Why listening to Ye Wushuang Yan Chiju smiled and shook her head clasped her hands together and whispered Said Amitabha Buddha the poor monk has

Chapter 1 Mrs. Leng, the son-in-law of the Leng family, we have done our best. In a dimly lit room, a white-haired old man sighed helplessly and said that Mr. Ye has been deeply poisoned. Let’s bury it, I know that there is a sound of nature in the room, but it does not have the slightest emotion Just because of this dusty temperament, Hua has attracted so many men.
It was not until the old man left that he looked at the sick bed as cold as frost. Lying on the bed was a young man in his early twenties. His face was pale, but his lips were black and purple, obviously a sign of poisoning, and the dark and strong dead air lingered on the young man’s forehead, it was obvious that he was already dead.
It can be regarded as the name of husband and wife, but now that you are dead, I can’t even shed a single tear Rushuang’s expression was complex, relieved and heavy.
After all, she didn’t take another look at Ye Wushuang who was on the bed, turned around and left and disappeared into the room.
What no one knew was that when Leng Rushuang left, the half-dead girl who was lying on the bed was lying on the bed.
Ye Wushuang suddenly moved. His mind, which had been dazed due to the high fever, also woke up at this moment. Why is it so strange that I was killed by Huang Wuji in the Qianlong Palace and died on the spot? Why did he appear here? His name is Ye Wushuang.
He was originally a respected and prominent teacher of the Tianxuan Dynasty. He has taught many apprentices in his life, but the most proud one is the eighth prince, who is the future emperor.
Huang Wuji Huang Wuji is extremely talented, whether it is alchemy He was able to master martial arts in the shortest time, which is Ye Wushuang’s most optimistic and valued genius, but what Ye Wushuang never imagined was that the apprentice he had carefully trained would become a white wild wolf Ye Wushuang who killed teachers and ancestors Wushuang still remembers that day in the Qianlong Palace where the dark clouds were covered and Huang Taiji in a dragon robe walked towards him step by step with a sharp knife in his hand. The gentle and polite apprentice in the past suddenly became hideous and terrifying.
Teacher, don’t blame me, I will definitely become a monarch who will be astonishing in the past and present. As such a person, there must be no stains on him, and your existence is the biggest stain on me. Absolutely can’t be trained by a commoner, it will insult the identity of the royal family, the teacher is taught by you, as the emperor, you must be ruthless and merciless, if you don’t know how to control the officials, how to rule the world teacher, these are all taught by you For the sake of our country and the stability of our ancestors, Teacher Wannian Sheji, you can rest in peace forever in this Qianlong Palace, bang punch Hitting heavily on the bed, Ye Wushuang’s eyes were already blood red Huang Wuji, my good emperor, you never thought that as a teacher, not only did you not die, but you are still alive, right? But you are able to do such a beastly act of killing a teacher? It’s still a long time.
We will have a chance to play slowly. What happened to Ye Wushuang, the son-in-law of Leng’s family in Qingshan County five thousand years later? In my memory, he is still called Ye Wushuang, but his identity has changed drastically, and the era he is in now has been postponed for five thousand years. He is no longer that dignified emperor, but has become Leng of Qingshan County. The son-in-law of the family, the Leng family is a famous family in Qingshan County, with a great reputation, but it is a coincidence that my grandfather used to be good brothers with the old man of the Leng family. When I was young, I made an agreement that I would let my offspring get married and the two families would be in-laws forever. After many years, the Leng family developed better and better, and gradually became a famous family in Qingshan County. On the other hand, the Ye family is not as good as every year.
Not even a third-rate force. When Grandpa Ye Wushuang was dying, he couldn’t bear to see the Ye family degenerate, so he turned over the old account and sent someone to the Leng family to propose marriage, hoping that his descendants could rely on the Leng family’s big tree Ye Wushuang was very happy at the beginning. After all, his wife is so beautiful and has the title of the most beautiful woman in Qingshan County. The men chasing him can line up from the south to the north of Qingshan County, and the other party is also in charge of Leng’s elixir.
It can reach tens of millions, making countless arrogance daunted, but what Ye Wushuang never imagined is that it is not easy to marry into a rich family, and it is even more difficult to marry into a rich family. Yun’s Leng family is nondescript.
Not only is his wife looking down on him, but even some servants dare to privately say that he married Leng Rushuang as a flower stuck in cow dung.
If Ye Wushuang can get along with Leng in the past three years Rushuang gave birth to an heir to continue the incense for the Leng family, that’s all, but what hurts is that she and Leng Rushuang have been married for three years, and Leng Rushuang has never let him touch her several times. Every time Rushuang’s cultivation was advanced, Ye Wushuang was beaten with a black nose and a swollen face. This time, it was even worse. He didn’t know who poisoned him and died directly.