Why dont you take them out Put the flowers on the slate and bring them back Qin Chu glanced at Pei Yanyi why don’t you

Click to read the post-apocalyptic animal trainer Qin Chu, who passed away and passed through an entertainment novel. The original body secretly dated the film king. However, after being photographed by the paparazzi, the film king immediately distanced himself from her and alluded to it. It was the original body who seduced him, the film king, fans who held a grudge against the original body, attacked and slandered her frantically, Qin Chu was already covered in black material when he passed through, all his work was stopped, and there was only one invitation left in his hand to survive the variety show. The world of gourmet food Qin Chu did not hesitate to accept this variety show in order to make money eating and drinking The monkey brought fruit and the other guests were thirsty and could only lick their lips Qin Chu was thirsty and there was a bird guiding the water source The other guests were tired and could only rest where they were After the recording of the first variety show to celebrate the birthday of the variety show, the program team arranged for the guests to forward it to publicize Qin Chu’s forwarding to thank the program team for the invitation. Do you understand? Don’t drag others down in the variety show, but soon all the celebrities who participated in the show have forwarded Qin Chu’s Weibo. I know if I invite Xiao Chu to film together, will she be willing to join me as the king of music next time I don’t know if I will invite Xiao Chu to be my heroine next time, will she be willing to join me next time? Shuangwen Search keywords for the main character Qin Chu The supporting role is pre-accepted I rely on the love system to get rich Others click on the column to harvest the sand sculpture Su Shuangwen The author has a brief introduction She smiles and the animals give her their lives Tsk, civilized society is such a bad thing. When Qin Chu opened his eyes, the first thing he felt was bitterness. She felt something like a grain in his mouth, exuding a strong bitter taste.
Qin Chu quickly spit out the grain. The little white disc looked like pills. What kind of disease did she have? How could she use such a luxurious thing? Consciousness gradually recovered.
Qin Chu sensed that something was wrong.
It was too clean.
Everything as far as the eye can see is clear and bright.
Having spent seven years in the apocalypse, Qin Chu, who has long been accustomed to the filth, darkness and oppression, feels in a daze. Let Qin Chu let go of his guard, and instead become more vigilant. If something goes wrong, there must be a monster. Qin Chu immediately uses his supernatural power to investigate the surrounding scene.
All animals will become Qin Chu’s eyes and ears. What they hear and see is Qin Chu. What Chu heard and saw Qin Chu quickly locked on to two men who were very tightly covered and held something like a video camera facing her window.
She lowered the height of the sparrow on the tree next to them and landed on them.
The voices of two people not far above the head The sound came to Qin Chu’s ears clearly. It seems that Qin Chu is really down and out. Now he lives in such an ordinary community and let us get in easily. She can still live here. Those endorsements They all terminated the contract with her and claimed for compensation. I thought she would not be able to afford it. Brother, you said that she seduced Fang Ran. Can it be true? Doesn’t matter if he is real or not.
The public wants to see what we want to see.
Let’s break the news anyway.
Qin Chu It’s not bad if it’s so smelly, let’s step on it a few more times Brother is right, but Qin Chu didn’t go out all day today, we didn’t take any pictures today, it’s not for nothing today, I saw that you are still young, no one can take pictures without saying anything I didn’t break the news until I took a picture of her window later, and said that a mysterious man entered Qin Chu’s house and closed the curtains.
The two of them hang out all day with just one photo. Can netizens believe it? Now, in the eyes of netizens, Qin Chu is just a shameless seductress. It’s not normal to seduce Fang Ran and continue to seduce other men.
Anyway, the netizens won’t believe what she says now. Is it because of what we say or my brother is amazing. I understand.
Listening to the conversation between the two, Qin Chu frowned.
Judging from the direction in which the devices in the hands of the two men were pointing and the names they mentioned, the person they mentioned was indeed him. It doesn’t match the word entertainment at all, and it makes Qin Chu feel familiar and unfamiliar After sorting out the mixed information in his mind, Qin Chu finally understood what was going on.
It turned out that she had become another Qin Chu. Originally, she was the cannon fodder for an entertainment novel. The entertainment novel was well written, so Qin Chu I still have some impressions of it. The heroine in the novel is Ai Chasing Dream. She has an extraordinary family background in the showbiz. She is persistently pursued by the film star of the same crew named Fang Ran. The heroine who belongs to her has been rejected many times to no avail. Feeling very annoyed. Looking for someone to dig up Fangran’s black material and intending to force him to retreat, but he didn’t expect to dig out a big melon.
The actress Qin Chu who committed suicide a year ago by taking medicine turned out to be wronged.
Unable to bear the pressure of public opinion, he chose to commit suicide, but in fact, there was no seduction at all. Qin Chu and Fang Ran were in a normal relationship at the time, but after being photographed by the paparazzi, Fang Ran drove Qin Chu out of his home in order to keep his girlfriend fans, and arranged for someone to secretly take pictures. Putting it on the Internet and posting Weibo that made Qin Chu respect himself and poured all the dirty water on Qin Chu. After hearing the news, the heroine began to collect information to expose the face of Fang Ran, a scumbag. The plot after that has nothing to do with Qin Chu After all, there are only a few short lines in the novel where she dies as soon as she appears on the stage.