Why did Zhao Chenghuai refuse to see that he is so bad at being a father He has not learned his lesson at all so

Zhang Yuheng woke up with a splitting headache. When he woke up, his vision was dim.
Before he could focus his eyes, he heard a childish voice beside him.
Dad Yu Heng endured the headache and turned his head to look.
There was a child standing beside the bed. He was so cute. The little child star on TV has jet-black hair and big round blue eyes staring at Yu Heng. Even wearing an old blue and white school uniform can’t affect his cuteness, even because of the soft and messy short hair, which reveals a touch of distinctive well-behaved pair of azure blue. The clear eyes awakened Yu Heng’s chaotic thoughts.
His eyes were like the deep sapphires of the ocean, shining brightly in the night. He smiled charmingly and said, “Women, no one has ever disobeyed me like this. I, Nan Gongxi, want to let you know what cruel Yu is.” Heng hesitated for a moment and said, Nangong Hey, the child next to the bed promised sweetly, and even laughed out two small dimples.
He remembered that such a destructive appearance could not exist in reality, but he had read a book.
Authors of love novels especially like to describe a pair of blue eyes over and over again. They are the richest man in the world in the novel. He is young and handsome.
He is proficient in eight languages ​​and is in power. He is black and white.
His eyes are blue, tiles, blue and blue, and they contain the most beautiful blue words in the world.
Heng thought that the ultimate weapon was hidden in the blue eyes. At the critical moment, the world turned around. Later, he realized that the black hair and blue eyes were just the author’s preference.
The adoption life of a good-hearted man is miserable. Through his father’s unremitting efforts, he finally lived a happy life as a rich second generation. When he grew up, he was decisive and ruthless in chasing women.
He spent money without blinking an eye.
His looks and wealth can instantly win the favor of women all over the world. Love is of course except for the heroine Su Sisi who is not attracted by the heroine. No matter how powerful the man is, he is just cannon fodder. The bright eyes like the night starry sky shed tears that you couldn’t ask for Hehe Yu Heng stroked his forehead and sat up silently staring at Nangong Hei’s beautiful blue eyes, interrogating his soul I’m your father Dad What’s the matter with you Nangong Hei blinked Yu Heng I tentatively asked what happened to my head hurting. Nangong Hyun wrote innocent dad all over his face. I almost cried when I almost met a human trafficker.
You hugged me and ran home, but you accidentally fell and hit your head. The kid’s eyes are clear and bright.
The stars in the night sky asked, don’t you remember? Yu Heng Good question Yu Heng not only remembers clearly, but also remembers the exaggerated urgency on the expression and tone of Nangong Lian’s frantic urging and pulling him towards home to sue traffickers for trying to catch him No matter how you look at it, you are lying. Although this is not Yu Heng’s personal experience, the pain left in his body is enough for Yu Heng to deduce the details.
Human trafficker, Yu Heng touched his painful head. I thought you did something bad to provoke a group of gangsters.
Astringent will chase and kill Nangong Yuyu Heng’s smile is kind and gentle Nangong Ji’s big eyes are flickering and flickering Tired Dad, what are you talking about? I don’t understand Yu Heng. I’ve watched hundreds of movies, but I think the acting skills of Nangong Ji in front of me are really bad. That illogical love story filled Nangong Ji with fashionable value. The richest man in the world must be extraordinary.
He remembered that the heroine, Xu Sisi, scolded Nangong Ji as just a second generation ancestor who inherited the inheritance. Sir, you are the only one who doesn’t care about me. At that time, Yu Heng thought it was Nangong Xie who was showing off his prestige in front of women and made it up. Now it seems that Nangong Xie is so big that he can provoke people in the society.
How dare he lie to deceive his adoptive father? How could running away be a fuel-efficient lamp? So Yu Heng got out of bed, endured a headache, and went out to the living room. The sky was bright, illuminating the impoverished room. There was a dining table, a few plastic stools in the corner, an old refrigerator, and an iron clothes hanger leaning against the corner.
This was the house. All property in the village is the dilapidated schoolbag of a primary school student. The homework book occupies the only desk. Yu Heng frowned, picks up the homework book, opens the blank page, picks up a pencil, and writes the will word by word on the grid.
What do you do? After writing the will, Yu Heng didn’t stop writing the will, so I went to the notary office to have it notarized.
When I die, no matter how much property I have under my name, it will all be donated to charity. But when he thought of something, he panicked, his back started to burn all the way to the top of his head, no, it was all Yu Heng smiling, looking at him, it was all dad, why did you donate your hard-earned money to others? Said it was his own money because Yu Heng couldn’t have known that there was so much money hidden in his black market account, since it was my hard-earned money, I could give it to whoever I wanted, anyway, you are so smart and powerful and you don’t need me Inheritance After Yu Heng finished writing, he tore off the written will from his homework book and stacked it up slowly. I made up my mind that I would let a charity use my inheritance to set up a prodigal son turning back foundation to support orphans without father and mother.
Yu Heng has a lot of meaning. Look at him, although you lost a huge amount of wealth from your father, you will get the goodwill of the whole world in return Father’s love is like a mountain, charity is priceless, I believe orphans all over the world will know how much I love you Nangong’s little face turned from red Qing doesn’t know how much it costs to set up a fund, he only knows that Yu Heng is poor and has no money, what huge wealth must be Yu Heng knows, Yu Heng appreciates Nizi’s change of face, folds up the suicide note and puts it in his pocket with a gentle smile and asks whether he is hungry or not, Nangong Gritting his teeth fiercely, Yu Heng laughed out loud and mercifully said, “Let’s go, Dad will take you to eat delicious food at this time.”