after turning over Xu Zizhen scolded secretly in his heart, he planned to sneak out to give that little black brother a sneak attack, but this would definitely startle him, so he had to fight hard. The sound of footsteps was followed by the slam of the door and he was kicked open. Xu Zizhen’s heart shuddered and he quickly stepped back a few steps.