Why did you come back so early today Guo Xiaolian greeted her with some surprise Cheng Yuan smiled slightly why don’t you come back early

Cheng Yuan was dumbfounded when he saw two gates with completely different auras suddenly appeared in front of him.
As a good young man in the new century, Cheng Yuan walked towards the gate on the left without hesitation. Sorry for your strong intelligence, please choose again.
Cheng Yuan, who was despised, could only grit his teeth and walk to the right with tears in his eyes. From then on, a genius came out of China, a super genius comparable to Einstein. The temperature of the whole city rises sharply when it pours down, the central air conditioner in the huge library of Huaxia University of Science and Technology is running at full power, and the cool air from the fan outlet brings a burst of cool air to the entire library.
The style of study at Huaxia University of Science and Technology is naturally not bad.
Although the school has just started, there are quite a few people in the library. These students are sitting quietly in their seats, flipping through electronic books through the supporting computers in the library, and will bury their heads in the sand when they see the key points.
In the notebook I brought, I wrote down that in the corner of the library, Cheng Yuan was sitting in front of the computer with his eyes absent-minded. His pupils had no focus.
A sci-fi picture appeared in it, but unfortunately, no one around noticed Cheng Yuan’s anomaly. They still buried their heads in searching for the information they needed. Where is this place? Come to this place.
This is a huge circular platform. The surface of the platform is full of sci-fi metal texture, and the platform is surrounded by a vast universe.
Huge stars hovering around give Cheng Yuan an extremely shocking visual impact. The surrounding dense stars are dotted in it, and the light shines brightly.
If Cheng Yuan hadn’t seen the dreamlike nebula floating slowly in the far distance, he would have thought that all this is an illusion, everything is so unreal.
Magic to the left technology Turning to the right, suddenly a cold mechanical sound rang out, awakening Cheng Yuan, who was still shaking the magnificent universe Cheng Yuan’s gaze was immediately attracted by the two gates. On the left is a dark brown rock gate. Mysterious and complex runes are engraved around the gate. Green flames are burning on it.
In the center of the gate is a purple vortex swirling, which devours some tiny particles. On the right is a very sci-fi style metal gate.
The texture is the same as the platform under your feet. There are electronic lines engraved on the surface. From time to time, a blue light flashes across the lines, which is amazing. In the center of the gate is a blue light with a faint blue color. It is full of scenes that make it impossible to see the inside. Please choose the sound. The sound rang again.
Cheng Yuan stood still and did not move.
He calmed down his emotions and asked again.
Can you explain to me what is going on? No answer The two gates are still separate The icy voice that shone with brilliance seemed to have died away. For a long time, when Cheng Yuan was a little impatient, the voice rang again, but there was no answer to his question, there were still only three words, please choose to listen to it, repeating it in your ear, Cheng Yuan knew that no one answered his question, looked left and right The gate of Taoism, Cheng Yuan hesitated, then walked to the left. Compared with science and technology, the mysterious and mysterious magic is more attractive to him. After all, no one does not yearn for this kind of mysterious power. Just when Cheng Yuan walked in front of the green flame burning magic gate and was about to enter.
A huge force came head-on from the door and directly bounced him away.
Cheng Yuan was driven by this force and took four or five steps back. He looked at the door that bounced him open in bewilderment, his eyes were full of puzzlement before he could figure it out. What’s going on? The icy voice sounded again. I’m sorry I’m too smart. Please choose again. The voice didn’t wait for Cheng Yuan to react. Looking at the magic gate that turned into wasteland, you said angrily, you just give me a multiple-choice question, it’s over Low, he knows the connotation of a strong IQ, and Cheng Yuan, who is despised by an unknown existence, can only curse a few words in his heart. After the scolding is over, Cheng Yuan looks at the gate of science and technology, leaving only the only one. If he chooses, he can only accept his fate and walk towards the gate of science and technology, but when he gets closer, Cheng Yuan suddenly thinks that what if he can’t even enter this gate? At the same time as the gate, at the moment Cheng Yuan approached, a force appeared in the gate of science and technology.
He felt this force.
He sucked Cheng Yuan, who was thinking wildly in his mind, and blasted Cheng Yuan’s figure disappeared behind the gate of science and technology Shaking lightly for a while, the focus of pupil dilation gradually recovered, but his face suddenly turned pale, and there was a trace of sweat oozing from his forehead. Looking at the slightly familiar scene around him, he was deeply relieved, and Cheng Yuan raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. Going to black and white eyes with anxiety, excitement and a trace of panic, he just received a part of the information, and his head is still a little dazed at this moment. The bizarre incident he just experienced just seems like a dream.
The information is not a hallucination, Cheng Yuan felt a slight twitch in his heart with uncertainty, and something strange happened.