Why did I bring you into my house Lu Xinyao is shouting So at this time she was just angrily asking who Tang Yaners senior

Am I dreaming until Lu Shaochen suddenly woke up and looked very flustered? The shocking scene just now is just like a fighting scene in a novel, and it is very realistic. It’s the protagonist who fights bloody battles and is invincible, but is it just a dream? It’s as simple as that. When the fierce battle is not over, the dark sky suddenly flies down.
All of a sudden, he was awakened from a dream. What happened afterwards? Lu Shaochen couldn’t imagine that Lu Shaochen, who was still in a daze, stood up straight in front of the computer, and then looked out the window. The weather in the hot summer, it’s normal for thunderstorms, right? I saw thunder and lightning outside the window.
Glittering and accompanied by howling winds, the unclosed windows were suddenly shaking non-stop.
At this moment, Lu Shaochen wanted to get up to close the windows, but another bad situation happened.
He was caught by the wires under the computer desk. But at that time, Lu Shaochen didn’t notice a sudden moment. Lu Shaochen was tripped and fell to the ground ah! After feeling the pain, Lu Shaochen was just about to get up in embarrassment, but who knew that there was an electric current coming from his left foot, just for a moment. The thing is that Lu Shaochen has not yet fully experienced the sour feeling of being shocked by the electric shock.
Suddenly, he is unconscious.
At the same time, there is something weird.
The whole room has no electricity, but the computer is turned on and the two have been frozen in the game screen.
When Lu Shaochen is there again suddenly When he wanted to come, he was in an unfamiliar environment. What the hell is this place? The surroundings were like an illusion. In an unfamiliar place, Lu Shaochen may only be able to talk to himself about what’s going on every day. Before, a doze off could be very real.
In a chaotic situation, and he’s still facing a natural disaster, he doesn’t know what’s going on.
It’s like being shocked by an electric shock.
Then he passed out and some strange things happened again.
In fact, Lu Shaochen didn’t know what happened. Anyway, he should be counted as unlucky today. Such serious thinking and recollection Lu Shaochen seems to have forgotten that he is currently walking into the gradually dim surrounding area. At this moment, Lu Shaochen suddenly noticed something was wrong. He hurriedly stepped back. Luckily, he didn’t go forward.
This area is dark and dark.
Lu Shaochen took a closer look and felt a little scary.
Suddenly, a pair of blood-red eyes opened. Lu Shaochen panicked again and fell to the ground. Is this the entrance of ghosts and ghosts? I feel like I saw a ghost. Lu Shaochen panicked.
He kept his hands on the ground, swam back and forth until an injured person crawled out of the dark area, and Lu Shaochen also saw helplessly that it was a human being, so there should be nothing to be afraid of. Lu Shao Chen saw that his facial features are all there, nose and eyes, but his face is very pale, you are injured, Lu Shaochen exclaimed that he found such a problem, after Lu Shaochen sees the situation clearly, there is nothing scary right now, at this time, he naturally has to stand up in front of him It’s just an injured person, now Lu Shaochen has no reason to be afraid of such a person, so Lu Shaochen mustered up his courage and walked towards this person to save me It looks like an ancient person in a strange costume.
Could it be that you are the one filming? At this moment, Lu Shaochen really wants to know who this person is and what his identity is. This person who can appear here inexplicably is actually a cultivator from a different time and space.
In the realm of self-cultivation ruled by demons, he was conspired and injured before, and he was healed by luck in a hidden place. Unexpectedly, because of his eagerness for success and the violent impact of foreign objects from the sky, what happened to him became the situation in front of him. This person briefly recalled it and then Said that I am a cultivator from Lin Xiao’s Creation Continent, I was framed by someone before to be able to get to where I am today, what is your name Lin Xiao? The cultivator Lu Shaochen was dumbfounded and said, “This is too incredible, right? The person in front of me is Lin Xiao, a cultivator. Xiao Lu Shaochen looked at him in disbelief, he was full of thoughts and didn’t know what to do, this is too nonsense, uncle, have you read too many novels, and you are still wearing an actor’s clothes, talking about a play? I am talking about what you are talking about, I am really a cultivator Lin Xiao, who calls himself a cultivator, said very seriously.
Regarding such a problem, I can see that there is someone here who should be a predestined person.
Maybe it can help me think of this cultivation. Lin Xiao is slowly trying to get up, but the whole body can’t move now, how can I believe that you are helpless, Lu Shaochen scratched his head and said in embarrassment, “Come here, I still have the last bit of primordial spirit, I will take it Transmission to you, but you have to agree to save me, and I will take you to practice.
How about this? Should I believe that Lu Shaochen also admires this person who can talk so much when he is dying? Isn’t this situation the plot that appeared in TV drama How can a person who is about to die still be able to explain so many things in a long story? Lu Shaochen couldn’t help admiring the person in front of him again. Thinking of this cultivator Lin Xiao, who is already dying like this, he is a little soft-hearted, let’s do some good deeds, maybe he can do it in the future Lucky made up his mind to try his best to help this cultivator Lu Shaochen naturally didn’t think too much about it at this time, he took a deep breath and walked forward, someone who came to the front of the cultivator and squatted down Lu Shaochen felt very helpless