Why did he accept this task Yue Subaru knew very well that what he was going to say next was no less than the fear

Half asleep and half awake, Zhou Fangwu came to an empty room.
It was dark, deep and a bit cold.
Where is this place? Mr. Zhou Fangwu, welcome to the world after death. Under the gentle and inclusive voice, the tense mood gradually calmed down. Zhou Fangwu turned around and looked at her.
She has long water-blue hair, water-blue pupils, a water-blue long dress, and a lavender feather coat covering her whole body.
You are the spirit of water.
The image of the goddess Akua is exactly the same as the image of the water goddess Akua in the anime “Blessings for a Beautiful World” But he immediately denied that this girl is the real goddess Aqua, the goddess of water, she is ethereal and elusive, her perfect plain makeup has no flaws, and she is surrounded by the radiance of a god. If she is not the goddess of water, then Who is it? At least Zhou Fangwu, who considers himself a senior fan of the second dimension, will not admit his mistake! Has my name been passed on to you? The Qiongbi looks like how great she is. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
The next second, Akuya, who noticed her gaffe, immediately returned to the image of a goddess.
She coughed gently and explained to you again, Mr. Zhou Fangwu. Welcome to the world after death.
I am sorry to tell you that you are already dead.
Zhou Fangwu let out a sigh of relief. I don’t know whether I should be happy or disappointed. I passed through, but I am also dead. Sorry, can I ask a question? The one who died was sudden death. Akuya said seriously to him. Years of staying up all night made you very weak. Finally, you died suddenly at three o’clock in the morning yesterday. This is impossible.
I said it was impossible. Zhou Fangwu denied Aku Ya, it is absolutely impossible for me to die suddenly, but Akuya wanted to say something but was interrupted by Zhou Fangwu. Impossible is impossible. My name is Zhou Fangwu. I live in a small courtyard house on the Third Ring Street in Shanghai. I am single and I am away from my house.
The three-kilometer studio has never worked overtime, and after work at one o’clock every day, I just stay at home and watch anime. I never smoke or drink, and I only try to go to bed on time at night. No matter what, I have to sleep for an hour.
Of course, sports and the like are not. During many holidays, I often go to the gym to exercise, and my physical fitness is far superior to that of ordinary people. The doctor said that I am normal. The huge impact after singing made Akua stunned and a little speechless. People are deceiving people, she is not deceitful, she started to make troubles unreasonably, she is not from the island country, why can she speak the island language so well, as an otaku who likes anime, she can speak the island language proficiently, it is not too much, but your surname is Zhou Fang, my surname is Zhou, not Zhou Fang, I am authentic The people of Daxia screwed up her Goddess of water, Akuyara, got the wrong person, why is she not from the island country? Can be picked up by me, the goddess of the island country? Akua roared loudly, saying where did the original Zhou Fangwu go? After a long while, she finally accepted the fact that she pulled the wrong person. Can Goddess Akua send me back? Zhou Fangwu is looking for a way to go back.
Compared to traveling through Zhou Fangwu, he really wants to go back. He still has parents waiting for him to support him.
He hasn’t seen his sister wearing a white wedding dress yet. Looking at the ceiling with dull eyes on the seat, people who come here cannot return to the original world.
This is the rule of the heavens, and I can’t change it.
What should I do? Zhou Fangwu’s brain is trembling. His parents and his sister are still Is there a new episode of this season that I haven’t watched yet? By the way, boy, do you like games? Akua suddenly became energetic and said to Zhou Fangwu as if bewitched.
I took out a stack of leaflet-like paper from my arms and handed it to Zhou Fangwu.
Next, I will send you to a different world to live a new life. It will not wash away your memory. At the same time, I will give you a cheating skill to let you live in a different world. The world can live in a chic and carefree way, and Akuya’s little calculation made a crackling noise.
In this way, the mistake of receiving and guiding can be solved, and it can make up for Zhou Fangwu’s natural way of suppressing this matter.
Killing two birds with one stone, what do you mean, the original Zhou Fangwu, who cares about him? If the heavens find out that her dereliction of duty is minor, she will be punished severely, and she will lose her job. The old god Akuya was watching Zhou Fangwu as if he was convinced of him. If he didn’t know the original work, then Zhou Fangwu might have compromised, but knowing that he would have given him a cheating level ability, how could he be willing to do so? As long as he is an adult, he will want more, right? Goddess Aqua, what is this cheating level ability inherent in? When they are sent to another world, give them a special ability. That’s your job.
That’s right. Aqua said bluntly. Of course, if you don’t want this, there is another option, which is to go to heaven. A super boring world with no body, no entertainment, no food and drink, don’t try to lie to me, Goddess Aqua, your main purpose is to lure those people to another world, right? This may be related to your performance or the evaluation among the gods Well, I guess if the number is small or wrong, then you will definitely be punished, so there is only one truth, you will not easily give up any person from another world