Why did it fail Yes Qian Duoduo checked the indicator light was surprised broke out in cold sweat what happened Cao Wushuang came over the

Years ago, he was the prince of the world, the commander-in-chief of soldiers and horses, and later he was reincarnated as a soldier king.
To save people, he retired early and became a reporter. He offended the powerful, was framed and imprisoned.
The love through the ages has lasted thousands of years, the hatred of the family, the horoscope of the horoscope, the master of the generation, and the generation of soldiers who rely on fortune-telling to kill a way out of the Jedi The state enacts laws, iron, blood, tenderness, green blood, yellow sand, numerology, mysteries, life and death, brothers, justice and love.
Chapter 1 is ambiguous.
As a reporter of Xingyang City TV Station in Xingjiang Province, Great Chu Kingdom, Sheng Lin seems to be a different kind of reporter, director, host, etc.
He is a reporter from a professional background, but he is a half-way monk.
After graduating from a military academy, he stayed in school for a year as a special operations tactical instructor, and then served in the Navy Special Forces. He joined the TV station as a reporter just because he was born in Yeluzi, so many colleagues look down on him. That’s all.
Sheng Lin thinks he is a person with a strong heart, so he keeps a calm attitude towards it. The problem is that those people often exclude him. Why is he excluded? It’s because he is a popular job as an alternative TV reporter. Not only because of his high social status, but also because in a sense, it’s a fat job.
Because he has the right to speak, there are many rent-seeking opportunities. I want to show a positive image. It can make your image more perfect. When encountering negative incidents, express that you can turn major events into small ones. It means that it is natural that real money is needed, so many people’s income far exceeds the number on their salary slips, but Shenglin does. Without these extra incomes, it’s not that he doesn’t have opportunities, but that when he encounters opportunities, he rejects them. He stubbornly sticks to his principles and resolutely refuses to accept money that shouldn’t be taken. Everyone accepts it. You don’t accept it.
What do you want to do? You want to flaunt your dignity Want to draw a line with us or want to report us? Of course, these are all secret words that cannot be said on the table. These can’t be said.
It doesn’t mean other things, and you can’t talk about business matters. Talk about your head office. Tell me about your bad habits.
Right, every time your manuscript is aired, you always have to communicate with the anchor to emphasize your thinking angle and key points, but do TV stations have such regulations? Are there such regulations in the industry? Why do you have so many things? Do you know that? Zhou Qun and Zhao Shiyin asked us to learn from you and do the same because of you.
What kind of leader are you? You must lead this leader. Doesn’t it require us to work harder? Director Zhou is a veterinarian, but now he is the director of a TV station.
If you say he is more wild than you, you don’t make extra money.
We recognize that although you are arrogant, you haven’t blocked our way of making money. Good luck to me.
We recognized your grandpa as Master Yixue randomly counts the fortune of any boss and adjusts Feng Shui, it will be tens of thousands.
Your grandma is the presiding officer of Chanjue Temple. The temple is full of incense. Many bosses donate money and make offerings.
Naturally, your dad is the principal of the Provincial Experimental Middle School.
You Mom opened the most famous kindergarten in Xingjiang province by herself. You are the only one with their money. Your family’s big villa will be yours in the future.
Although there are suspicions of flowers being stuck in cow dung, we have reminded Dai Qingning, but she herself recognizes us, so we can’t say anything more, but why are you still sticky with another leading Huadan, Qin Wangshu? You are stepping on two boats. Swinging around, have you ever wondered if we are full, we don’t know if we are hungry, if we are hungry, why don’t you leave us a way to survive? You have excess hormones, we don’t have excess hormones. You have been a soldier and have been on the battlefield. You are a bloody person. We dare not expose it. Director Zhou and Director Zhao think highly of you, and we don’t want to be too against you.
Usually, we always tell us fortune-telling, choose an auspicious day, check Fengshui, and don’t charge money.
It’s a debt of gratitude to you. It’s not because of these things that we beat you to death long ago. Do you know that so many people are going to beat him to death? Sheng Lin doesn’t know that not only doesn’t he know that he also feels good about himself.
Today he edited and edited the death of Taohuagou coal mine under Tianquan Holding People’s mining accident Taohuagou subsidence area and Tianquan Real Estate’s suspected collusion with the underworld during the land expropriation The in-depth exposure report of a citizen being crushed to death with a forklift will be broadcast on Xingyang TV’s ace column Noon Focus. It took a lot of effort Digging out these shady stories, making unscrupulous businessmen pay the price, and recovering justice for the victims really made Shenglin feel good.
At this time, he is waiting for the anchor of the column, Qin Wangshu, and wants to emphasize to her the thinking angle and focus of his report. Regarding this unnecessary move, others Most of the anchors are perfunctory, but Qin Wangshu will actively communicate with him every time, which makes Shenglin feel like a bosom friend.
While waiting, Shenglin uses the big Liuren to teach him a lesson. He wants to predict what will happen to Qin Wangshu today.
This is a game they often play among women.
Women love fortune-telling, even though Qin Wangshu is a woman among women. The thought of Qin Wangshu’s surprised look when he told Qin Wangshu about the result later, Shenglin couldn’t bear it. Get proud of your place of residence and talk about Qin Wangshu Qin Wangshu just arrived.
She has put on makeup, her eyes are bright and her teeth are beautiful.
What are you doing today? Qin Wangshu sits down and asks you tonight at eight o’clock. When the mutton is half eaten, one person will leave, but then another person will come. You are right. There are indeed three friends who came from the capital to Beijing to make an appointment to have dinner together. What else?