Why did Lu Haozi do this Why did he dare to do this Doesn’t he want to make money Damn is this a contract that

At the beginning, he just wanted to spend 800,000 yuan to take care of it, and then took the remaining 200,000 yuan back to his hometown on the eve of the movie’s release.
From then on, he honestly married his wife and started a small business. At the same time, he didn’t come to Hengdian after killing him.
But the box office The first chapter exploded, the unprofessional fool in Hengdian Xia Luyuan stubbed out the cigarette butt, took a look at the script that took five hours to write, and spit hard.
He planned to make a change. Hengdian in June is always hot and dry. With a bit of boredom, he looked at the colorful Hengdian long-legged girls who came and went, and the five-person and six-person director who was as good as two hundred and five. As a time traveler, he finally made a very bold decision.
If you want to fool the fat sheep to come and invest in yourself, a liar is a liar. This world that kills thousands of dollars does not lie to honest people.
If you don’t lie to others, others will lie to you. At least Lu Yuan has been cheated of a lot of money.
Okay, Lu Yuan is in five years. A few hours ago, he was an honest man.
Five hours later, he will not be an honest man. Well, after putting on a suit, he really looks like a dog. Even if it’s a second-hand one, it doesn’t look too bad. A man who thought he was handsome and nodded in satisfaction. The second-hand Newbark suit, which costs two hundred yuan a penny, is still a bit of a showman. He lowered his head and glanced at the undergraduate degree certificate of Yanying Director Department in his hand, and then smiled.
The script The clothes are ready, the words are ready, and the words are ready. Everything is ready. The only thing I owe is Feiyang Hengdian. There are people coming and going, the hustle and bustle is incomparable, there are tourists and busy crews, actors and directors. Filming is underway in Hengdian. This is a film jointly shot by China’s third-generation cutting-edge director Shen Lianjie and the popular actress Liu Fangfei. The filming scene is not a big one.
When passing by the production team in the capital, Lu Yuan subconsciously lit the last cigarette and glanced at the production team. He glanced enviously at Shen Lianjie, who was sitting on a high platform cursing his mother and spitting all over the place After spitting and cursing sourly, Lu Yuan continued to walk towards the tourist parking lot after all kinds of envy and hatred Countless luxury cars, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz were parked. After a long time of screening, Lu Yuan finally set his sights on a pink Lamborghini.
The owner of the car was a girl wearing sunglasses. He is a very deceitful person.
When Qian Qianduo took off his sunglasses, Lu Yuan was a little dazed. The girl was smiling, showing her white canine teeth.
She looked innocent and she was wearing the same pink floral dress floating in the wind.
It was inexplicable. The feeling of intoxication is mixed with the fragrance of flowers in the air. She looks pure but noble, and at the same time mixed with some youthful and girlish atmosphere. Angels are so fucking beautiful in the world. Can think of these five words After finishing, Lu Yuan stubbed out the cigarette butt and tidied up his clothes.
Without a word, he walked towards the girl. The sunshine in June was a bit hot. To be honest, Lu Yuan was a little nervous. After all, he is an otaku and a virgin, and it was the first time he seriously wanted to fool someone, so he The palms of his hands are all sweaty, and the script is beginning to show a little wetness, but he must make a change, he must stop being an honest person, come on Lu Yuan, after doing this vote, you will be prosperous Lu Yuan is constantly thinking about himself in his heart At the same time as he cheered up, there were no less than hundreds of chat-up plans in Douyin before crossing, and even these pick-up plans gave Lu Yuan a kind of confidence that he was a lover. He quickened his pace and felt that hope was far away.
It’s my director’s certificate. This is my script.
A gust of wind blew up Wang Jinxue’s long skirt. Wang Jinxue looked at this suddenly panting young man with a flushed face and subconsciously took his director’s certificate and script. Take a look at my me. Lu Yuan really wanted to slap himself in the face, then turned around and ran away. He was nervous and he stuttered. This is completely different from the opening line he had planned.
This is nothing but the arrow is on the string and has to be sent. Lu Yuan can’t let his foolishness end in tragedy. In the end, he can only bite the bullet and show a smile that he thinks is very kind and charming. Wang Jinxue is still a little confused at the moment. The situation is just that at first glance, Lu is far from being a liar. At least Wang Jinxue thinks that such a naive and stupid liar can’t exist in this world. Sorry, I don’t make movies or be an actor.
Wang Jinxue raised her head and looked at Lu with a polite smile.
Far from letting you make a movie Lu Yuan shook his head, then you are me with a good script, I am a very good director and actor, and at the same time the owner of a remote film company He put his hand into his pocket and took it out, intending to take his first step. Puff Wang Jinxue suddenly smiled.
She thought this person was very interesting, especially the kind of clumsy acting that was obviously sincere but deliberately pretended to be bad. I think it’s interesting, at least it’s different from the people around me. This young man looks very sincere, his eyes are clear, and his smile is also reassuring. This is my business card. Wang Jinxue took out a business card and handed it to Wang Jinxue Lu Yuan Wang Jinxue took a look at the business card and the company and phone number on the card, yes, my name is Lu Yuan, I think we can, we can cooperate Wang Jinxue continued to laugh and smiled deeply with a little teasing Ah, Lu Yuan’s serious expression froze for a moment.