Why Maybe he’s not dead Could it be that this kid is really a member of the Tang Sect and his ability to detoxify is

Although many boys have already watched blockbuster movies from island countries or Europe and the United States in private, they are basically done in a sneaky situation, and this kind of situation where dozens of people watch movies at the same time and are accompanied by girls in the same class It’s definitely a first-of-its-kind experience. It’s April in Fangfei, but the sunshine in Xiayang City has always been abundant.
It feels like summer.
In order to ensure the viewing effect, the curtains have been drawn.
There is a lack of air flow. The classroom is a bit stuffy, although the head is still there. There are three old antique ceiling fans, but the rotation speed of the old donkey grinder is obviously difficult to achieve the effect of heat dissipation. After watching the movie, Qin Lang was already sweating profusely.
Qin Lang just transferred to this national key high school this morning. Unexpectedly, the first class was unexpectedly Yes, just watch the educational film. Females of many species release a chemical smell called pheromones to attract their mates. The smell is used to induce specific behaviors in the opposite sex. Pheromones are often secreted by internal glands or mixed with other fluids such as Sweat Sweat Hearing the information about pheromones being interpreted in the video, Qin Lang couldn’t help but shook his head. He felt that sweat would only release sweaty smell but not fragrance. This has been absolutely proven in the male dormitory.
The girl who arrived was not a human but a musk deer, but at this moment, two strange fragrances floated into Qin Lang’s nostrils.
These two fragrances were like small stones thrown into a still pool of water, making Qin Lang’s mood suddenly rippling. Thanks to the careful cultivation of the old poison, Qin Lang’s sense of smell is quite keen now, so the woman who smells the fragrance quickly found the source of one of the fragrances.
This fragrance is rich and full of mature charm, but not vulgar Daiya is like the peach blossoms in the mountain temple in April. The peach blossoms in the mountain temple are in full bloom. Although the peach blossoms in the mountain temple are also peach blossoms, they are gorgeous and not vulgar.
It is amazing, and soon Qin Lang locked the source of this fragrance with his eyes, and then his heart He jumped suddenly because the source of this fragrance turned out to be his new biology teacher Tao Ruoxiang.
Before he came to No.
7 Middle School, Qin Lang had already heard of Tao Ruoxiang’s name. Tao Li, who only came to teach in No.
7 Middle School this year, was praised as the hottest female teacher in No. 7 Middle School and even the entire Xiayang City as soon as she appeared.
She instantly killed all the junior middle school to senior middle school students in No. 7 Middle School. She is really the shadow of a famous tree. The moment he saw Tao Ruoxiang, Qin Lang felt that his dry heart and eyes were nourished like never before, as if he had sensed the call of the goddess of spring. It seems that beautiful women can not only raise the eyes, but also nourish the heart.
At this time, Tao Ruoxiang was standing on Qin Lang’s left hand, leaning gently on the On the edge of the window sill, one foot is slightly curled up, kicking on the edge of the wall, taking advantage of the breeze coming in from the edge of the window to enjoy the coolness. This posture is very casual and even a bit lazy, but it still gives people a very charming feeling.
She is dressed in dark gray.
The suit and skirt are the work clothes of the No.
7 middle school teacher. They should look strict and dull, but because of her plump breasts and hips, slender waist and trim The long legs make this dull overalls into a sexy and enchanting uniform.
Tao Ruoxiang seems to be very hot.
Her cheeks and neck are already covered with fine beads of sweat.
These beads of sweat eventually converge into a small stream from which she flows.
It flows next to her slightly upturned red lips, then flows through the pointed chin and smooth pink neck, and finally converges into a mysterious, deep and beautiful ravine on her chest.
In the ravine, a dark green tattoo can be seen faintly.
Thinking of Mr. Tao, who is elegant and confident to subdue Yujie Fan, he also has a rebellious side.
Qin Lang felt that he was inexplicably hot. Just when he was distracted, something unexpected happened. He flew towards Tao Ruoxiang without hesitation. What’s more hateful is that the destination of this mosquito turned out to be Tao Ruoxiang’s chest. Qin Lang couldn’t help but cursed in his heart. But it is really brave and bold.
You must know that Tao Ruoxiang’s chest can be described as towering peaks, deep ravines and steep terrain.
If you want to land here, you must have superb flying skills.
Otherwise, as long as Tao Ruoxiang’s twin peaks tremble Squeezed into a meat sauce, the colored mosquito landed successfully.
Qin Lang was in a hurry. Before Qin Lang himself succeeded, Tao Ruoxiang’s forbidden place allowed others to touch even a single mosquito. On the other hand, Qin Lang clearly knew that the scientific name of this mosquito with black background and white spots The Aedes mosquito is also known as the Asian tiger mosquito because of its strong desire to attack. Although it is small in size, it is surprisingly poisonous, but if it bites lightly, it will leave a red bump the size of a finger. If it is severe, it will form blisters and pustules. This small thing is still a master at spreading viruses.
Potentially transmitting diseases such as Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, and dengue fever, this Asian tiger mosquito is not only a master of flying but also apparently adept at collecting blood and flowers. It found the best landing spot between the two peaks with ease and near noise Buried its head in the ditch, then shook its beak deftly to start its obscene blood collection work. Qin Lang realized that he had to stop this gnat just as the gnat pierced its beak. The moment he saw the skin on Tao Ruoxiang’s chest, a light flashed in Qin Lang’s mind.
He remembered the cup of cold drink he had brought into the classroom before class.
He hurriedly buried his head in the motion of drinking water, but secretly touched the straw with his fingers, and suddenly a few drops of cold water condensed on the straw. It bounced to Tao Ruoxiang’s chest, two of which fell on the white and tender skin of Tao Ruoxiang’s chest accurately. was shaken off and quickly drowned it in a stormy sea