Why did you appear here Why can’t I be here Said why you appeared in front of me Wu Tianya said Xu Lengshuang walked towards

Kill all things with his mortal body, eliminate evil spirits, there is no way in the world, and see how a young man becomes a generation of emperors. Chapter 1 Shangshan Wucheng is a city in the eastern part of Tianwu Continent. Wucheng is located at the foot of the Giant Spirit Mountains in the Tianwu Continent. There is a certain crafting shop in Wucheng at the end of the world, black clouds, iron, ten thousand bones, and trees. The sky is far away from the sand. An old man lying on a rattan chair with a benevolent look is waving a fan at a man who is waving a fan.
The 14 or 15-year-old boy with a sledgehammer glowing with blue light said that the cyan light shining on the boy’s body shows that he has the fifth level of spiritual power.
The sledgehammer in his hand is not an ordinary hammer but an extremely heavy black one.
The sledgehammer made of cloud iron, the young man was furious when he heard the words, the old guy said before that one person once, I have done it four times in a row, don’t you know that with my five-level spiritual power, I would die if I entered it? The old man still smiled and said Don’t worry, when you were young, there was a wandering old monk who would say that you were destined to be rich and powerful. Maybe you would cultivate a strong and strong cultivation base. You can’t die.
The boy is angry. The boy’s name is Wu Tianya.
He was an orphan since he was a child. Beat him As long as I can remember, this smiling old man took care of him. The old man’s name is Yun Tianying. As for his origin, according to his own statement, he is an apprentice who is not very good at learning. Of course, Wu Tianya didn’t believe these things, so he directed at the old man’s shop, which has stood upright in this Wucheng for more than ten years, and the business is still booming. What words came out of his mouth, but the old man still kept his mouth shut and still said that he was an apprentice who was not good at learning, so Wu Tianya slowly extinguished such thoughts.
When it comes to this shop, Wu Tianya has been here since he was a child.
When he was a child, he saw the old man drinking.
How simple it is to connect a weapon while drinking, like a large piece of black cloud iron in his hand. One breath turns into molten iron, and after another breath, the molten iron becomes fine iron. When he refines it himself, it is just It would take him more than a day to refine molten black iron into refined iron. This is still his fifth level of spiritual power.
The shop has no name. The business is booming all the year round, but the shop has always been staffed by two people. Ask the old man to refine at night, no matter how big the list is in a day, the old man will come out leisurely after entering the refining room for a stick of incense.
However, in recent years, the old man has begun to hand over the initial refining task to Wu Tianya, including collecting materials.
And refining, so Wu Tianya’s little boy already has the fifth level of spiritual power.
This is because he has not practiced the formulas. Wu Tianya does not want to go to the Giant Spirit Mountain Range. It is said that there is a high-level Spirit Emperor level in the deepest part of the Giant Spirit Mountain Range.
Monsters and monsters are more powerful than humans of the same level. Wu Tianya will naturally not go to such a deep place to collect materials. He is only on the periphery, but the periphery is not necessarily safe. He has been there many times and almost every time he encounters it by chance. The monster chase and attack time is long In addition, Wu Tianya has fought more times with monsters. In addition to his extraordinary cultivation talent and comprehension, monsters of the same level are no longer his opponents, but it is impossible that there are only monsters of the same level outside the Giant Spirit Mountain Range. Every time Wu Tianya will be chased and killed by monsters one or two levels higher than himself, this is the main reason why Wu Tianya doesn’t want to go to the Giant Spirit Mountain Range. Wu Tianya dropped the sledgehammer, Yun Tianying still said cheerfully, then okay, the old man will go in person, don’t say that the old man brought too much, you can’t refine it, and Yun Tianying stood up and stretched A lazy man, Wu Tianya was very angry. Yun Tianying used this method not once or twice. Once again, Wu Tianya made up his mind to let the old man go, but the materials brought back by the old man made him refine day and night for five days. I’ll go, I’ll go The old guy Wu Tianya gritted his teeth, I really don’t know why you can live so well Yun Tianying smiled and said that the old man was chased and killed when he was young, he accidentally fell into a mountain stream, but was accidentally blocked by a branch Wu Tianya was dumbfounded, and then you found a red fruit and ate it Later, I found that I had more than a thousand years of skill, and I couldn’t die.
The ranks of the Dashan Tianwu Continent are the spiritual master, the spiritual disciple, the spiritual master, the spiritual master, the spiritual master, the Lingzong, the Lingzong, the Linghuang, the Lingdi, the spiritual saint, and the spiritual god.
In China, there is no one who is a god who created the world with his own hands, and the Lingdi is the founder of a certain sect who is active in the legend, the legendary powerful man who has conquered all the world, these are the Lingdi As for the Linghuang, they are not eligible to enter the legend because they are active in the mouths of practitioners.
The ruler of a certain mountain range, the suzerain of a certain sect, the supreme elder of a certain place, and the leader of a certain place. Each stage is divided into nine.
According to legend, there are only three levels of Lingdi, but it is just a legend that people like Wu Tianya who live at the bottom will not care about such things. These are very far away from Wu Tianya, because he is just a spiritual disciple who has just entered cultivation. Struggling in the entanglement of breaking through the realm Chapter 2 Entering the Juling Mountains Wu Tianya knows that Yun Tianying is probably a hidden world master Although the size and length are not very similar, but Yun Tianying’s mystery is what makes him believe that the reason is this hidden world The masters treat themselves like their own grandsons, but the masters don’t hand over a set of exercises to themselves.
The friends who play with me better in Wucheng no matter what the exercises are, but they all have the lowest set of exercises. Even though they have used the exercises The practice speed is similar to my own, or even not as good as my own, but after all, everyone has it, so it’s not a good feeling if I don’t have it.
Wu Tianya also secretly bought exercises, but he couldn’t find them when he woke up.