Why is he not married yet Leng Feng smiled and said that Leng Xinnings cheeks suddenly turned red when Leng Feng said it why did

Tang Tang, hey, who the hell, don’t do anything. The introduction, can the title of this book be changed? It’s so embarrassing, Ziyue, yes, I always feel that there are strange things mixed in.
Leng Xinning emphasizes that this is not that kind of filth. The story is absolutely easy to practice and easy to learn from the plane. The first chapter, sister Xiaolongbao, today is the annual enrollment day of Brahma Academy. As one of the most famous schools in the imperial capital and even the entire Tianyun Empire, the grand event of the college soon turned into a grand event in the city. Candidates arrived in the imperial capital half a month ago, which provided a different kind of business opportunity for the big and small hotels around the college that would only be full on the rest day, and also made some young boys and girls who had just started their love in some nights when they should have a passion because of the hotel.
Restaurants and snacks are equally overcrowded. It is rare for foreign diners to use the excuse of sending their children to school to visit the imperial capital. Naturally, they will not care about the slightly rising prices in recent days. Brahma College, as the creator of the recent tourism boom, is even more lively today. Going to the countryside alone to the imperial capital, as soon as I approached the gate, I was amazed by the surging flow of people and sighed. I just felt that I was a drop of clear spring flowing into the sea. I was easily swallowed by the surging waves.
However, the number of students enrolled in the academy is limited after all.
After the exam, maybe the influx of water will return in the same direction as when it came, and most of the failed candidates will have to try their luck in other colleges that have reached the admission date one after another, and they will rather be the head of the chicken than the queen.
The eight-character mantra repeatedly tempered myself until I felt that it should be so. Ziyue just followed the flow of people and found the college, followed the crowd until the registration office, and then found a team that looked a little short. Standing behind, Xiao Ziyue remembered that her mother said before leaving What’s your name, little sister in the imperial capital? Ziyue just stood there for half a minute and picked up the long queue one after another.
The one who is talking now is a sweet-looking girl who just stopped behind Ziyue. Come over and face Ziyue’s profile at a slant, obviously she is talking to Ziyue, Ziyue turned her head and saw the girl leaning forward, she felt very suspicious, he thought for a moment for two seconds, then remembered what her mother said to herself before she left The etiquette instruction frowned thoughtfully and said in a low voice that no jumping in line is allowed.
The girl was taken aback by what he said, then giggled a few times and said, “I’m not going to jump in line. My name is Qian Xiaoling.
The girl from Qianjia in Yecheng said about Qianjia.
” At that time, he breathed a little, obviously a little proud, don’t be nervous, something to tell my sister that my sister is covering you. When Ziyue asked, the girl giggled again, and then took a deep breath to make the small breasts that had just begun to develop slightly bulge up. She patted her neck with her hand and said with high spirits. As far as the chest is concerned, I should be my sister Ziyue followed. Xiaoling glanced at her slightly bulging steamed bun with gestures, followed her gaze at the airport at Pingchuan, and then Suddenly realized that the corner of Ziyue’s mouth twitched a few times and said falteringly that I am a boy. After holding his face and calming down for a while, he saw that others had turned his eyes away, and then whispered to Ziyue, why Ziyue was still thinking about when she was shy, and suddenly realized that this Qian Xiaoling might think that she denied it because her breasts were not yet developed.
This misunderstanding is not easy to explain. The voice of the year-old Ziyue has not yet changed, and his height is almost the same as that of Xiaoling, and his porcelain doll-like face is somewhat prettier than Xiaoling. The only evidence that can prove himself is not easy to show. When she saw Ziyue, she could only feel her breath being held in her chest, and she couldn’t breathe out, her little face turned even redder, so he looked even cuter.
Looking at Ziyue’s blushing cheeks, Xiaoling confirmed herself even more. She was even more proud of her guess.
She felt that at least she was superior in development. She was just about to say something, and suddenly there was a burst of exclamation from the courtyard, which instantly attracted everyone’s attention.
Have you heard that someone has just tested that she has super natural skills? It’s just that the talent and skills are very strong, and it’s still super. I don’t know which genius it is.
It seems to be called Tang Tang. A young man from the Tang family squinted at him and said, “Who else is there in the Tang family?” No wonder hey, it would be great if I could have a super talent skill Huh, don’t dream, it would be good if a person with a talent skill can produce one in a few years, let alone a super brother give up, hey, hey, what the two of them said was random, but Ziyue listened Seriously, I almost put my ears on it, but I didn’t hear anything, so Xiaoling saw that Ziyue was half understanding, and immediately remembered her duty as an older sister, and said softly to Ziyue that every time we advance to a level, we can use our own skills Obtaining a random skill-level god general is naturally out of reach.
Most fighters are actually working hard for the goal of being a super-level hero, but more of them stop at the level. Being able to have one more skill than others at the beginning is really enviable. Ziyue nodded, thinking that this cheap sister is not bad. Considering that she will inevitably have to ask for advice in a short while, her attitude becomes more and more friendly. Let go of the vigilance of Xiaoling. The girl’s disposition is revealed. Undoubtedly, as a family lady, Xiaoling’s knowledge is quite profound. At least to fool Ziyue, it was easy to catch, she chirped all the way, Ziyue also um, ah, ah, ah, ah, after listening all the way, she knew a lot about the cultivation system, and soon it was Ziyue’s turn to test, mobile phone users, please browse for a better reading experience Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Innate Skills as a Child Without Practice