Why do you appear here Fat Buffalo is a little surprised Said does everything that happened here have something to do with you Yes the

Chapter 1 Natural disasters come, this is a moment worth remembering Even if you look back after a few years, you still can’t forget this smile, this confident smile, this smile that can move your heart My name is Monkey Luffy’s dream is to become the One Piece He is very calm You said this with confidence, you looked at him silently and had to admit that this is a very strange guy and a captain full of his own unique charm, you couldn’t help thinking in your heart that maybe one day he could really be The only king, I really like you to be my partner, right? He invited you to be his partner, looking at that very sincere face, I can’t say that you really want to be his partner. Go on an adventure with him and help him become the Pirate King, but you know that you are too weak to help him at all. That’s why you hesitate.
Sorry, in the end you still choose to refuse.
Looking at his face with a disappointed look, you said again, Captain, please allow me.
Let me call you in advance, Captain, I know that I may not have the qualifications now, so can you wait for me for a while, you and him leave a man’s agreement here? One day I will stand behind you and help you become king.
This is a promise between men.
A promise between men is a gamble.
Everything must be fulfilled. Even if you sacrifice your own life, you will never hesitate.
Only promises between men cannot be broken At the end of the plot, please make sure your name is Fengbai.
He still hasn’t come back to his senses and is stunned in a daze. He is a retired professional player who entered this game because of an accident. At first, he didn’t think it was just a kid After all, it took less than ten seconds to download and install the game. At that time, I wondered if the game could really be played. The fact is so shocking that he still hasn’t come to his senses.
The 100% real game is all other games.
It is incomparable, not even a field that cannot be reached by current technology. He is suddenly a little scared because as far as he knows, those game companies are not capable of making this kind of game.
After thinking about who made this game It’s so terrifying, please make sure your name is Bai Feng, etc., or Andre Delu Salut. He hesitated and said that the former always feels that there is some inexplicable sense of disharmony with this world. Other players may not care, but he does.
Feeling a little uncomfortable with the name I’m sure the name Andre de Rusalut is a name he suddenly thought of from a book, of course it doesn’t exist such a person is just a made-up East China Sea ship floating alone on the sea On the small wooden boat lay a young man with a straw hat covering his face. He was wearing a small red waistcoat and blue half-leg jeans. This outfit is so familiar.
Maple white.
The first player has already gone online and seems to be a retired player.
Professional gamer, he couldn’t help muttering to himself, yes, it’s all about him, as for the opening scene, he spent a long time filming it in advance, especially the laugh It took him an entire afternoon of practice to reach the standard. He guided these players to leave an agreement with himself. This is his purpose to make these players have an illusion that they are the protagonists in this game. Their ultimate task is to help themselves become the protagonists of the game.
Although One Piece said that he is the protagonist of this world, he is Monkey Luffy, yes, the grandfather is the naval hero Garp, and his father is the leader of the Revolutionary Army.
Luffy’s two sworn brothers are not ordinary people.
He is a time traveler and The difference from other traversers is that he became the protagonist of this world. In the process of time travel, he also unexpectedly obtained a main god space and became the owner of the main god space, that is, the new main god. But this main god space is a broken version and becomes the main god. Others If you don’t have anything, you can get a passive bonus.
The main god’s identity can be passively added. You can get one-thousandth of the strength bonus of all reincarnators. How much can the one-thousandth of the strength bonus be? The incomplete version of the main god space does not have a store at all. Reincarnation does not have this function. Although it is a standard configuration of the main god space, it is not the standard configuration of the incomplete version.
The incomplete version of the main god space has many, many functions that are severely damaged, unusable and irreparable The world marked is just an ordinary world, not the world of his previous life, which also makes him very helpless, but the function of recruiting people is not damaged, and he can barely use the identity of the main god of space to recruit reincarnations. Obviously It is inappropriate because this incomplete version of the main god space can only reincarnate in such a world, so he intends to appear in the form of a game in another form. The so-called player, in other words, is the reincarnation.
Yan is the task of the reincarnator, of course he is not a particularly cruel exploiter. If he dies in the game, he will not be affected in any way in the real world, and because of the mark left in the main god space, he only needs to wait for two hours before he can be resurrected. For these players, he actually still values ​​them very much. As a time traveler, he doesn’t know how scary these so-called walking natural disasters are.
All kinds of concerns and don’t want to provoke, if the Tianlongren is too much, he will definitely still be unable to resist punching, but if it is a player, oh, hitting a Tianlongren will attract a general, so if you kill a Tianlongren, will it attract you? Here are two generals? A very deadly player can’t help but think that it’s just a general. As long as the player dares to measure the health bar, the player will not be persuaded.
Most people in this world are in awe of the so-called Tianlong people.