Why did you come back this late at night What have you been doing all day Fang Xuanling asked dissatisfiedly when he heard this voice

My son-in-law, I fell in love with an island and said I can buy my son-in-law. Datang needs to build a fleet.
Can you put the money on the pad first? What should I do? The old man I found has to give money even when he cries. Chapter 1 is dressed as a cuckold son-in-law. Brother-in-law is about to wake up. Pushing it, I feel upset, I can’t help but shake my arm, let me sleep for a while, it’s been three nights, I can’t sleep anymore, be careful, your father, the father of the country, interrupts your leg, the voice is strange, it’s definitely not his colleague Besides, the term “three shifts” seems to be unusable by normal people, and besides, his father has been dead for five or six years, so why is there any question? The person in front of me is a seventeen or eighteen-year-old man wearing a jade crown.
He is not ugly, but he is also not very handsome. He is wearing a dark purple Tang style dress that looks like silk and brocade. It looks very high-end, etc.
How can there be Tang? Looking at the made clothes, the two people behind him are also dressed in the same way.
Fang Jun can’t help but sit up suddenly.
Who are you and where is this place? That’s it, the other one who is younger than him also laughed and said, Brother Fang always plays such a game every time he drinks Alright Brother Li Guo Gong Father Wan Che Fang Jun seemed to have caught some information, he looked at the three of them like a ghost, at this moment a very pleasant female voice sounded in his head Congratulations to the host Fang Yi Ai for successfully binding the Datang Prodigal Subsystem Today The task of spending one or two taels of silver has been completed.
The system rewards skills to gain insight into people’s hearts.
Tomorrow, the task will be doubled.
If you can’t complete the task, you will be punished by the system. If you fail the task three times, you will be wiped out by the system.
Could it be that Wanche’s is Xue Wanche, who will be the consort of Fang Yiai in the future, and this Brother Li is Wei Wang Li Tai who shares the same smell as Fang Yiai? This is too scary, right? Although there is no specific date of birth for Xue Wanche, he seems to remember that this person is not married to Li Er’s daughter, but his younger sister, so it seems that the age is not right for the old man. Could it be true that he can dress up as a famous man? The son of Xiangfang Xuanling pinched his thigh hard and grinned in pain.
Several people were startled by his actions.
Brother Fang Jun, are you all right, er, I am all right The expression you shouldn’t have was taken back, so hurry up and get in the car, Defu still doesn’t come in and help your young master, another young man who doesn’t know who he is shouted downstairs for a while, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old book boy Panting heavily, they ran up and put Fang Jun on the boy’s neck. Lu sent him downstairs and before he left, Li Tai stretched his neck into the carriage and said with a smile, brother Li, it will still be at this point tomorrow night. We will see you at the drunken restaurant. The girl Fang Jun glanced at him in a daze, then lay down in the carriage staggeringly.
I have to say that this Young Master Fang is quite good at enjoying the car.
I don’t know what kind of soft material is laid in the car. It’s very comfortable to lean on. After retreating, the buzzing sound in his head made him uncomfortable even lying down. Fang Jun simply opened the curtain and took a breath of air without any pollution, which made him feel a lot more comfortable. Afterwards, he mobilized the brain cells that could be assigned to think. How will I live in the future? Although I didn’t dress up as a prince or general, it seems good to have a father who is famous in history, but the fate of this wife seems to be worse than him.
I was cuckolded and beheaded because of the rebellion.
Unshi estimated that he was in his thirties when he died.
He was a short-lived ghost.
He didn’t want to die so early once he was resurrected.
From now on, he also has someone close to the system. It’s just that the skills given by the system don’t seem to be very insightful. People’s hearts are not attractive to him at all. It’s better to reward two beauties. Maybe this is just the beginning. Maybe he will reward Wu Zetian later. Fang Jun comforted himself and checked the system.
It’s a blank piece with only one sentence on it, which is the task to be completed tomorrow and spends two taels of silver. After that, there are two words written on it as a reward.
He was forced to give him a lot of skills, why is he so like a defective product, no matter how he thinks, the system is indifferent Fang Jun said in a low voice, the second young master, this is the back door. Be careful when you go in, don’t be caught by the master. Although Fang Jun’s head is awake a lot, his body is still not in control. As soon as the foot stepped over the threshold in front of the door, Fang Defu uttered a hellish scream, and immediately threw Fang Jun aside very shamelessly.
Old man, why haven’t you rested? Fang Jun sat down on the ground and raised his head.
I saw a tall, thin black figure standing three meters away from him, who seemed to be holding something in his hand. Could it be that his father came to bring him rescue soup? It is said in history that Fang Xuanling came here because of his son’s incomparable love for this second son. It’s all true, I was about to say something to express my gratitude, but when I saw the man shouted, he rushed up, beat Fang Jun violently, and then realized that this is not a rescue, the soup is clearly a stew with shoe soles Ah, stop hitting