Why are you really going to kill me brother Jieta Qinglong’s voice was not loud but the despair in his emotions had reached the extreme

Prologue Years flow through space The world is chaotic and dark, the so-called time and space have no more meaning, only the uninterrupted breath is long, long, heavy, and majestic.
In one breath, the gray-white air flow flows along the two huge voids. It has been a long time since I returned. Again, the long thunder sounded, accompanied by dazzling bright white flashes, faintly illuminating the few seemingly different spots of light in the chaos, but some of them were annihilated by the dazzling bright white, and the rest were sprayed out of the huge void.
The gray-white air flow blows away and disappears without a trace.
After the bright white disappears, it returns to the chaos and light again. There is a sound of breathing and breathing, and this situation repeats itself. It cannot be measured by time, nor can it be measured by distance. Suddenly, behind that huge void Either the front, or the left and right two inexplicable gray-white vortexes rotate in the center of the vortex, and the dazzling and brighter light that comes with the thunder slowly appears until the two symmetrical shuttle light sources are completely born, as if to illuminate All this is unclear, roaring, a humanoid creature stands upright, with boundless anger and bewilderment, the giant hand finds a strange object out of nowhere, with the roar of anger, a series of bright lights appear in this grayish white, and a series of cracks appear Irreversible Since Pangu opened the world, the turbid sinks and the light rises.
In the endless chaos, there has been this world. Many creatures have gradually appeared in the world.
The world has derived mountains, rivers, sun, moon, vegetation, but it is unknown where it came from, and it is unknown.
When did it exist? There are only one legend after another. They are different, but it is difficult to tell the true from the false. Because there is no fruit, no end, grass, trees, stars, sun, moon, mountains, rivers, and myriad races have the same root, but it is difficult to share the same roots.
Chapter 1, a newborn in the fire, come quickly, brother, this is really effective, not my nonsense.
A muddy object is slowly growing up at the moment. Looking at the colorful light, it looks like it has nose and eyes. The little hand made of mud is waving the arm that was originally covered in mud. With his waving, the mud slowly cracks and falls down, revealing the smooth skin inside.
In front of the clay object is a young girl with childlike eyes, looking at the growing clay object full of curiosity and excitement. You must know that this object is made by her own hands, and she wants to give it to her mother as a gift. Leaving early and returning late, the frown that was tightly locked has not been stretched for a long time Nuwa thought in her heart that with this thing, she would definitely make her mother happy and less worried and troubled Amidst the girl’s shouts, a young and handsome boy wandered here The long black hair floated behind his head, and the lower body was covered with scales, just like the snake tribe.
Looking at the excited younger sister, the young man shook his head, with a look of helplessness and pampering, he reached out and rubbed Nuwa’s hair bundled with willow leaves, staring at him.
Yes, yes, Nuwa is the most powerful.
Finally, she created life out of colorful clay and created a new species in the world.
Well, that is natural. The little Nuwa snorted happily and quickly walked away, stretching out her little hand to tangle the messy hair. At the same time, he spit out his long tongue towards the young man, but it was slightly pointed, and did not appear to be forked like the snake.
He looked at the clay figurine, whose mud had faded to reveal a smooth forehead, and the girl with black and white eyeballs that swiveled black and white. Wa Dun felt puzzled and asked the young man, although the eldest brother created a new species, why did I fabricate it according to the appearance of our Wa clan, but ended up with this appearance? It’s really weird and the other one is also the same. When the model is made with colorful clay and other things, it is obviously the appearance of the Wa family. It is indeed poured with the water of the ancient soul, but the appearance cannot be maintained.
But the upper body can be kept intact, but the lower body has become so ugly. It is so strange. Brother, you said this is Why is Nuwa tilting her head to ask the young boy? The young man is still puzzled at this moment. I don’t know the details.
Most likely it has something to do with the water of the ancient soul. The ancient soul water created such a weird species, I’m afraid that mother will come back this time, I’m afraid it’s inevitable that I’ll have a bamboo whip, then I won’t speak nicely to you, huh, who wants you to talk nicely to me, mother must be happy when she sees such a novelty I won’t hit me with a bamboo whip My mother said that if we have any novel ideas, even if we implement it, everything in the world should exist together. This new species may also benefit the world. You Kai ran towards another muddy object beside him, picked it up lovingly, held it in his palm, and whispered why your brother has been reborn, but you still look like this, obviously I also mixed bone meal with it, is it possible to pay it back? The boy on the side heard Nuwa muttering, his face immediately changed, his expression was angry, he pointed at Nuwa and said, what are you talking about, you even mixed the bone powder into it, do you know how precious the bone powder is? I don’t know, the desolate bone powder is used to strengthen the body, so that we can have a little resistance in front of the dragon clan.
The little Nuwa was muttering at random, but the big brother reacted so strongly, but it also shocked Nuwa. There was a little bit of fear, but Nuwa was still young and ignorant after all, she was aggrieved after she was afraid, her mouth was flattened, her eyes were also covered in a layer of water mist, she looked like she was about to cry, and she said, bad Fuxi, I added it It’s not even the size of a fingernail, you just bully me like this. Hearing Nuwa say this, the handsome young man Fuxi is also relieved. The size of a fingernail is not a problem, but this is after all a bone meal. The rumors are just beginning.
The powder left by the weathered bones of the great god Pangu can strengthen the flesh bodies of all races, of course, the dragon race is an exception, they themselves were born in chaos, the power of the flesh body is the first among all races