Why is it so inexplicable Losing her heart suddenly emptied the air pressed heavily on Su Hong Help me open the window its the 19th floor

Chu Niannian has always had a bad memory for trivial matters.
He only roughly remembers that there was a period of time when he had some abnormalities. In those few weeks, Zhao Zhi would ask some strange questions, such as if we have nothing, would you like to go with me? If I did something It’s not good, would you like to forgive me? But one day he really held his hand and said, let’s go every year. Leave the city and go anywhere.
My big deal is not to use this graduate degree. You can find a job with a bachelor’s degree.
I will support you for your study, okay? Chu Niannian shook his head speechlessly Zhao Zhi, what international joke are you making? Good future, don’t you want to elope with me? I’m not Zhu Yingtai, you’re not even Liang Shanbo, you just want to be Liang Shanbo Is he handsome? Is he talented? Zhao Zhi doesn’t seem like he’s joking.
He’s always elusive.
Every year, choose between your father and me.
Who do you choose? Childish girls can ask questions, right? Of course I don’t follow him. Of course, my father wouldn’t exist without my father. Chu Niannian, without you, I’m still upright. How did my father offend you? You asked me to choose Zhao Zhi’s expression It was erratic for a while and then returned to normal.
I didn’t ask casually. I didn’t joke around.
At the beginning, Chu Niannian didn’t take his abnormality as a matter of time. Now that I think about it, it should be a watershed in their relationship before that. They are quite tired of crooked Su Hong often said that two people who have known each other since they were young would text and call within three minutes, apart from having strong hormones, how else could it be explained? A lot of people have been born, the old pearl is out of shape, and he should be the concubine who has already married the third bedroom, and will be in any society with you, a poor wife, in love every day. Recite Dong Lei, Zhen Zhen, Xia Yu Xue, don’t, don’t, don’t Su Hong cover her ears and make a vomiting appearance, it’s really Chu Niannian, anyway, we are also sisters, you don’t bring such a disgusting person, and next time you go directly to the morgue with him Little garden, you and me, don’t talk on the phone in the dormitory to stimulate us single young women, okay? Su Hong never likes Zhao Zhiren Chu Niannian said how much he is good, said you are my best friend and he is my boyfriend You should get along well I’m sorry for me and many other reasons. Su Hong just doesn’t buy it.
She said solemnly that Chu Niannian, I know how to read Zhao Zhi, this person has a bad face. You have trouble with him.
Let me introduce you, okay? Of course Chu Niannian disdains me as a material for a cheating girl? Your brother, you are an only child, where is your brother? Let’s use it as a cover, Su Hong’s face is blushing, I’m brother’s blood relative within three generations, I think I have an idea is a crow While she kept nagging about how radiant and charismatic her turtle cousin was, persuading Chu Niannian to abandon the dark and turn to the bright, Zhao Zhi seemed to have been cursed by Su Hong, and he became a different person towards Chu Niannian day by day. At the beginning of the year, he thought that he was angry with him because of something.
After all, she is also a flower in school.
There are not a few suitors, and she is often careless when getting along with the opposite sex. Zhao Zhi is more sensitive, maybe because of it. Chu Niannian annoyed any male compatriot by giving him a slightly wrong look? Chu Niannian was driven by his indifferent state, so he took the initiative to find fault with him and quarreled several times. Every time Zhao Zhi was unmoved An expression is locked, eyebrows are lowered and the head is silent. Even a fight is better than this kind of state that kills people without paying for their lives.
Chu Niannian finally took out his trump card. I can’t change your dead face. You face me for the rest of your life. I can’t change it. If you think we’re not suitable, break up. Whoever leaves, who can’t pass the school of pharmacy? Don’t worry, I’ll break up with you today, and tomorrow I’ll find a handsome guy that even men love.
The big money thinks that he can force him to say something by threatening to break up. Every year, I’m most afraid of meeting him. His eyes are bottomless, and you finally speak.
Yes, as long as you open your mouth, it’s fine.
What conflicts can’t be discussed? As long as you are still in love with each other, there’s nothing you can’t overcome. I want to be quiet for a while and don’t force me, okay? You’ve been quiet for several months. You’re crazy, tell me what’s wrong with you, Zhao Zhi didn’t say anything, like being arrested by an underground party with a firm belief.
Three days later, Chu Niannian saw Zhao Zhi walking out of the school gate together with a tall girl with long curly hair. The thin back gradually disappeared from sight, her heart froze, and she finally realized reluctantly that they were really different from the past.
Su Hong said that Zhao Zhi was treated so coldly that he was waiting for you to break up. To save face, I am right, do you want me to find out who that woman is for you? Chu Niannian smiled wryly, no need to save yourself some self-esteem, and besides, they are just walking together, so don’t be suspicious and talk for him.
What should I do if I don’t see the coffin and cry Zhao Zhi, we broke up, you just roll as far as you want, and then sternly press the power off button, no matter if this kid doesn’t reply to text messages, he doesn’t care about anything, does he know that Su Hong is a ruthless character in terms of feelings, never break up The muddy water always makes men howl like ghosts and wolves