Why can’t you see it A strong man like me why do you always think about being bad for me instead of turning enemies into

Where there are thoughts, there are contradictions.
Where there are people, there are struggles.
It is nothing more than disagreements and interests. Tianming is watching a fight that he will never forget.
On that day, there was goose feathers and heavy snow in the sky. Tian Ming, who came to Qingyang Mountain for skiing from Xiong, is looking at the distant battle with his big eyes wide open Why do you give it to me? Just because I am better than you than me.
You really don’t know how high the sky is, how thick the ground is, how powerful I am! In the sky, two figures, one black and one white, intersect each other, each showing their housekeeping skills, obviously. Tian Ming, who is not really good at skiing, happened to slide down the mountain. Although his skills were not good, he rolled a few times on the way, but he never got tired of it. When Tian Ming saw the battle in the sky, he immediately lay quietly on the snow and looked at his heart quietly. I secretly thought that these two people were flying in the air, and the sword energy was so powerful.
If I had this ability, I would be free and at ease.
At this moment, I saw the black masked man lightly sliding the sword with his left hand, and a few drops of blood immediately flowed out from his left hand and attached to the sword. Raised his right hand sideways and yelled in a low voice, distracted by the evil spirit, a fierce blood-colored sword energy shot away, the white-clothed monk said in shock, you are actually a cultivator in broad daylight, you dare to come out to kill people in broad daylight, you are not a coward, your tone is startled, but your hand is steady, and your right hand spins lightly The body of the sword is round and invisible, and a wall of cyan energy has been built in front of him.
Tian Ming watched the fierce blood-colored sword qi collide with the seemingly soft cyan-colored energy wall, thinking in his heart that the blood-colored sword qi is so sharp. That blue wall of energy is about to be smashed, the man in white is in danger, but something unexpected happened. Tian Ming stared at the blood-colored sword, showing an incredulous expression. The man in black is so powerful, the man in black has such fierce sword energy that he can’t break through the blue aura wall of the man in white With an indomitable momentum, he rushed to the throat of the white-clothed monk, and at the same time quickly made a few gestures, and then gathered his palms again on his chest and pushed it out horizontally, making the blood-colored sword go like a sky-high.
Although the white-clothed monk sensed this The sword is extremely dangerous, still concentrated and calm, without any panic, quickly thrust the sapphire sword forward with a dizzying hand speed, both feet on the ground formed a lunge, both hands pointed from the middle to the left and said in a low voice, the sapphire sword is about to stand The power turned out to be the Qingyu Fenxie in Qingyu swordsmanship, I saw a big blue sword covering the Qingyu sword, the bloody sword was suddenly difficult to advance, and the bloody sword was in a stalemate for a moment. This scene really made Tianming envious, eyes filled with fascination, being filled with the thought that this life would not be in vain if he had this ability, when the man in black saw the bloody sword and the blue sword at each other, he was very upset and thought to himself This person is so difficult to deal with, I can’t beat him even with such moves, but this record of longevity is not enough What a snatch, it seems that the man in black had no choice but to use a ruthless trick At that time, a dark force entered the body of the man in black, unconsciously spitting out a mouthful of blood.
The man in black thought it was bad, and at the same time forced himself to swallow the mouthful of old blood, and at the same time turned his body and waved his right hand. The domineering blood-colored air wave slashed at the white-clothed monk.
The black-clothed man thought he had no flaws. When he was angry in his heart, he was ready to fight a psychological war.
He opened his mouth like a stern voice, and said, “Grandpa, I just used three points of strength to hit all your tricks. You should be obedient.
” Hand over the Longevity Record, grandpa promises not to kill you, if you don’t hand it in, you have to think about the fear of being trampled by me, after saying that, I laughed out loud, but I didn’t know that the blood on my teeth revealed the fact that I had suffered internal injuries. You are really a bold lunatic, you are a three-legged cat, and you are ashamed to brag in front of me, but you just used only one success to beat you into this appearance. I really can’t think of how you It’s a shame to let me hand over the Longevity Record. When you opened your mouth, you didn’t think about whether your strength is up to you. Would you be fooled by me? On the surface, you look dismissive, but in fact, you use a relentless attitude to perform mystical skills to face the enemy.
Fang only heard a sound of breaking, and the blue sword energy successfully dissipated with the blood sword energy into the air If you offend me, it’s too late to kowtow and admit your mistake.
The right hand holding the sword swiftly swung the bloody sword in his hand, attacking the white-clothed monk with a mysterious trajectory.
Facing the heavy sword, the white-clothed monk’s face remained unchanged, and at the same time, he knew that when he was desperate, he was dying If you can’t see through, treat it as invisible, prepare to use attack to attack, and immediately step forward, stabbing the sapphire sword in the air with an aura of life and death The sword attacked the man in black, he couldn’t help but took a deep breath and muttered, God, the man in black originally wanted to fight with the monk in white with this disillusionment killing style, and ended the battle with a killer move after he showed his flaws, never thought of this The friar in white has such a staunch personality. He is fighting with you and no self in the face. He had to change this illusory killing style from nine-point false moves to real moves. The right hand was trembling regularly, the left hand gathered strength, quickly made a mysterious gesture, then held the knife in both hands, shouted violently, “Should die!” The evil blood devours life, this killing move turned out to be transformed by using a large amount of blood essence of oneself.
The moves are very powerful against the enemy