Why is it not the era of colored contact lenses Tuoluo kid is too lazy to argue with you I’m afraid you have forgotten the

Itachi, yes, suck water, I slaughtered for the sake of the village, our family will grow up healthy in the future, don’t believe me, look at Asma, I thank you, no wonder the halo above my head is green and red Asma, listen to me explain the future, so in fact I am Uchiha Mirai Minato Resurrection Talisman How many crystals will I need? The first thing I do when I come alive is to destroy this village, young man Hashirama, you have narrowed your path, little yellow-haired brother, don’t be afraid of you demolishing your house. The first chapter of the dance, the good guy started directly Mingzuo husband and wife mixed doubles. This young lady praises it. This small waist is so twisted that Chi Hanfeng is lying on the sofa in the living room and watching a short video, revealing a wretched smile.
What is this? Chi Hanfeng finished clicking Zan slid to the next short video, and the dazzling red light pierced his eyes, and then he disappeared into his living room out of thin air, and the phone in his hand disappeared.
How did Chi Hanfeng feel like he was standing there? In a corner of a meeting place that seems familiar, there are some strange but familiarly dressed people around.
Why haven’t we waited for more than two hours? It’s the Uchiha who made us wait so long Uchiha this is The scene of the final battle of the Naruto Chunin exam I passed through Chi Hanfeng’s tiger’s body shocked, good guy, I was panting all the way, and I actually traveled to the world of Naruto.
It’s a good coincidence that it was the eve of Konoha Honkai’s plan Ding detected that the host has arrived, the system has successfully bound the host Ding congratulations to the host for opening the short video question and answer system of the god-level ninja world I am going to go, what is this thing? Chi Hanfeng’s jaw fell to the ground, and his mobile phone disappeared and turned It became a crystal and fell into his mind. The system will come to the whole ninja world in a few minutes.
The system will officially open the short video question and answer. Only then took a deep breath and leaned in the corner, waiting for the system to come. During this minute, the noise of the venue was endless. The two shadows sitting on the highest stand seemed to be wondering where Sasuke Uchiha had gone. Just when Genma Shiranui was about to announce the result of the competition, a roar like thunder swept across the entire ninja plane. The god-level ninja short video question and answer system came and began to link the ninja living plane. Ninja chat group Uzumaki Naruto joined the chat group Sasuke Uchiha joined the chat group Kakashi Hatake joined the chat group and started linking Ninja Underworld Plane Ninja Underworld Plane Ninja joined the short video ninja chat group Senju Hashirama joined the chat group Uchi Poban joins the chat group Asura joins the chat group Indra joins the chat group Tenjin-level ninja short video question and answer system introduction The system randomly broadcasts short ninja short video live broadcasts every week, including events at any time node The system will initiate questions in various forms of question and answer Those who answer correctly will receive the rewards given by the system.
The Crystal Mall system is open simultaneously.
You can check the crystal acquisition method by yourself. It comes from system task rewards or The first short video question and answer of the system will start in minutes after likes and comments In the world short video system, someone dared to call himself a god-level Asura Nisan in front of me.
Long time no see. I miss you so much. Don’t be angry with me now, Indra, go play in the mud and go to Asura Nisan.
You are so fierce, I just take it Big Maruko rubbed you a few times? Hold grudges, and now Uchiha Madara has an interesting chat group.
Let me see what kind of strange people there are.
Hashi Lama, you have the nerve to say that you stabbed me from the back and stabbed me in my body. It hurts in my heart. The inherently evil Uchiha actually hooked up with my Nissan Uchiha Izumi in this time and space. You fart motor Ranisan is my ninja chat group. These giants from ancient times are flirting with the younger generation.
Sasuke Uchiha is not idle.
Who are these people? Uchiha Aren’t I the only one left? Uchiha Itachi Uchiha Sasuke help me, stupid Ododo, you are now in the kaleidoscope, Uchiha Sasuke, I’m going to kill you, Uchiha Shisui, what’s the matter Sasuke said Uchi He is the only one left.
Uchiha Sasuke absorbs water.
Nisan brother. He slaughtered the village.
Uchiha Shisui Nani hit seven and what is the viewer’s perspective? I can actually see the current picture. This is the current Ninja Shimura Danzo. The water inside is very deep, young man, you can’t handle Itachi Uchiha Shisui shut up, everyone is getting to know this ninja short video question and answer system during this time, Chi Hanfeng is no exception, my boy, this system is amazing, reward It’s awesome, but I can’t answer the questions, but I can like it, and I can also draw commissions.
As the host with the highest authority in the background of the system, Chi Hanfeng has a lot of benefits.
The perspective just now was also opened through his authority. At this moment, Chi A dark red transparent system interface popped up in Han Feng’s mind, asking the host to choose the first short video question-and-answer content During the first Ninja World War, during the third Ninja World War, during the Fourth Ninja World War, Narusa Otsutsu Kimomo Shichichi Hanfeng thought for a moment, the corners of his mouth raised, revealing a wretched smile.
Since this is the opening scene, it must be the hottest one. I choose Naruto Otsutsuki Momoshi. A huge dark red virtual interface appeared out of thin air in various core areas of the ninja world.
The short video question and answer system of the god-level ninja world was officially launched.