Why did I suddenly think of this So I asked Monkey King’s voice but no matter how I heard it there was some anticipation and

One sentence sums up the relationship between the male and female protagonists.
The male protagonist has been suppressed by the female protagonist for five hundred years.
After being robbed of love by a sword, Chai Xi embarked on the road of robbing people forever. However, she always has to pay back when she comes out, so she When it fell, the following scene appeared when it was in danger. Chai Xi resolutely said, Great Sage, please throw me over there to see if I can’t kill them.
However, the weight is always so sad. What should I do? Read the guide Sun Wukong and the Five Elements Mountain. It is definitely a traditional content label. Classical masterpieces. What kind of experience is it like to wake up and find that the one who is suppressed by a mountain is still my male god? Chaixi found out that there are too many sad things to wear into the Five Elements Mountain. For example, the weight is always so sad. Another example is the male god. Sun Wukong, he may never return once he is gone The laughter is full of emotions, and at the same time it evokes irreplaceable memories of childhood It’s no longer the chance to sit in front of the computer, type a bunch of words in the answer box of Zhihu’s web page, and then wait for countless likes until it ranks first in the answer.
This is a sad story. It’s a sad story.
Speaking of her initial feelings at that time, she had a headache and heavy eyelids. Chai Xi was in a daze trying to turn over, but found that she couldn’t move at all and was pressed by a ghost. She remembered that she used to have a supernatural physique and often listened to it. The sound of marbles coming from the ceiling has been refuted, so let’s ignore it, but she can hear a lot of sounds that others can’t hear since she was a child, and she can see some strange things that others can’t see, such as her The sound of the piano next door to the newly moved apartment in the middle of the night is very hair-raising, because she asked the landlord and other neighbors that there is no one living next door. Even though it is scary, Chaixi herself does not take it too seriously. After all, there are ghosts. I didn’t want to hurt her, and she was already quite courageous.
After entering university, she often played horror games when she was not in class, and made a live commentary and uploaded it to the Internet. It was just a little transparent. Saw and tweeted her video and became famous overnight and since then she has been known for her amazing positioning and that sweet voice.
Bad she suddenly remembered that she promised viewers to update an old shit tonight that old shit she has been procrastinating for a long time. Chai Xi sighed inwardly and struggled to get up to turn on the computer.
She stayed up too late yesterday.
When she climbed into bed, she probably forgot to cover herself with the quilt and caught a cold, which caused her to have a headache. Even this can’t stop her from spreading the soil to level the pit, but she can’t move, she can’t even open her eyes, she always feels as if someone is stopping her movement, Chai Xi gritted her teeth angrily and forcefully let her go A ray of light leaked in. The sun hurt the eyes that hadn’t gotten used to it yet. The intensity of the light made Chaixi stunned for a moment. She didn’t remember that she opened the curtains last night, and it was rainy these days.
She has opened her eyes smoothly, and all she can see is the blue sky and green trees. The endless mountains not far away make Chai Xi dumbfounded.
She is like Standing on the top of which mountain, you can clearly see the white clouds lingering around her. The soft, erratic and comfortable white clouds are scattered around her body like cotton wool that has been torn apart, making Chaixi still a little wet.
She felt that she could see the surrounding scenery and breathe the very fresh air, but only her body was so heavy that she couldn’t move. Chai Xi had a bad feeling in her heart, but it was quickly suppressed by her. She tried hard to move her body and finally had a moment. A small stone rolled down from her body, and Shi Chaixi almost knelt down in fright.
She wondered if it was because of the resentment of the audience at the bottom of the pit that she was transmigrated into that damn horror game that never ended because it was a coincidence The most important thing is that the ultimate of that game is really only Medusa, which is the same as the suffering sweetheart routine set in many games.
The male protagonist’s girlfriend turned into stone because he entered the cave by mistake during archaeology and saw Medusa’s eyes.
Therefore, the male protagonist Just gone and set foot on the road of adventure, if she becomes one of those stones in the pile of stones hehe But Chai Xi immediately realizes that this is impossible anyway The pile of stones that should be in the underground palace is not Should have been moved to the top of the mountain The original game didn’t seem to have this plot and she didn’t see the other stones either Now she might have to think about the possibility of something worse than being a stone statue after all they were said to be undone in the end The matter of crossing the curse is gone, and according to the height, the stiff feeling, the feeling of a stone falling, and the looming green in the field of vision, she may have passed through a mountain, so life is so short, Chaixi’s heart is almost bursting There were screams, but at this moment, an angry cry suddenly came from far below, my grandson’s ears are going to be deafened by you, who is talking, my grandson, what the hell? There is only one famous person who claims to be my grandson, and there is almost no one who has not grown up listening to the story of the Monkey King who is known as the Monkey King.