Why did you see him with a tongue Unconvinced why is only the little brother goodlooking Isn’t the young lady here not goodlooking A tongue

Copywriting 1 Waking up from a serious illness, Xia Wan’s eyes began to see all kinds of qi, the qi of yin and yang, the qi of the five internal organs, the aura of ghosts, the auspicious qi, and realized that most of the people in the world were destined.
I bought a Fengshui mansion where I should eat, sleep, farm and fish for fun. Fengshui helps others.
I planned to spend my whole life in such a carefree and simple way, but it didn’t take long for the business to find me. I thought that I was a legacy of a mysterious race. After a serious illness, I devoted myself to farming.
But because of these eyes that can see the spirit of all things, Xia Wan’s social circle has been seriously overturned. Two normal human beings, who knows they are also food guides that have been hidden in the world for many years Farming, gourmet, cool, metaphysics, protagonist, Xia Wan, supporting role, Grandma Lin, Ling Mo, Xu Weibai, Xiaowa, ginseng, and other chapters Then I turned around and said to my grandparents and grandchildren who were following behind me, this is the ancestral house of my old Wu family, you see if it suits you, the girl behind Old Man Wu is in her early twenties, her black hair falls on her waist, her eyes are like deep springs Pursing her lips, two dimples hung on her cheeks, so sweet, the girl looked at the yard in front of her, and then asked old man Wu, “Uncle, your ancestral house is very good, and the scenery next to it is so beautiful, why do you want to sell old man Wu hahaha Smiling, the son of my old Wu family is promising. He went to college and earned money. He bought a house in a big city. My wife has already moved in. I sold this old house and went to live in the city.
The medical conditions in the city are good. My son let us. Going to retire, the girl is also cooperating with him and laughing, how much do you want to sell this ancestral house? Old man Wu has been farming all his life.
He is an honest man. Hearing the girl ask this question, he scratched his hair. When the road was built in the village, he didn’t take care of me here.
The house is not connected to the road, otherwise it will definitely sell for a good price.
After finishing speaking, the old man Wu laughed twice. The house is also old, and the price is only 30,000 yuan.
If you have a good son, if you really pass the road, it will ruin the feng shui in front of the door.
Others don’t know the beauty of this house, but Xia Wan can see it clearly with the naked eye. Uncle, the price is quite fair, so I won’t bargain with you Let’s draw up a sale and purchase contract, let’s take advantage of today to settle this matter, right? Hearing what Xia Wan said, old man Wu was very happy.
This dilapidated house in the corner of the mountain has only been visited by two groups of people in the past few months. It’s not that they dislike this house. The old man just hates the inconvenient transportation on the mountainside. Now that he finally found a buyer, he can go to the city to reunite with his wife and son. Uncle Wu said that my grandma and I are here for vacation anyway.
Can I move in today as a deposit? I will pay you 5,000 yuan first, and I will pay you in full after the contract is signed.
Xia Wan said that she took out her mobile phone and opened the mobile bank to transfer the deposit to Wu. When the old man was still at school, Xia Wan and My classmate Xu Wei opened a feng shui design shop together, so I still have some savings in my hands. It’s not convenient for the house to go up and down the mountain to buy anything. Old man Wu has long since moved to his sister’s husband’s house at the entrance of the village.
Anyway, the house is empty, and it’s empty. Then he agreed and found out his son’s bank card number and gave it to Xia Wan to confirm that the son had received the money before handing over the key to Xia Wan and waiting for the old man Wu to leave the mountain.
Xia Wan’s grandma looked at the dilapidated house I started nagging everyone to go to the city, but my granddaughter decided to live in the mountains. Xia Wan knew that grandma just teased and said with a smile. Grandma is so nice to accompany me to live in the mountains. I called Xu Wei again in the house, gave him the address and asked him to help prepare a house sales contract and send it to Qingshan Village. Hurricane is not the trend of great wealth, but small food and clothing are nothing to worry about, so the fortune of the old Wu’s family is considered good in the village. The explanation for the change is firstly the color of the pupils, although other people can’t see it unless they look carefully, but when Xia Wan looks in the mirror, she can clearly see that the color of her pupils has changed to a deep blue, and then the pink patch on her ankle A shimmering fish scale grew from the place of the birthmark.
Xia Wan did not dare to tell the doctor about the changes in her body, otherwise she would definitely be regarded as a monster and undergo various medical examinations. Ba Physique, just twenty years old, got a double doctorate in arts and sciences, but suddenly she could see the aura with the naked eye, which made Xia Wan feel a little overwhelmed. Everywhere there is a collision of evil spirits, or the aura is out of tune, and the aura is not good.
After graduation, the students are busy looking for a job, but Xia Wan feels that it is better to find a place to cultivate their energy.
After all, everyone’s luck is determined by the breath on them. It’s not easy to change, why do you work so hard? It’s easy to get cancer, so Xia Wan decided to move out of the city and went all the way to the mountains to find a house that she could admire. She cultivated her mind and body and lived happily. Xia Wan carried her luggage into the bedroom in the backyard and swept the house.
The dust in the house made the bed again so that the grandparents and grandchildren could sleep well at night. It was near evening that the grandparents and grandchildren hadn’t settled down for their dinner. Then Xia Wan went down the mountain and went to the village to buy some food and daily necessities.