Why don’t I feel uncomfortable Tong Wei rubbed his face and said my wife I’m really uncomfortable so please help me you see I’m already

Chapter 1 Return Where am I? What did I do? After regaining consciousness, Xiao Hong’s first reaction was a headache.
He could feel the throbbing of the arteries in his brain, accompanied by throbbing again and again, and the pain in his head was getting worse, Mr.
Sir, are you feeling better? May I ask if you have any medical history? A gentle and sweet voice made Xiao Hong feel like a spring breeze, and even the pain eased a lot. When I opened my eyes, I saw a strange scene in front of me.
Where is this? Did you get kidnapped here? But Ye Ming quickly dismissed this idea. The kidnappers would never send a beautiful woman in a stewardess uniform to take care of themselves.
Or if there is any discomfort in the body, we can deal with it accordingly. The beautiful flight attendant once again emphasized that I have no medical history, but I just have a headache. Although I am curious, Xiao Hong still answered the flight attendant’s question, kneading his forehead and looking at the surrounding situation. Xiao Hong was a little puzzled. Why did I come to the plane after sleeping on the plane? You can’t sleepwalk so far, sir.
If there is no problem, please drink some hot water first. The plane will land in five hours, and we will notify the airport to prepare an ambulance for you.
What do you want to rest here for the time being? Five hours.
We are flying. Xiao Hong is a little excited.
Hold the hand of the flight attendant, sir, please don’t get excited. We will arrive at the Capital International Airport in five hours. The flight attendant looked at Xiao Hong in surprise. It doesn’t look like a passenger who took the opportunity to eat tofu, and the fainting just now is definitely not pretending Xiao Hong’s big bag at this time represents the real five-hour flight to the capital. What jokes are Xiao Hong muttering in his hand? Holding the water glass that the stewardess had just handed him, the stewardess looked at Xiao Hong, shook her head helplessly, and left here, but she was sitting not far from Xiao Hong, so she could always see his condition, after all, Xiao Hong is a man now. A patient had just had an accident, and she had to keep an eye on Xiao Hong’s situation. Xiao Hong’s dull eyes saw a magazine in front of him. The date in the lower right corner of the magazine was so conspicuous that Xiao Hong’s breathing began to become rapid and he trembled. He picked up the magazine with his hand, and there was nothing nutritious in it. They were all advertising magazines of airline companies, but the current pictures and scenes were both familiar and strange to him.
Hong stood up while supporting the generous seat of the first-class cabin. Not far away, the stewardess walked over quickly. Do you need any help? No, I want to go to the restroom.
In the bathroom, Xiao Hong closed the door tightly and turned around to see a clean mirror. This time Xiao Hong really believed that he had been reborn, touching his wrinkled old face that should have been sloppy, but now it was indeed covered with collagen.
The blisters on the corners of his mouth proved that he was true When I was reborn in my old age, the memories I didn’t want to think of flooded my mind again like a slide show. Why? Don’t let me go back to an earlier time? Xiao Hong muttered to himself, as if he was not satisfied with this rebirth, but a knock on the door interrupted Xiao Hong’s thoughts, Mr.
Sir, are you okay, oh oh, I’ll be right out After Xiao Hong opened the bathroom door, the stewardess looked inside curiously, but didn’t find anything strange, and just heard the voice from the outside, the people inside seemed to have done nothing. Xiao Hong walked out of the bathroom and walked towards the direction of the economy class, but he The stewardess stretched out his hand and sir, we have already upgraded you for free.
Due to your physical condition to avoid accidents or make it easier to deal with you, it is better to stay in the first class.
The seat he took this time was not many people in the first-class cabin of the flight, and the seat was very spacious. Seeing that Xiao Hong was done, the stewardess wanted to leave again.
Wait, can you talk to me? The stewardess was briefly surprised, but slightly After thinking about it, he nodded and agreed. Okay, Xiao Hong got up and sat inside by the window, and gave the outside seat to the stewardess. The stewardess looked around, and the other passengers were resting, and no one paid attention to it. She sat down. My name is Xiao.
Hung is a chef. Hearing Xiao Hong’s self-introduction, the stewardess was somewhat surprised. Looking at Xiao Hong’s appearance, he would never associate him with a chef.
Whether the chef is at home or abroad, by the way, my name is Tong Weitong. Wei has a polite smile on her face all the time, why don’t I want to be a chef? I’m working abroad, but my visa has expired and I can only go back to China, isn’t it? It’s just that you look young. Can I understand that you are absolutely greasy? On the rough image, Xiao Hong’s words made Tong Wei laugh while hiding his face. His experience in running a hotel for many years has given him a lot of experience in dealing with young girls.
It’s almost the same.
The visa can be renewed when it expires. If you have a formal job in the United States, it’s not difficult to renew your visa. Well, Tong Wei is very honest.
The domestic development is so good. Wouldn’t it be more popular to return to China? Besides, chefs will never die of hunger. For Xiao Hong’s words, Tong Wei still nodded in praise.
In her impression, it seems that the chef really can’t find it.
Even if you can’t find a job, it’s not difficult to open a small restaurant by yourself.
The communication between the two is very pleasant, and Tong Wei also slowly let go of her guard. After all, she is not a novice who just went to work.
For some passengers who deliberately strike up a conversation with her It can be seen at a glance that she didn’t see any other impure eyes in Xiao Hong’s eyes, so she is willing to take the time to chat with him to have a good rest.
After all, the international flight is really tiring, and the flight attendant appointed herself to take care of this sick passenger.
Xiao Hong didn’t deliberately chat with Tong Wei because of her beauty.