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In the world of ice and fire, there are two continents: Westeros in the west and Essos in the east. A super-civilized Valyrian civilization of dragons and magic appeared on the Essos continent about a year ago. The whole world other than Stroh Valyrian reality in Ice and Fire Atlantis in legends Similar to Valyrian civilization destroyed in the Cataclysm some years ago All dragons dead except for House Targaryen A few years left the Valyrian Peninsula to avoid the catastrophe. Targaryen, who has five dragons, settled on Dragonstone Island, a small island on the edge of Westeros.
In the past few decades, Targaryen appeared about one year before the story happened.
An ambitious man, Aegon Targaryen. At that time, Aegon and his sister and sister each had a dragon, a total of three dragons, and the three of them were also married.
Westeros next door was divided into seven kingdoms ruled by seven families. A unified country has never been formed for thousands of years. Aegon and his wife brought three dragons to conquer Westeros and became the first king to unify the whole territory. Dorne in the south persisted for decades before surrendering. From then on, Westeros began a new era. The time has passed for more than a century, and the Targaryen family has flourished, and there are many dragons. It is said that they will continue to rule this continent for generations, but that year, the Targaryen family collectively ate their brains, but for a broken throne. There’s a bigger world waiting for them to conquer. Enough to make every Targaryen a king. They rode dragons and fought each other. It’s called the Dance of the Dragons. The melee lasted more than ten years. The dragons were almost extinct.
In a few years, dragons really died. Since then, the Targaryen family has lost the fundamental foundation of ruling the Seven Kingdoms. The stone dragons have become extinct in the entire world. The power began to decline rapidly, magicians, wizards and warlocks lost their jobs and more than a hundred years passed in the era of no magic.
The year before the story happened, the Targaryen family died again.
The crown prince, Duncan Targaryen, fell in love with a village woman. Jeyne violated the sacred oath, he was engaged to the daughter of Duke Baratheon of Stormwind, that time Duncan lost not only the throne, House Targaryen, but also a princess The king rebelled to appease Duke Baratheon The king married his daughter, Duncan’s sister, Princess Leiley, to the Duke of Mund Baratheon, which laid the groundwork for the downfall of the future Targaryen dynasty. A repentant marriage destroyed a kingdom and destroyed a family. Under the nine springs, there are people who are more miserable than me.
Let’s get back to business.
The time has passed.
The crown prince Rega has the demeanor of his uncle and loves beauties, but he has forgotten Jiangshan.
When he was a child, he hooked up with other people’s wives, and this time he provoked the violent Baratheon family Rhaegar abducted the fiancee of Duke Robert Baratheon, that woman No one else is officially the eldest daughter of Duke Stark’s family in the north, stabbing two hornet’s nests in a row, and the son’s sperm on the brain is actually a pair of dogs and men hooking up with each other. When the disease happened, Stark lost his daughter and came to his door to ask him if he directly roasted Duke Stark and his eldest son. He said that Robert Baratheon rebelled. Here we sort out the combat power of both sides.
Targaryen, the Seven Kingdoms of Luo, has kingdom and Highgarden support Dorne to remain neutral for the time being, because Rhaegar’s wife is Princess Dorne, you are magnanimous if you are looking for a mistress and old father-in-law outside.
Here comes the key point of Stark’s North The son-in-law of the Duke of Tully in the middle land suddenly lost the power of the four kingdoms in the north and the south. Normally, Rhaegar should quickly suppress the rebellion at this time of crisis. As long as the rebel leader Robert is killed, everyone else can be appeased, especially Stark. The K family’s daughter has a big belly, Stark’s half-son-in-law, but Crown Prince Rhaegar has been hiding in the summer resort after snatching Lyanna Stark away. He left it behind until Robert Baratheon joined forces from the north and the south, and the forces of the four kingdoms joined forces in one Targaryen dynasty.
He came out and got a box of lunch, and was beaten to death by Robert with a hammer. Since then The Targaryen dynasty was on the verge of collapse, and Lannister, who had never made a move at that time, stabbed Targaryen in the back. Tywin Lannister, as a reinforcement, tricked King’s Landing into opening the gate of the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, opened the killing ring, and sent troops to plunder the city.
In the last season of Song of Fire, Daenerys burns King’s Landing, King Aerys was killed by Kingsguard Jaime Lannister. This time, Jaime violated the sacred oath of the Kingsguard. He swore to defend the monarch, but he killed himself.
Lola opened the prelude to the ceremony, you must know that Westeros also has its own civilization of knights, they believe in chivalry and abide by the sacred oath.
The role model tells all Westeros Tradition is bullshit Honor is bullshit Only power and desire are the most real Then from the fall of the Targaryen dynasty to the establishment of the Baratheon dynasty, the Game of Thrones was officially staged until Daenerys returned Became a sacrifice of Game of Thrones Keke said too much, some people may ask why it is said that Prince Duncan’s broken oath became the lead to the downfall of the Targaryen dynasty