Why can’t you accept it His face flushed for a long time he slapped his thigh suddenly and said eat After returning home to play

Yang Jue really wants to say that I am just playing games. You guys from Bangziguo and Xiaodaoguo can’t find a wife. It’s none of my business.
Who told you that you are too young? One day’s work label hilarious otaku technical flow main text chapter crossing family love Yang Jue leisurely woke up looking at the white room filled with the smell of disinfectant looking at a bottle of intravenous drip hanging on the side I was covered with a white quilt and had a splitting headache With a little bit of memory, I found myself traveling to a parallel world. This world is almost the same as before. League of Legends is the most popular game in the world, but the difference is that the various routines that were once popular have not been developed in this world, and even many heroes. Even the latest version has not been updated.
For example, the sword master, barbarian Xinye, no one will use the style of play.
He used to dominate one side every season, and no one has researched it. In this world, there are very few kings. There are only ten in each region.
All of them are at the top of the League of Legends.
They used to be scumbags when they were less than a master. In this world, the Platinum rank is a great god, and the monthly income is more than 10,000. If the anchor ability is strong, it will be even higher Wenjin usually goes to the club to apply for a job, and they can only enter the youth training team or the second team. Most likely, they will be a substitute or even a substitute who has no chance to play. Now the masters of drill one have become the object of competition among the major teams.
Directly issued Invitation letter Yang Jue sorted out the memories in his mind and found that the owner of this body was also named Yang Jue.
Because of a broken relationship and drinking too much, he came to the hospital for an IV. After thinking about the reason, he knew the reason.
It should be because he drank too much and was brought to the hospital for washing. Stomach raised his head and looked at the ceiling Traveling through here means that we will be separated from our parents in the world and never see each other for a day. Fortunately, I am not the only child and silently say a word to the ceiling. I am sorry that my child is unfilial and cannot accompany you. The door of the ward opens and only one The edge of the hair has turned gray. A middle-aged man in his fifties walked in.
At the same time, he recognized that this was the body.
The original owner’s parents didn’t know how to speak.
Instead, they stuck their throats and said, “Why are you here? I’m fine.
” Father Yang looked at it.
On the bed, my son’s eyes were bloodshot, as if he hadn’t fallen asleep for a long time, and he said to Yang Jue that it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, is there any discomfort? Are you hungry? Your mother would have come over too, but stop me and listen to my father talking to me. Looking at his kind face, Yang Jue’s eyes were moist and a memory flashed in his mind.
When he was five years old, he took it to Yang’s father for exercise.
When he was eight years old, he was injured when he was exercising.
His father said that he couldn’t cry. He could cry for other things, but he couldn’t be on the same road. Crying will laugh and step on all mountains and boulders When I was sixteen years old, I sent myself to high school in other places.
It doesn’t matter how I read books. But one thing to remember is that it is a man’s responsibility to make money, so I can only make a lot of money if I read well.
I couldn’t help crying out instinctively.
Say dad is tired, it’s okay, it’s okay, dad is healthy Don’t you know that it’s tough, it’s like hitting you, one hit five, no pressure at all, yes dad, you’re the best, can you bring my phone over and I’ll call mom by the way, she must be worried, Yang Jue nodded He echoed that the phone he took should be taken out of his clothes, flipped through the phone book and saw a name appeared at the top, his body trembled, and the information he learned from his memory was that his girlfriend met a platinum anchor who treated her Pursuit Remember to say to yourself when we broke up that you are a poor guy who has no car, no savings, no house, let’s break up. I regret that I met you when I saw you were handsome and studied well, but now I regret that I was too young and ignorant in high school. Looking back now, I feel very naive, so let’s break up, and we don’t need to contact each other from now on. I hope you bless me and my man, Yang Jue.
Seeing her turn around and get into the car of the Platinum anchor of the League of Legends, the man looked at him with contempt. The look in my eyes is withdrawn from the memory, I look at the phone book in the phone, shake my head and say silently to my heart, Yang Jue, let me replace you now, don’t worry, I will take care of your parents and the rest of the things, I will do it, I am to God I swear that if I can’t be struck by thunder, a sound will appear in my body after speaking, and Yang Jue now feels that his body is truly his own, it seems that there are many wonders in the world. After two beeps, a person’s voice came, is it Xiaojue? Hearing his mother’s anxious voice, Yang Jue said to the phone with a slightly sour voice, don’t worry, I’m fine. Don’t worry, I’m talking homely with my mother about about Twenty minutes later, my mother told him that the phone bill was too expensive. We can talk next time, so I had to put down the phone and tell my father that my drip was over and I didn’t feel any discomfort. Let’s leave the hospital, silly boy, don’t save money for the family Rest well before leaving the hospital Dad, look, I can jump and jump, why am I still here? It’s just a matter of support, otherwise my body is too weak and I fell down, what should I do? I left the hospital and had dinner. Father and son talked about homely topics. In the evening, Father Yang also said to save a little money and not stay here overnight.
Father sent me back to the dormitory and faced me Nagging himself, then turned and left, looking at his vicissitudes of the back, Yang Jue’s eyes were moist, facing his father who was leaving behind his back, although it is not the real father of the soul, it is very difficult to say those two words, but it is always considered by parents in this world Say loudly, Dad, I love you, with a long voice that is extremely loud, making everyone nearby look at this side, Father Yang’s body trembled