Why did the other party who was living a good life suddenly come over and intervene To come out suddenly and disrupt his plan since

It’s a good thing that the copywriting time travels to become a prince, but Qin Zixuan finds that something is wrong. What kind of ghost is Jia Baoyu, the king of Jiashi, and the four big families of Xue? The little prince looked up at the sky and touched the little fox’s head.
The end of this article is not good to be the king of the Red Chamber.
Lin Xuan of the Red Mansion.
Content tags: A Dream of Red Mansions has a special liking for traveling through time and space. The main character of the article is Qin Zixuan. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get favored, you don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. Being a happy millet worm, life is so easy and happy.
My heart is struggling with the perfect plan to go out of the palace and build a mansion when I grow up, but I can’t prevent a bolt from the blue from hitting my head. What the hell is Jia Baoyu Jia Shi Wang Xue What are the four big families? The little prince looks up at the sky and suddenly feels a little sad. The language of this article is humorous and emotional. Through a series of climaxing plots, it shows the growth process of a little prince.
Among them, the wonderful elements such as scheming and palace fighting are easy to use, which are fascinating and refreshing. And the battle of wits and courage between the little prince and the playwright father and the old fox master is one of the highlights of this article, which makes people laugh out loud and applaud.
There are not many cool places in the imperial garden with green grass and flowers. Even the concubines who used to compete for splendor and want to have a chance encounter with the emperor in the imperial garden also stayed in their own palace obediently.
The emperor had long ago moved his favorite concubine to the palace to escape the summer heat. Most of the rest were unfavored people.
The protagonists were not with each other and there was nothing to fight for.
This used to be the place where incidents frequently occurred.
The garden has become a rare and clean place.
Qin Zixuan sat on a high rockery with dangling legs and stretched comfortably. On weekdays, he stayed in his small palace to avoid unnecessary troubles. Here, only the favored concubines, empresses and concubines, and the princes and princes followed him to escape the summer heat. He ran out here for a stroll, holding a freshly folded willow branch in his hand, and a four- or five-year-old person sat there tall. On the rockery, there are white and tender little hands resting on the chin, and a pair of big black eyes are constantly wandering around. It looks very cute.
Now it’s midsummer.
Although the weather is a bit hot, the imperial garden is full of red flowers and green leaves. It’s really beautiful. Looking from this rockery You can still see the lotus pond not far away. Although it is a bit difficult to climb up, Qin Zixuan still thinks it is worth it. He is leisurely admiring the lotus pond not far away. There seems to be some movement from the side.
Lai looked over curiously, and saw two or three men in guard uniforms chasing a white thing, and four or five little eunuchs behind him, Qin Zixuan, felt a little curious. Seeing the white thing, he didn’t know what it was. Something like an animal ran towards him, after a little thought, he carefully supported the stone and walked down from the rockery to the other side After getting closer to Qin Zixuan, he could see clearly what the white thing was.
It was a little white fox. He couldn’t tell what breed it was. It was all snow-white without a trace of fur. It was as small as a small pug, and it was being caught by those people. The guards are chasing and fleeing here and there, looking very pitiful Fifth prince, why are you here? This beast can scratch people, but don’t hurt you.
Seeing Qin Zixuan’s small figure running over and following the guards, the eunuchs are a little surprised After discussing with each other, the others stayed there to catch the little fox and only sent one of the eunuchs over. Qin Zixuan didn’t pay much attention to these people’s obvious negligent behavior and the little eunuch’s superficially respectful but secretly perfunctory attitude. Accustomed to looking at the little fox who is about to be chased by the guards not far away, Qin Zixuan hesitated for a moment and asked which lady’s pet is this? Looking at the snow-white figure in the distance and the wet eyes, Qin Zixuan felt a little bit heartbroken. He has no resistance to such a fluffy little thing. Seeing that little thing being chased miserably, he can’t bear it.
The fifth prince is a local tribute.
Who would have thought that this little bastard would have a chance to run out, don’t worry, he will catch the little eunuch soon, noticing Qin Zixuan’s fox-like eyes, he smiled and said, half threatening, half warning, his eyes sank Qin Zixuan looked at the little eunuch silently and didn’t speak for a while, but seeing the little eunuch’s smile that hadn’t changed at all, he couldn’t help feeling helpless in his heart, and regretfully looked at the pure white little fox. Qin Zixuan hesitated for a moment, then Turning around and wanting to leave, the imperial concubine has always been the most beloved concubine in the palace, even the empress has to back down by three points, how can he, an unloved little prince, be able to offend him? Surviving in the harem is the most basic thing.
Qin Zixuan understands this truth after traveling for so many years, but he thinks back to the little fox looking at him for help, his pitiful little appearance, his legs seem to be filled with lead, and he can’t move no matter what.
The little eunuch didn’t pay any attention to Qin Zixuan who was standing still here, but went to help catch the little fox on his own. As a noble concubine, the people in the palace would not look down on an unfavored prince. Although the little fox had some spirituality, he was not a human being. After being chased and intercepted by several guards, he was still caught by them. He let out a series of shrill shouts, as if he knew his fate, and at the same time he kept struggling to face Qin Zixuan. Qin Zixuan pursed his lips and looked at the little fox with increasingly desperate eyes like a human being.