Why do I know that Liu Miao has a navy because Liu Miao has pursued me Yes I am not afraid to tell you I hate

Brave boy, hurry up and create a miracle. The gentle wind blowing on your face gently knocks at my heart. You have a smile on your face and secretly stare at me.
You face everything with justice. All of this is in my eyes. I know that you are fearless, I know that you are extremely persistent, one day you will find that your strength is incomparable, one day you will find that you can create miracles, a beautiful angel is calling you from afar, for tomorrow, young people, work hard, ideals roam in the blue Embracing the sky, evoking youthfulness, for tomorrow, please don’t hesitate again.
Content tags: rebirth, hero, inspirational life, modern overhead protagonist, Liu Miao, supporting role, Liu Yan, Zhang Yao, Li Xin, Zhou Sen, other careers, ambiguous, Qingshui Wen, Jinjiang, gold medal recommendation, middle-aged Zhou Sen suddenly became a classmate Liu Miao when he was a boy.
How should he face his rebirth? He not only wants to help him get out of the predicament when he was a boy, but also wants to prevent the current family from encountering difficulties. This is a special novel about rebirth. The protagonist is reborn on the body of his former classmates, so he must grow up with his former self as his former classmates Teenagers and their growth stories are empathetic. The author has something to say.
Some words written before the novel.
Why is this novel a fanfiction? Because this novel only borrows some plots from real life, but the story itself takes place in another In the parallel world, of course, it is no problem to insist on classifying it as an original novel, but in order not to be hung on the wall of the clear water, I think it is more conservative to be regarded as a fan.
You should know that compared with the original novel, the subscription of the fan novel will be much less, and it will be on the wireless shelf There will be more disadvantages in terms of adaptation, so it’s not that I’m taking advantage of it in the doujin. Why use the theme song of Skyhawk Warrior as the copywriting, because no one stipulates how the copywriting must be written, so it’s okay to write it anyway. At first, I thought of the brave boy, go and create a miracle, and then it expanded into the whole lyrics. It’s kind of a joke.
Liu Miao and Liu Yan were the first names I decided on. Later, I suddenly felt that it’s interesting to gather the five elements, so I got Li Xinzhou. Sen and Zhang Yao, although these five characters are not particularly common, they are definitely common names. If you really don’t know them, I can only ask you to ask your Chinese teacher. The main plot of this novel has been changing all the time. I intend to write it as a campus emotional novel.
As always, I failed in writing emotional dramas, so I started to switch to a career novel after the chapter. The current plot is probably similar to the story of mobile phones and mobile Internet hegemony.
I guess many people will not subscribe to the genuine version in the end. Please calmly read the public chapters and then wave goodbye.
Zhou Sen originally thought that his life would pass like this.
After all, he is only a senior employee of this Internet company at the age of nearly 30, although he is only one step away from the position of supervisor.
Yao Ke, after all, the management is a radish and a pit for himself Before the gracious supervisor leaves or gets promoted, there is almost no possibility for me to go any further. Although Zhou Sen is always happy on the surface, as if he doesn’t care about everything, the pain in his heart may only be known to his old buddies and friends.
I can’t hold it back. Sometimes Zhou Sen will go to the bar to get drunk and get drunk, which can really relieve all worries, but this time, the good sunshine shines in through the bright windows, and there seems to be birdsong in his ears.
For Zhou Sen, who has lived in a big city for nearly ten years It is said that the sound of birds singing has long been a good memory deep in my memory, and then there is a boy’s voice in my ear, hurry up, it seems that it is in the period of voice change, bringing the hoarse voice of a boy to a boy, and it will be late again Zhou Sen opened He realized that the boy in front of him was actually his friend Liu Yan from his boyhood. When Zhou Sen was in a daze, he suddenly remembered that this boy died in an accident when he graduated from the third year of junior high school. What happened? Zhou Sen Immediately, I felt a chill down my spine, and the boy was clearly dissatisfied. Zhou Sen dawdled on the bed, frowning, and said that if I didn’t get up again, I would ask my father to wake you up. Actually became Liu Yan’s younger brother, Liu Miao.
The Liu family brothers are very easy to get along with. If it wasn’t for Liu Yan’s sudden death in the future, causing a lot of gossip.
Liu Yan, the general manager of the department store, is a hot-tempered kid with good grades, while Liu Miao is a boy who works hard but has always been in the middle.
Perhaps he has inherited their mother’s excellent genes. The two boys have always been secretly admired by many girls in the school.
The object is that this originally beautiful story changed completely after Liu Yan passed away.
First, Liu’s parents divorced, and Liu’s father resigned himself to depravity after the blow. Later, he was sentenced for commercial fraud.
After my brother left, he became a dandy who smoked, drank and knew everything. The last time Zhou Sen heard about Liu Miao was that he lost a leg because of a fight, but now he has turned into Liu Miao. So Zhou Sen is absolutely I don’t want this family to fall towards that dark ending, and what makes Zhou Sen curious is that he will meet his childhood self here? Thinking of his introverted and timid self when he was a child, Zhou Sen couldn’t help shaking his head. Zhou Sen was also considered a top student when he was young. Not being liked by teachers and classmates because of personality factors also made Zhou Sen’s middle school experience unpleasant, so what’s the matter? I have always been quite satisfied with my junior high school and high school uniforms, not the kind of sportswear that follows the trend