Why don’t you want to embrace him like this forever My heart ached so much my body trembled uncontrollably Shaonan turned her body and held

In September, the weather in Toronto is pleasant. I took the last train in summer.
I took the first-class cabin in autumn. The city is full of maple. Don’t forget to read the hints in the early stage of micro-abuse in the later stage.
The entertainment circle is broken and reunited.
Those who regard the heroine as the sky, please ignore this article. Gu Xiyao, Xia Xia, Xu Xiaoxiao, Ji Ning Chapter 1 Toronto has the reputation of the most beautiful maple in the world. In September, Toronto is full of gradient and colorful city, just like the maple leaf on the Canadian flag, full of romantic maple love everywhere.
The Toronto Film Festival is held every year. In this season, it is different from the three domestic film festivals and the three major European film festivals. The Toronto Film Festival is more like a feast. There are no judges, no awards, and only filmmakers gather to show countless high-level masterpieces. Many films are selected at the Toronto International Film Festival.
The world or North American premiere is even praised as the preview of the Oscars. The film festival has been held for the fifth day.
Meng Ran was dragged out of the house by Xu Xiaoxiao. She gave countless reasons for rejection, but Xu Xiaoxiao only told her a thousand of you with practical actions. The reason is not as important to her as the world premiere of this film today. Sitting in the huge auditorium, Meng Ran’s eyes did not leave the big screen, but her eyes seemed to be unable to see too many things clearly. There were only many pictures. In my mind, I kept replaying the scenes like a projector. Meng Ran knew what movie coupons the tutor had distributed, and he knew which movie was being screened today.
Mr. Ren also specially emphasized that excellent Chinese films should not be missed.
They are first-class productions. The team’s first-class performance lineup Xu Xiaoxiao leaned her head on her shoulder. Whenever the male lead appeared, she almost drooled like a nympho. Meng Ran twitched the corners of her mouth. She had been so stupid before.
Xu Xiaoxiao could only be dragged by her when she left, and turned back just to see the end of the credits and the name of the leading actor. Meng Ran twitched her lips again.
She was also stupid like this. At this time, there were big names and celebrities everywhere inside and outside the theater, and there were reporters and flashing lights everywhere. Xu Xiaoxiao exclaims from time to time that a certain big name is her favorite. Which movie is her favorite? In fact, she has seen too many big names like them. She is used to handsome guys and beautiful women.
What kind of gods and goddesses she grew up with is commonplace.
The weather in Toronto in September is pleasant. I took the last train in summer.
I took the first-class cabin in autumn. The city is full of love. An Aventure is definitely the most beautiful indulgence in my life. Xu Xiaoxiao is such a person.
From time to time, she shows her lower limit.
Putting your hands on her shoulders, when will the Pierce-directed play It will probably take three or four months to start work, and you will go there for three or four months. Ryan really loves you.
The big Hollywood director will give you a free teacher. He is reading the script and waiting to inform Meng Ran. I have known her character for more than a year, otherwise I would never be friends with her, but to be precise, in Toronto, besides Ji Ning and Mengran, there is only Xu Xiaoxiao as a friend. There is a charming drama, Barabara, endless. Li Shaonan is only 27.
He has already won two Best Actors. This movie will probably win awards again. There are too few actors with such young acting skills and such good acting skills.
The book in the book makes his slender fingers lightly touch, you know, just those hands make me drunk I just found some Li Shaonan’s movies, and I’ve been in the pit since then, Xu Xiaoyao, let me treat you to dinner. Meng Ran’s tightly pursed lips suddenly said, Xu Xiaoxiao is a typical Gemini, and after getting acquainted with each other, Meng Ran changed her name to Xu Xiaoxiao, but the two of them were quite different.
I am very used to it, and my classmates unanimously agree that my sister lost weight Xu Xiaoxiao shrugged her shoulders and looked disgusted, then eat with me. She didn’t want to eat, but told Xu Xiaoxiao to shut up. Meng Ran didn’t go to eat, but bought two ice creams and sat down on the side of the road Xu Xiaoxiao knew When Meng Ran is in a bad mood, she likes to eat ice cream, and she must have two, but she really doesn’t know what’s wrong with her.
She has been in this state for several days and doesn’t answer the phone.
If she hadn’t stood at the door of her house, she could have continued to support the corpse at home. Meng Ran quickly ate one and then started to eat another until her body felt the bone-chilling chill, then slowly got up and let out a long breath, ready to stuff the rest into her mouth when she heard Xu Xiaoxiao shouting Is Ran Ran that Li Shaonan subconsciously? Meng Ran’s uncertain gaze followed the direction Xu Xiaoxiao was pointing at without any preparation. The familiar face broke into her sight. So unreal, separated by a long distance, separated by a sea of ​​people, separated by countless reporters and flashing lights, but so precise, their eyes collided with surprise inadvertently, when their minds went blank, as if their heart was pinched unexpectedly Her breathing was stagnant, as if there was something she wanted to forget, all of which rushed into her body at this moment, making her stiff body tremble The person had already run towards Li Shaonan’s trembling body and was bumped into a stagger.
She pursed her white lips tightly and looked at the palm of her hand.